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Crushed Ice Maker

The ice provides instant chill that every drink needs and makes a cool bedding for delicates. It’s also ideal for fresh maintenance, cold storage, chemicals and pharmaceutical industries.

Feature Excellent Performance

Unique remote outdoor condenser unit eliminates the impact of high indoor temperature. The ice-making efficiency is improved.

Perfect Cleaning

Unique cleaning and disinfection technologies. Ice becomes much transparent and sanitary.

High Efficiency, Less Energy

The high efficiency cooling system consumes less energy but gets a higher ice production.

Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant

CFC-FREE R134A refrigerant is used to reduce harms to our planet.

Long-lasting Performance

Our ice machines are designed for unparalleled ease of operation,maintenance and service, with quick and easy diagnosis.

Quality and Reliability

Mello ice machines are highly dependable, constructed with stainless steel exterior and rigid plastic cabinets. Our machines boast proven reliability and are backed by the long warranties.




Capacity (24 hrs):

50 kgs / 110 lbs

110 kgs / 220 lbs


10 kgs / 22 lbs

20 kgs / 45 lbs


AC 1P/220V/50Hz or 1P/110V/60Hz or 1P/220V/60Hz265W

Power (W):



Gas & Vol:

R134a / 115g

R134a / 150g


40 × 54 × 68 cm

55 × 61 × 87


46 × 62 × 73 cm

62 × 69 × 93 cm


40 kgs / 88 lbs

58 kgs / 127 lbs


45 kgs / 99 lbs

64 kgs / 141 lbs


SUS 304/2B

Back cover:

Galvanized steel

Ice bin:

Food grade ABS


EPS foam


Stainless steel

Water source:

Potable water

Water pressure:


Water inlet dia:

0.75 inch

Water pipe:

Food grade plastic pipe

Ice quality:

High sanitation consumable ice Operating Requirements

Air Temperatures Water Temperatures Water Pressures Electrical Voltage

Minimum 50˚F (10˚C) 40˚F (4.4˚C) 20 PSIG (1.4 bar) -10%

Maximum 10 0 ˚ F (3 8 ˚ C) 10 0 ˚ F (3 8 ˚ C) 120 PSIG (8.3 bar) +10%

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Crushed ice machine CM083~084  

MelloCrushed ice machine CM083 produces 50 kgs ice per day, CM084 produces ice 110kgs.To learn more information of this ice machine, est...