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Sureway International - Retailer Specialized in Cost Effective Full Line Fluorescent Lighting in Canada

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The cost of running any business can be prohibitive and thus presents an economic challenge to succeed in creating an accurate budget that can deliver a profit. Lighting costs can constitute practically 50% of any business's energy bill, so purchasing from a lighting source that can ensure a significant contribution towards conserving energy is a must. Cost consciousness with eco-friendly construction and quality insurance is

Lighting companies such as the Canadian owned and operated Sureway International offer a full range of fluorescent lamps that can outlast most other comparable lamps on the market. Sureway International’s Surelite lamps fulfill ecoexpectations by containing 70 percent less mercury than other comparable fluorescents available. This is one of the greenest fluorescent options anywhere. Not Your Grandmother’s Fluorescent The days of the glaring office fluorescents that vacuum the life from an environment are long gone and the design construction for the modern fluorescents is as varied as the demands of the full range of commercial needs and applications. There are fluorescents that duplicate the vibration and quality of sunlight, those that calm an environment or create ambiance as well as modern bright white fluorescents that contemporize an environment. A decent lighting company should offer a variety of lamps from which to choose. Positive environmental impact plus headache reduction on the job are qualities of the new fluorescents. Designs include cool white and blue lights for office application, and others for areas that do not require bright light. Bright modern ecofriendly fluorescents are developed for areas that require very good visibility such as schoolrooms, design offices and work areas for those that work with printed material. Full spectrum fluorescent lighting can help to alleviate Seasonal Affective Disorder while delivering an accurate version of full spectrum sunlight. This is a complimentary kind of lighting that is particularly effective in areas that are without any natural light for long periods of time.

Replacing the Incandescent Less expensive quality eco-friendly fluorescents are now taking the place of traditional table lamps or various screw-in lamps as well. These compact fluorescent lamps, or CFLs, have been developed to successfully take the place of incandescent bulbs. The advantages are obvious. The CLFs have a much longer life that the incandescent bulb, producing over 10,000 hours of light. That amounts to five years, a whopping 75% savings over the traditional incandescent bulbs. An ecofriendly compact fluorescent is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well. This compact fluorescent saves money and protects the planet. Track and Recessed A variety of styles of fluorescent lights in the popular track lighting and recessed lighting are now available as well. Selections that include long life ensure energy savings that translate to dollars. A choice of lamp wattages and beam angles for specialty lighting especially needed for use in galleries, restaurants, retail displays and showrooms are currently on the market. Contact For more information on progressive fluorescent lighting that delivers cost effectiveness and eco-friendly design options, contact Sureway International:

Sureway international retailer specialized in cost effective full line fluorescent lighting in canad  

Sureway International presents it's cost effective full line fluorescent lighting products for you to reduce your electricity bill. The arti...

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