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Contact TRU YOU 2008 NE 23 AVE Portland, OR 99222


the place to...



More then just an After School Program!

DISCOVER, CREATE, BECOME discover who you want to be through meeing with

TRU YOU is the place where you can go and find who

people who understand the pressures and can relate to

you are. In life feeling like you have to have all of the

the struggles that come with discovering you!

answers right now can be pretty overwhelming. The pressures of doing one thing and being another can

create who you want to be through getting one on

make life a little stressful. TRU YOU is here to help you not feel the pressure and begin to help you find your answers. TRU YOU will not only help you find answers but TRU YOU will help you achieve your dreams!

Who Are You?

one help with defining your goals, having a mentor to get you through school, and just a friend to help you create what you need to become yourself!

• What are you most passionate about?

become you through discovering you, and creating

• Why are you most passionate about it?

you. TRU YOU is not just a boring after school program. Tru

• What will it take for you to get involved?

You is the place to find yourself. TRU YOU is the place where YOU ARE IN CONTROL!

TRU YOU is here to help you find the answers to these questions and more! Don’t let others decide your life for you! TRU YOU is here for you and to let you know that for once...



Contact TRU YOU, and find you today!


TRU YOU brochure  

A brochure for TRU YOU. Afterschool program for teenagers.

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