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Scott Gregory Monge Helps Get Compensation for Dog Bite Medical A dog bite injury is not a minor event in an individual’s life. Suffering an attack from an animal due to the negligence of its owner can result in extensive medical bills, pain and suffering and long term emotional trauma. Because of this, Scott Gregory Monge helps get compensation for dog bite medical bills for the victims and their families. Who is at Fault in a Dog Bite Case? The law is clear that it is the responsibility of the owner to control and confine his or her dog in such a way that it does not pose a threat to visitors or neighbors. By failing to control the animal, and especially if it is already known to be prone to biting, the owner is responsible for any attacks the dog may engage in. Furthermore, if an owner knows that his or her animal is vicious or otherwise likely to attack another human, their level of responsibility is increased. However, Georgia law relating to dog bites and other injuries can be a complex issue so it is wise to secure the services of an experienced attorney. What Type of Compensation Can the Victim Receive? The most common types of compensation a victim of a dog bite injury will receive are compensatory or “real” damages. However, these damages are not simply limited to the physical damage from the attack. Compensatory damages can include the following types of loss to the victim: • Physical injuries from the dog bite, including short-term costs, such as emergency room care, and long-term medical expenses for reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. • The costs of lost work and wages stemming from the dog bite. If the victim is rendered permanently unable to work, the cost of his or her required support can also be obtained. • Physical and emotional pain and suffering. This can include compensation for any long-term psychological assistance the victim requires. • In the case of the severe injury or death of a parent or child, the survivors may be compensated for their loss of companionship. In addition to real damages, the court may choose to award punitive damages, if the conduct leading to the bite injury was especially egregious. However, obtaining punitive damages is a complex legal question that requires a skilled attorney. Regardless of the type of case, Scott Gregory Monge helps get compensation for dog bite medical bills. The Benefits of Legal Assistance When a dog bite injury occurs, expert legal assistance can be a vital part of obtaining an adequate compensation. With knowledge of the law and how it has been impacted by court decisions, a skillful personal injury attorney can design an effective legal strategy. In many cases, when confronted by a prepared attorney, the defendant or their insurance company may choose to settle out of court, sparing the injured party and their family any further stress. This can be especially beneficial if the injured party prefers a

fast settlement to a potentially lengthy court case. By working with the injured party and their family, Scott Gregory Monge helps get compensation for dog bite medical bills. With proper legal representation, the victims of dog bites can be assured that their right to compensation will be protected.

Scott gregory monge helps get compensation for dog bite medical