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Eric J. Hertz - Expert Injury attorney Represents Pedestrian Car Accident Injury Cases When you walk along a public street, you expect to be afforded all of the rights that come along with such a seemingly innocent act. Unfortunately, hundreds of pedestrians are injured each year across the state of Georgia for crossing the street, even at designated crosswalks. Sadly, many of these victims will go on to experience injuries, including physical injuries, mental injuries and emotional injuries. For many injured pedestrians, missed time from work due to long periods of recovery will also mean lost wages and the potential for job loss, and these events couldn't come at a worse time. In addition, some of these victims may even pay with their lives, leaving behind grief and financial debt. Why Does This Happen? There are a number of reasons why pedestrian accidents occur. Some of the most common include distracted driving, drunk driving, and speed, but a number of these types of accidents occur because many drivers don't understand the rules of the road. The fact is, pedestrians have the right-of-way in virtually all circumstances, especially in marked crosswalks. Drivers who fail to understand this might not slow down if they see a pedestrian beginning to cross the street, and this then leads to accidents. What Can Be Done After an Accident? Pedestrians who have suffered injuries in traffic accidents are encouraged to seek compensation for their injuries. Sadly, this is often easier said than done. In most cases, a lawsuit will need to be filed in court to receive compensation, and unless you have experience in the legal realm, the process of filing a lawsuit and prosecuting the at-fault driver may be challenging. Additionally, insurance companies involved in the accident may choose to reject injury compensation claims, or they may try to get victims to sign away their rights. Hire an Attorney As a result of the difficulties involved in pursuing compensation on your own, most experts agree that injured pedestrians should seek out the services of personal injury attorneys for help. A personal injury attorney can take care of all of the difficult work involved in seeking compensation, including the filling out and filing of all necessary paperwork, representation in court, and negotiations if a settlement is possible. An attorney can also ensure that you are treated fairly by any insurance companies involved in your case, and if you're being harassed by an insurance company's lawyers, your attorney can stop the abusive behavior.

Eric J. Hertz - Expert Injury Attorney Represents Pedestrian Car Accident Injury Cases Among personal injury attorneys in the state of Georgia, Eric J. Hertz is often considered to be one of the most trusted resources when it comes to pedestrian accident cases. Eric J. Hertz, of the Hertz Law Firm, has dedicated his life to serving others, and he and his staff assist injured victims every single day. The attorneys at the Hertz Law Firm provide legal advice, physical representation, and compassionate support to injured pedestrians, and the Hertz Law Firm never charges upfront fees to hear a victim's case.

Eric J. Hertz- Expert Injury attorney Represents Pedestrian Car Accident Injury Cases