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GemOro Goldsmith Offers Consultation on Diamond Purchasing GemOro Goldsmith knows the value of diamonds. As the most brilliant heirloom, a good diamond’s accumulated value through time is like no other. Removing uncertainty buying diamond jewelry can be intimidating, especially if you are a first time buyer. GemOro Goldsmith’s expert salespeople will help remove any uncertainty through their in-depth knowledge of their impressive inventory. Making an Educated Selection Providing you with information to make an educated selection is what has contributed to the popularity of this Edmonton, Canada-based store. Carrying the finest names in luxury jewelry, watches, and other fine gifts, discerning clients know that they can find whatever they are looking for. Repeat customers know that their tastes are remembered, and new clients are impressed by the staff’s ability to listen and discuss what is available based on their desires, as well as what it suitable for the occasion. Providing Exceptional Information If you are looking for a diamond engagement ring, or any other jewelry to commemorate an important sentiment, GemOro Goldsmith experts are there to advise and guide you according to your budget. Their in-house gemologist provides in-depth information on diamonds, whether they are loose or already set. What Makes a Diamond Desirable As a reputable diamond-buying service, the company is thoroughly educated in what makes a diamond desirable. Determined by four characteristics: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight, the essential beauty of a diamond is also determined by the subjective view, which has to do with its size, color, and purity. Loose Diamonds The experts know that the better the cut, the more rare and beautiful the diamond. GemOro Goldsmith’s exquisite selection of loose diamonds have all of the requirements that make for an intelligent investment and the perfect jewel for whatever setting strikes your fancy. Determining True Quality Buying an engagement ring, or another piece of comparable diamond jewelry is a big investment, often costing the equivalent of two month’s salary. You want to be sure when you invest this money that that stone you are choosing has the least amount of imperfections. Because clarity is often not readily detectable by the naked eye, the company’s gemologist will analyze a particular diamond through

magnification in order to determine its true quality. Loose diamonds are easier to evaluate, and if you go in this direction, you can then select the setting of your choice, be it gold, silver, or the timeless and hypoallergenic metal, platinum. If your preference is jewelry that is already set, they will check to make sure that each diamond is as lustrous as it should be, especially in the case of the diamonds flanking a ring’s center stone. Getting Your Diamond Certificate A personal consultation with a diamond expert always makes a difference, providing you with confidence and a guarantee that your diamonds have a proper background. With a copy of a diamond certificate, you can be sure that your purchase at GemOro Goldsmith will gain value as it enchants the wearer with a precious and timeless beauty. Contact For more information on diamond purchasing, please visit the GemOro Goldsmith website at

GemOro Goldsmith Offers Consultation on Diamond Purchasing