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Saje provides essential oils and aromatherapy products formulated with only 100% natural ingredients, and only 100% natural base ingredients. Pure ingredients straight from nature are environmentally friendly, healthy, and are more supportive of the body’s natural breathing, living, and healing functions. Basket (pictured right) is valued at over $200, including a Saje Aromageni, an ultrasonic air purifier, and 4 essential oil blends for increased relaxation, mood lifting and immune function. A self pampering kit with bath salts, tea and more. Headaches? Upset stomach? Lethargic? Try our Little Feel Better Bag

“Connecting people with the healing power of plants�

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Lot # 50, Value: Over $200.00

Donor: Nancy & Jennifer Webber Langley Sage Store

Lot 50 Saje Web