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GemOro Goldsmith Has the Best Compilation of Luxury Watches in Edmonton GemOro Goldsmith takes pride in being able to indulge you when it comes to luxury watches. They believe that everyone deserves a bit of the best in their lives, and it was in this spirit that founder Dmitry Kaplan created his exclusive jewelry store over 20 years ago. Offering only the best names The exquisite timepieces in their collection are designed for those passionate about form, function and strength. From delicate diamonds to masculine metals, all of their watches are true works of art. With stock including household known exclusive brand names like Rolex, Cartier, Omega, Tag Heuer and Chanel, it is clear that that their business philosophy is firmly grounded in world class excellence. Specialty pieces GemOro’s exclusive pieces include a selection of limited production and limited edition watches. For this reason, their loyal repeat customers keep an eye on the website and make regular visits to the two conveniently located stores. These are the traditional items that emanate a sense of true luxury. They are the ones that create the great heirlooms, to be passed down to sons and daughters, to be cherished for generations. The perfect gift A good watch is an investment, either in yourself or in the person to whom you are bestowing it. A gift of this caliber shows you believe in the person receiving it, and it will serve well in style and in function. You are what you wear A good watch has always been an emblem of success. It has often been said that a watch defines its wearer, and you only have to look at some of the greats to know that this must be true. Stirring the senses, commanding attention Think about a watch company like Omega, which is designed by a company that was founded in 1848. This company has taken all these years to keep refining what was already perfect at the start. And then there are the other names that stir the senses and command attention.

Shopping with comfort GemOro’s industry leadership is widely known and is continually endorsed by the number of customers who have been shopping with them for over a decade or more. The atmosphere is made comfortable with its layout that is easy on the eye, and salespeople who know the merchandise intimately.

Serving discerning clientele Like any of the great European shops, GemOro knows how to rise to the occasion to meet its discerning clientele. It features the most exquisite timepieces and the greatest brands in the industry, to present truly elegant items. Contact GemOro Goldsmith has been in business a long time and has developed and refined the art of selling exquisite jewelry and timepieces. Complete with an impeccable watch repair and upkeep service, you won’t find a better place to discover the world’s most desirable timepieces all in one location. For more information, please visit the GemOro Goldsmith website at

Gemoro goldsmith has the best compilation of luxury watches in edmonton  
Gemoro goldsmith has the best compilation of luxury watches in edmonton  

Gemoro Goldsmith had the widest collection luxury watches in Ontario Canada. The professional sales staff will be helping you for any of you...