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Digital Solutions

Mellon Mobile Solutions Mellon offers GO!Enterprise, GLOBO’s unified mobility platform which enables rapid development and deployment of mobile apps running on any mobile device within a centrally managed, secure environment. It is the perfect choice for any type of company or organization, covering B2E, B2B, B2C or G2C mobility needs with the following functions: •It produces cross-platform mobile applications with a native look & feel. •It provides Mobile applications and services independently of mobile operating systems; Our mobile applications and any future enhancements will be developed only once and they will run with a native look & feel on Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and iOS devices. •The container-based architecture of the mobile app will enable centralised and instant force updates for existing or new functionality . •It provides services within a fully secure environment; •Easy development of UIs using graphical interface. •Single point of governance and management. •Monitoring of system and user activity on Mobile Applications. •Maintenance will be easier because only one GO!App will be maintained (instead of one app for every mobile platform). •Zero maintenance will be required for adjustments to new versions of mobile operating systems. •Enables seamless and secure integration with any back-end system like CMS, ordering, billing, booking or customer loyalty and is ideally suited for the delivery of m-services supporting secure transactions, e.g. m-banking, m-queuing, m-loyalty, m-payment etc.


Digital Solutions

Mobile Applications Mellon has the necessary infrastructures and specialized human resources to develop customized cross-platform mobile applications, interfaces and/or operating and technical features that will help organizations differentiate from competition and offer their customers a modern, all-embracing service experience.

Mobile Queuing Queuing solutions via Internet, Mobile App & SMS Whether you are an organization with many appointments (embassy, hospital, police station) or you serve a substantial volume of customers (social security service, public utility, bank, public service), you can now manage your customer flow and improve the service your customers receive with the new Internet, Mobile App and SMS Queuing features which can function hand-in-hand with a traditional NemoQ queuing system or as a stand-alone system. With the new online queuing applications, your customers are able to manage their appointment experience - schedule, edit, cancel and otherwise manage their appointment - from virtually anywhere, their home, office or on the go. Their service experience at your location is also significantly enhanced: • Wait time is minimized • Lobby area is upgraded • Faster service in a more pleasant environment The statistical data gathered by the new features of NemoQ offers invaluable benefits your internal organization. You will be able to: • • • •


Spread out your customer flow promoting non-peak hours Schedule and distribute staff based on the appointments already booked Meat time objective or other goal set Monitor staff productivity for evaluation purposes per employee, service, location or area

Digital Solutions

Mobile Banking Mellon presents the most versatile and flexible Mobile Banking solution for managing the transactions and interactions of Financial Institutions with their customers. Mellon’s Mobile Banking solution takes advantage of a strong open technology platform to develop and support mobile applications, providing: • Support of banks’ vision for comprehensive, secure communication with user friendly functionality and options • Integration with existing e-banking back-end systems • Real time monitoring and reporting through integrated and easy to use interfaces • Preservation of the functionalities of the existing web banking infrastructures • Project management, deployment and training

Mobile Loyalty Programs The relationship between retailers and consumers has considerably evolved. Consumers demand smoother, better integrated shopping experiences, making it a tough challenge for retailers to maintain a profitable level of business and cultivate customer loyalty. Traditional programs have driven loyalty by asking consumers to collect points or sign up for information on new product. But the effectiveness of these marketing tactics is diminishing. Why? Because the reward for loyalty takes too long to achieve. Today’s customer wants instant gratification and greater digital integration in their shopping experiences. Linking your loyalty program to a mobile application, can bring back both sales and consumer enthusiasm to your business and your brand: • ditch plastic loyalty cards in favor of storing program information in a digital wallet • quickly enroll in a loyalty program • use a virtual card as a program identifier • opt-in for mobile offers and discounts available only on the application • browse the reward catalog and order rewards • share opinions about rewards • redeem points for e-vouchers • locate the nearest store, view site information and obtain directions • find exclusive deals available at the nearest shop or from a chosen participating partner • automatically post messages about store “check-ins” or redemptions made and receive bonus points • manage program account and check current points balance • view history of all transactions • fill in a survey in exchange for bonus points


Mellon mobile offering  

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