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Eric J. Hertz - Experienced Injury Attorney Specialized in Distracted Driving Cases in Georgia When you're behind the wheel, you already know that your sole focus should be on the task at hand. Unfortunately, thousands of people are injured or even killed each year across the state of Georgia and the country due to drivers allowing themselves to become distracted. Distracted driving can be considered the operation of a motor vehicle while not paying the proper and reasonable amount of attention. Things such as texting while driving, talking on a phone while driving and even reading billboards while driving are all examples of distracted motor vehicle operation, and all of these examples can lead to accidents and injuries. How to Eliminate Distracted Driving While it would be impossible to completely eliminate distracted driving as a whole, there are a number of ways that you can cut down on your chances of being involved in a distracted driving accident. First, keep any and all electronic devices turned off and put away while behind the wheel. This, unfortunately, has become harder to do as vehicle manufacturers have begun implementing more and more technological advances into vehicle consoles. While it may be a challenge, try your best to avoid becoming engaged with any electronics while driving. Second, you need to practice defensive driving. Defensive driving means operating your motor vehicle while an explicit awareness of the vehicles around you. This will keep you focused on the task at hand, which is paying attention to what you're doing on the road. The Consequences of Distracted Driving Like most accidents involving motor vehicles, accidents caused by distracted driving can lead to severe injuries and property damage. Injuries sustained from a distracted driving accident may involve broken bones, a lifetime of rehabilitation and even brain trauma. Many people who are injured in such accidents also go on to face mental and emotional difficulties, problems in their personal relationships and difficulties at work. If You're Injured By a Distracted Driver If you've suffered injuries as the result of a distracted driver, you may be entitled to compensation. In order to seek compensation, it's recommended that you partner with an experienced personal injury attorney who can help you file a lawsuit. During

the process of seeking compensation, your attorney will likely handle everything for you, and he or she will also speak for you in court or to any insurance companies involved in your case. Once you've partnered with a personal injury attorney, it's a good idea to direct any official communications regarding your distracted driving injury accident case to your attorney. Eric J. Hertz - Experienced Injury Attorney Specializing in Distracted Driving Cases in Georgia Eric J. Hertz, of the Hertz Law Firm, is an experienced personal injury attorney who assists injured victims of distracted driving accidents in and around the Atlanta area. The Hertz Law Firm also provides legal representation services for injured victims in the greater Georgia region. Eric J. Hertz and his teamwork hard to ensure the rights of their clients are respected and protected during the judicial process, and his law firm charges no upfront fees to provide services.

Eric j hertz experienced injury attorney specialized in distracted driving cases in georgia  

Eric J. Hertz informs on distracted driving cases in Georgia. He briefly describes what to do, how to do and how he can help you after invol...