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Cyber Bullying Information Evening PN Campus 6pm Whole School Assembly at PN 9.30pm P & F Parent Sundowner at Melville Tennis Club 4-8pm Advisory Council Meeting SJP at 7pm

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P & F Meeting SJP at 7pm

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Labour Day Public Holiday

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Welcome Back

First Week at School

On behalf of the staff of Mel Maria Catholic School, I would like to WELCOME all students and their families to the new school year. It was a different start for us all with the first week being turned into a ‘lockdown’ and the student’s holidays extended by week. However, our dedicated staff have worked very hard over the break to prepare the grounds, buildings and teaching programs for the 2021 school year. We are indeed very fortunate to have the school and facilities that are provided here at Mel Maria Catholic Primary School. I particularly welcome the new students and their families joining the Mel Maria Catholic Primary School community for the very first time. I am sure you will feel part of the Mel Maria community in no-time at all.

The holiday period, however, has also been a trying and devastating time for many people here in Western Australia who have been affected by bushfires. There is a long road ahead for many communities. As a school we will be looking at ways in which we can support our neighbors by participating in some form of fundraising for these families.

We all know that children receive the best education when parents and staff work as a team. Parents’ enthusiasm, support and involvement are integral to the success of our school as are the skills, dedication and professionalism of teachers. Together, staff and parents can provide educational excellence for every student, so that they can achieve their personal best. Together, we can support one another to provide a friendly learning environment and celebrate our achievements. Education today is a complex engagement because of the intensity and variety of external influences particularly through various forms of media and electronic communications. Our school has a special role in assisting every parent with the education of their children, so that all children will develop a sense of personal responsibility and learn the correct use of freedom. Throughout the year, our school will also provide experiences of liturgy and prayer as invitations to know and experience the enormous love and special friendship of God. I hope our school will be a place where staff, students and families have opportunities to experience God’s presence in our lives. I pray that the school year ahead, will see our staff and parents in genuine partnership in our collective role and faith education of the children at Mel Maria Catholic Primary School. It was tremendous to see all our students return to school looking so refreshed and energized for the new year.

Welcome Back Mr Rees

#Making A Difference Every Day Our Gospel values of Justice, Respect, Compassion and Service are powerful enablers. Most schools and Christian organizations endeavor to aspire to these Gospel values. However, what will set Mel Maria Catholic Primary School apart, if it does not already, is the way we go about honoring our school vision of, “Unity is Strength”. We need to continue to strive to be work act and think as the one school in all that we do as a school community. Our mantra for this year is #Making a Difference Every Day. What a wonderful gift to give our children and all those who enter the gates of Mel Maria Catholic Primary School.

Our Priority Areas for 2021 are: • •

• • • • • •

To embed the “Making A Difference Every Day” thinking into the fabric of our school To examine the configuration and organisation of Mel Maria Catholic Primary School as a dual campus Catholic primary school To continue to 'increase' our school student numbers, to ensure we can provide the best possible educational opportunities for our students To ensure to continue to manage our school finances effectively and responsibly To continue to develop our whole school ‘Vision for Learning’ in Literacy and Numeracy Revisit the School’s Evangelisation Plan. Mentoring and developing Year 6 Ministries. Implement the new (CEWA) Religious Education units. To continue to develop opportunities for whole school and community events. To “Spread the Good News" about Mel Maria Catholic Primary School.

New Families In a special way, I would like to welcome all those who are new to the family of Mel Maria Catholic Primary School. My prayer and hope for you is that your association with the school will be long and lasting, and one filled with many memorable memories. May your settling in be a gentle one.

Lent Lent is here and we are presented with the opportunity to give expression to the type of supporters that we are. Some supporters celebrate only the happy time in Jesus’ life such as Easter and Christmas. As “true believers” we should also pray with him on Holy Thursday, stand by him on Good Friday and join him in prayer and fasting during the forty days of Lent. Yesterday, as a school we celebrated Ash Wednesday, which in the Catholic Church marks the beginning of the season of Lent. It is a season of reconciliation, reflection and prayer, which prepares us for Easter Sunday. This period we call LENT means ‘spring’, and we celebrate it in memory of the forty days Jesus spent alone praying in the desert. Lent is a time for strengthening our faith, a time to reflect on who we are and where we are going. It is a time for quietness and prayer, a time of penance and meditation, a time to become aware of our strengths and weaknesses.

Lent provides many opportunities for people to choose to do renewing activities, such as visiting someone who is lonely, giving up something on television, remembering to say our prayers daily and/or as a family, attending Mass as a family regularly or perhaps even making the Stations of the Cross throughout the period of Lent. We need to remember that if we are choosing to do some- thing this Lent it needs to lead us to a positive change, which in turn has a positive effect on the people who are daily in our lives. So how will you this Lent renew your Christian commitment and express Christ’s message of love, care and forgiveness.

Lenten Thought Remember the concept of not only giving up during Lent but taking up or try to develop further. What can we take up that will improve our lives and the lives of others this Lent?

Parent Information Evening It was fantastic to see so many parents attend the Parent Information Evening on Monday evening. Thank You once again for being flexible with this date and time. The opportunity for parents to see the priorities for Mel Maria Catholic School in 2021, and then to be informed by their child’s class teacher about some key aspects of the particular year level is most valuable. In talking with parents over the course of the evening there was a real sense of positivity and excitement. Many thanks to the teachers and staff for their efforts in conducting these evenings.

Medical Conditions If your child has a medical condition, e.g. Anaphylaxis or Asthma, or any other condition that requires an Action Plan please ensure the school has been given an updated plan for 2021. Action Plan forms can be downloaded from www.allergy.org.au and or the Asthma Foundation website. All medications need to be left at the School Office with your child’s completed updated forms. Students in Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Pre-Primary will have medications stored in the classroom; however, the School Office will still require a copy of your child’s Action Plan. For medication that is to be administered short term a form is available from the school office and needs to be completed, signed and given to your classroom teacher.

P&F Sundowner I encourage all families to attend this event on Saturday 20 February. This event is coordinated by the Mel Maria Catholic Primary School P&F Association. This occasion is a way of celebrating your child/ren’s first few weeks at the school, as well as an opportunity to meet other parents and welcome NEW families to the Mel Maria School community.

This will be held at the Melville Tennis Club from 4.00pm until 8.00pm. As in the past, you may bring your own picnic dinner, or avail yourself to the food trucks which have been organized for the evening. Once again, this promises to be a fabulous community gathering to start the school year.

School Communication - Seesaw The School Newsletter will only be published fortnightly. A direct link via email & Seesaw which will give direct access to this document. We will also be placing the Newsletter on our Website so that other people can see what we are doing and WE can “Spread The Good News” about Mel Maria Catholic Primary School.

Class Teachers will continue to use Seesaw to keep parents informed of Class activities. Please ensure that you have downloaded the Parent Seesaw App.

School Fee Payment– The Importance of the Payment Option Form By the end of this week all families would have received their School Fee Account for 2021. All families are required to have a payment plan in place to pay their school fees, with a number of options available to families. The School Advisory Council would like to provide some context as to why timely payment of school fees and a payment plan is essential for the School’s financial management. The School receives most of its revenue from two sources, Government funding and parent contributions in the form of fees. When the School budget is established at the beginning of the year, revenue is estimated based on expected funding from the Government; school fees are then determined based on the gap between funding and expected costs of running the school. Not only does the School rely on payment of school fees to cover expenditure for the year, but it is also important for planning to have some certainty over the timing of when this cash is received. Completion of the Payment Option Plan allows the School to determine when and how much cash is expected to be received each month, allowing better management and planning of monthly cash flows. I also stress to all families if people need to meet with me to discuss their school fees, please do not hesitate to make an appointment via Mrs Cathy Cowcher or Mrs Mardi Dodgson through the school office.

Student Ministries Today our students in Year 6 were informed about their respective ministries for this semester. I know each of them are excited about joining their ministry, as well as getting their ‘teeth into their work’ of the ministry. Congratulations to each of them, I was really impressed with the letters that they wrote outlining their reasons for wanting to be in the various ministries. Parents and their teachers should feel very proud of the children and the important work that they will embrace in their roles as leaders and serving in the various ministries. This is a fantastic opportunity for the Year 6 students to show leadership and responsibility around the school. One staff member is responsible for facilitating the children’s involvement in each of these areas. • Christian Service • Sustainability • Student Health and Well Being • Community • Public Relations • Sport We wish all our Year 6 students the very best as they undertake these leadership roles this year.

Mel Maria Family Please keep in your prayers the following members of our community: • Mrs Melita-Hall whose sister passed away earlier this week • The Coleman Family (Thomas - Kindy Red at PN) who sadly lost their father just before the start of school. May they both Rest in Peace.

2021 Term Calendars The update Term Calendars for 2021 are available on the school website

Kindergarten 2022 – Applications are Now Due Enrolments are now being taken for siblings and new students wishing to commence Kindergarten at Mel Maria Catholic Primary School. Families with children eligible for Kindergarten in 2022 are required to fill out an Enrolment Application Form. Mel Maria Catholic Primary School will continue to operate two Kindergarten groups on both campuses next year with the days of attendance being: Group 1 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Group 2

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Kindergarten places are limited so it is important that parents within the Mel Maria School community submit their applications as soon as possible. Forms can be downloaded from the school website or alternatively obtained from each Campus office.

School Uniform – School Uniform Picture Parents are reminded that the Mel Maria uniform can only be purchased at the Uniform shop. Parents looking for alternate green or grey shorts from other shopping outlets or suppliers please note that this will clash with the correct school uniform. A reminder that black bathers are compulsory for Years 4-6. Full piece black bathers for girls and the black short style jammers for boys. The Uniform Shop is open each Wednesday morning between 8am and 10.30am during the school term. Special opening times at the start and end of each year will be advertised.

From My Readings This Week… 7 Ways to Make a Sensational Start to the School Year

The following article makes some pertinent points on how you can assist your child commence the NEW school year. A new school year means a fresh start for students. Regardless of your child’s performance last year, they start school with a clean slate. A break offers students the chance to begin new habits and adopt new behaviours. Here are seven ideas to help you make the most of the fresh start and make this year your child’s best year ever year at school: 1. Commit to your child going to school every day on time One of the most important things you can do to ensure your child has a bright future is to make sure he or she goes to school every day – and gets there on time. Kids spend more time asleep than at school, so we need to maximise every day to get full value. 2. Help kids start each day well A good night’s sleep, a healthy breakfast and some words of encouragement from you will help set a positive tone for a day of learning. This may mean that you adjust your morning routine so that kids have plenty of time to get up, eat and get ready for the day. Consider taking a leaf out of the book of a friend of mine who gets her children to make their beds each morning which sets the tone for a productive day ahead. 3. Establish work & study habits The most successful students are those that develop regular study habits that suit their lifestyle, their study style and their school’s expectations. Find out the work expectations from your child’s or young person’s school and help them establish a work routine that matches their personality, lifestyle and family style. Be flexible here as one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to study routines. 4. Make sure your child gets enough sleep I encourage you to make a big focus as this year as many children and young people are sleep-deprived, which impacts on their well-being and their learning. A good night’s sleep consolidates learning, as well as assisting future learning. Children need between 10-12 hours of sleep each day, while teens need a minimum of nine hours. Help kids get sufficient sleep by having a regular bedtime and get-up time each day. Have 45-minute wind-down time each night and remove screens and mobile phones from bedrooms.

5. Get your kids outside more for good physical and mental health Kids today get less exercise than those of past generations, which is an impediment to learning and mental health. Health professionals recommend a minimum of 60 minutes of exercise per day for kids of all ages. Encourage kids to play sport; promote free and active play and look for ways to make moving part of their daily lives. Consider increasing your child’s green time and decreasing screen time for good physical and mental health. 6. Focus on being friendly Schools are very social places requiring kids to negotiate many different social situations each day. Encourage kids to be open and tolerant; to be friendly; to be involved in plenty of activities and to be social risk-takers. Some kids close down their friendship opportunities through self-centredness, poor attitude and unwillingness to take social risks. 7. Develop self-help skills Successful students are often well-organised, self-directed and self-motivated. You can foster organisational skills and selfdirection by developing simple, age-appropriate self-help skills related to their everyday lives. Also use visual parenting techniques (outlined in Spoon-fed Generation) to aid organisation and encourage independence. Such skills as making lunches, packing school bags, and organising after school schedules can be great lessons that impact on how kids perform at school. At the start of the school year kids are likely to adopt changes than at any other time. Make the most of the opportunity by focusing on two or three areas to really target and you’ll find that the rest may well fall into place.

Prayer for the Week Loving God, Our creator, our saviour, our companion, bless this journey of a new school year that we undertake today. Refresh our souls and renew our spirits as we embrace the beautiful ministry you have called us to. We welcome those who are new to this community and ask that you strengthen them to share the wonderful gifts you have given them. Lord, make our hearts pure as we prepare for the return of students to this school, and may you guide them to return with open hearts and minds eager to learn. We ask this in Your name, Amen.

Thought for the Week When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure. Peter Marshall Best Wishes

Paul Hille Principal #MakingADifferenceEveryDay

ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS’ CORNER Code of Conduct – Parents For all parents the Mel Maria School Parent Code of Conduct is implemented as follows At Mel Maria School, we believe that each child is a precious gift from God created as an individual with his or her own unique gifts, talents and abilities. Our aim is to cherish each child and create an environment which enables all children to experience the joy and wonder of our world. We acknowledge parents as the first educators of their child. We share a strong partnership with each family and encourage parents to become involved in the school. Our home/school relationships are based upon on-going communication, openness and trust. Parents are supported in understanding their role alongside the school and together we support the child to achieve their true potential. The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to describe minimum standards of conduct in all behaviour and decision making to ensure the safety and well-being of students. The Code applies to staff, students, volunteers, parents and guardians as applicable. The term ‘parents’ includes guardians. The Code of Conduct includes the following Conduct Statements – 1. You act safely and competently. 2. You give priority to students’ safety and wellbeing in all your behaviour and decision making. 3. You act in accordance with the values of the Gospel as defined in the Code of Ethical Conduct. 4. You conduct yourself in accordance with laws, agreements, policies and standards relevant to your relationship with the school community. 5.You respect the dignity, culture, values and beliefs of each member of the school community. 6. You treat personal information about members of the school community as private and confidential. 7. You give impartial, honest and accurate information about the education, safety and well-being of students. 8. You support all members of the school community in making informed decisions about students. 9. You promote and preserve the trust and privilege inherent in your relationship with all members of the school community. 10. You maintain and build on the community’s trust and confidence in Catholic schools and the Church. 11. You act reflectively and ethically. 12. You allow students to have a voice in their education, safety and well-being. During the year we will further explore the Code of Conduct, and in particular, each Conduct Statement where some practical examples will also be provided.

Catholic school parents and Catholic Education seek a fairer funding deal Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA) and Catholic School Parents WA (CSPWA) have launched a joint election platform, seeking a fairer funding deal from the incoming State Government. http://www.melmaria.wa.edu.au/assets/notes/Media-Response-Fairer-Funding-11-02-2021.pdf

Catholic Identity Lent Have you noticed that the Church looks slightly different at this time of the year? This is because it is the season of Lent. During this time there are less flowers and purple is often used in banners displayed in the Church, the priest wears purple when celebrating Mass during the season of Lent and ‘Alleluia’ is not said or sung until Easter to emphasise the Lenten journey – a time for penance and reflection. The first day of Lent, Ash Wednesday is unique in that it is the one time when we as Christians have a visible mark of identity placed on our skin which we wear during the day. The ashes come from the palm branches used at last years’ Palm Sunday celebrations. There is a similarity between Baptism and Ash Wednesday in that the ashes are placed on our foreheads in the sign of a cross during Ash Wednesday. In Baptism oil was placed on our foreheads with the sign of the cross. Lent is also a time when we have a special focus on Project Compassion. This year, through Project Compassion, we will endeavour to support those in need through our prayers and also through practical initiatives. In 2021, the Project Compassion theme is ‘Be More’ and it highlights our local community of Australia and also a few countries throughout the world including the Philippines, Cambodia, India, Malawi and Papa New Guinea. Projects in these countries focus on how fortunate we are and how our contributions can make a significant impact on their lives and their community. As a school we support Project Compassion through discussions in class of the work of Project Compassion and implementing some practical ways that we can support this. As we look at ‘What Your Donations Can Do’ we learn about and make connections to those who are in need. We also learn about how we can support them, for example: •

$5 can buy three packets of seeds for home gardening to increase nutrition and provide some rural income for a family

$20 will provide COVID-19 prevention training for a member of a primary school’s water sanitation hygiene club in Tanzania $7,700 can provide a community experiencing water and food scarcity with a borehole and access to water.

• •

the Project Compassion boxes for each family. Family donations can be made throughout Lent. At the conclusion of Lent the boxes and the donated funds can be brought to school or to the parish to support the ongoing work of Project Compassion.

Digital Technologies

The Digital Age In a world where children are "growing up digital," it's important that we know how to help them learn healthy concepts of digital use and citizenship. Here are some strategies that you might find useful as parents and guardians: 

 

  

Treat media as you would any other environment in your child's life. The same parenting guidelines apply in both real and virtual environments. Set limits; kids need and expect them. Know your children's friends, both online and off. Know what platforms, software, and apps your children are using, what sites they are visiting on the web, and what they are doing online. Set limits and encourage play time. Media use, like all other activities, should have reasonable limits. Unstructured and offline play stimulates creativity. Make unplugged play time a daily priority, especially for very young children. Screen Time shouldn't always be alone time. Co-view, co-play and co-engage with your children when they are using screens—it encourages social interactions, bonding, and learning. Play a video game with your kids. It's a good way to demonstrate good sportsmanship and gaming etiquette. Watch a show with them; you will have the opportunity to introduce and share your own life experiences and perspectives— and guidance. Be a good role model. Teach and model kindness and good manners online. Because children are great mimics, limit your own media use. Create tech-free zones. Keep family meal times, other family and social gatherings, and children's bedrooms screen free. Turn off televisions that you aren't watching, because background TV can get in the way of face-to-face :me with kids. Recharge devices overnight—outside your child's bedroom. Apps for kids – do YOUR homework. More than 80,000 apps are labelled as educational, but little research has demonstrated their actual quality. Products pitched as "interactive" should require more than "pushing and swiping." Look for reviews about age-appropriate apps, games and programs to guide you in making the best choices for your children. Remember: Kids will be kids. Kids will make mistakes using media. Try to handle errors with empathy and turn a mistake into a teachable moment. Media and digital devices are an integral part of our world today. The benefits of these devices, if used moderately and appropriately, are great. It is important that as educators and parents of today that we are able to understand how best to cater for our students and children as they navigate through the quickly evolving digital age. It is an exciting :me for them and for us!

For more information please see American Academy of Paediatrics Adapted from: American Academy of Paediatrics (Copyright ˝ 2018)

Physical Education 2021 SWIMMING TRIALS Our Year Four-Six students made the best of a scorching hot Monday on 15th February with a day at the pool. Swimmers swam in 50m Freestyle, Breaststroke and Backstroke events again their year group, with some of our stronger swimmers competing in the Open 100m Freestyle and Open 50m Butterfly events as well. As usual, we look to have a strong group of swimmers which should make the Faction Swimming Carnival on Wednesday, 10th March a very tight competition. Gold Faction have been our Swimming champions for a number of years, but I’m sure the other factions will be hot on their heels!

YEAR SIX LEADERSHIP DAY On Friday 12th February 2021, the Year Sixes from both campuses came together and participated in a fun day learning all about leadership. We were in mixed groups and came up with names and made banners to represent what we think makes a good leader. On the oval we worked together to compete in group work challenges.


After recess we discussed what skills and qualities make a good leader. We thought we would like to be honest, assertive, dedicated leaders who are organized and fair to all the students at our school. Mr. Halle then came and talked to us about how important we are to the school. We can’t wait for our ‘Pizza with the Principal’ lunch!!


There have been lots of fun things and new friends to play with in our first week. The children have demonstrated great resilience in navigating the routines and transitions in their new class. We are learning how to be safe and happy and how to make new friends. We have been discussing how rules can keep us safe and happy. The children had lots of ideas to contribute when we created our very own class rules. They decided that our rules should be: take care of each other; take care of our things; be kind; and, listen to your friends and teachers. We are also learning how God made every-

Our Pre-Primaries have had a fantastic start to the school year. They have all settled in very well and it has been wonderful getting to know our new students. We have been super busy already in class completing many new activities and learning our new routines.


We celebrated Shrove Tuesday where we learnt about the last day before Lent. Here are some photos of us enjoying our delicious pancakes…. Yummy!!!

Kindy News


Our first week in Kindy Mel Maria was amazing. The children were so excited to finally be at school and transitioned well. They were involved in so many activities. They danced, sang, played, shared, constructed, climbed, rode, investigated, drew, manipulated, took turns, painted, read, problem solved, dressed up, role played, created, learnt the rules and routines of Kindy, listened, talked, ate, washed hands, lined up, helped pack away made new friendships and were challenged. We explored colors, investigated our five senses and are learning to recognize our names. In Religion we are looking at how special and unique we are. I wonder who made me? I wonder why God made me the way I am? I wonder how much God loves me? We talked about how lucky we are to have food and

PLAY Play is an essential and critical part of all children’s learning and development. In the eyes of a young child play is fun. However, researchers and educators know that play is a complex activity that has many benefits beyond the pure joy it gives children - these playful activities benefit the development of the whole child across physical, cognitive, language, spiritual and social-emotional domains.

P & F News 2021 P&F Call out for Class Reps! Every family is an important part of the Mel Maria P&F. Our community thrives because of the generosity and community spirit of parents and friends. You are warmly welcome to volunteer as a Class Representative (Class Rep). The Class Reps play a vital part in supporting our children and creating community. Being a Class Rep is not intended to be an arduous role – many hands make light work. You can be a Class Rep on your own or share the role with another parent from your class. This is a role to be enjoyed and we sincerely thank you in supporting not only your child or children, but the whole school community. To register as a Class Rep for 2021, please chat to your teacher and provide your name, email, class and campus to Brad Smith pf@melmaria.wa.edu.au

P & F Meeting Wednesday 24th Feb

Class Rep duties include:


Liaise with your class teacher

SJP Library

Create and distribute a class contact list Collect money for gifts (approx. $20 per family) Money for gifts for the teachers, support staff and families throughout the year (eg if a family has a new baby, there is a bereavement in the family, teachers’ birthdays, world teachers day and end of year thank you gifts) Arrange social events The Class Rep usually organises one class social event per term.

(eg coffee catch-up, parents’ dinner or lunch, or family park play dates) Attend P&F Meetings (when available) and co-ordinate volunteers Need some help? More detailed Class Rep guidelines can be found on the P&F tab in SEQTA. We also have experienced Class Reps on both campuses who are happy to provide guidance and answer any questions you may have. PN

Sonia Summerell



Tanya Wood tanya.wood5@bigpond.com

Community News Young Engineers Club Young Engineers Club (YEC) is run at SJP on Tuesdays after school at SJP Campus from 3.15pm to 4.30pm. Pre-Primary – Year 1 students 3.15pm – 4.30pm in the Library at SJP More information & registration go to: https://www.trybooking.com/NZTE Year 2-6 students 3.15pm – 4.30pm in the senior 5/6 block at SJP More information & registration go to https://www.trybooking.com/638154 Fees Apply Enquires: perth@young-engineers.com.au Chee Wong 0406542912 Phone: 0423267517


Attadale Helping Hands After School Care Parents who enrol with Helping Hands After School Care where their children are escorted by Mel Maria Staff to the venue located at Attadale Primary School are required to complete an After School Authorisation Form available from the SJP School Office.

Melville—Palmyra Tennis Club Special Offer Melville Tennis Club invites Mel Maria families to receive a special discount. Details for this may be found by clicking on the link below. http://www.melmaria.wa.edu.au/assets/notes/tennis.pdf

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