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Auction Item: $100.00 Gift Card Transform Bootcamp

Flat tummy, toned arms and a happy healthier YOU! Just a few of the benefits you are guaranteed when you join Transform bootcamp. Our signature melt and tone training style will have you ready for summer in no time. Come on ladies its fun, social and gives you a little ‘me’ time - you deserve it! What is Transform Bootcamp? Transform Bootcamp is an indoor/outdoor, all-inclusive exercise program that includes motivation, accountability and RESULTS in a friendly light-hearted atmosphere. Transform Bootcamp is designed to stand alone as the only fitness program you need to get in and better yet STAY in the best shape of your life. You have access to unlimited workouts per week. Your workouts are professionally designed by expert trainers to cover all the aspects of fitness: core, weight loss and maintenance, strength and toning and flexibility.

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