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Upcoming Events! Don’t miss out on the latest &

Greatest! Our first Football Game!

Friday, September 2nd, North vs. lakeridge Spiegelberg stadium - 7:00

Be there.

Spirit 101 Assembly For the freshman on their first day!

Welcome back assembly! Same day as the north vs. south game! Doubles as the black & blue assembly and the welcome back assembly! Wear your class colors & earn class points!!!

North vs. South...

Freshman: White Sophomores: Red Juniors: Black Seniors: Red & Black!

Volleyball Thursday, September 8th - home game, 7:00 football Friday, September 16th - Spiegelberg stadium, 7:00 Soccer Tuesday, September 29th – home game, 4:00 Mark your calendars!

Theater production Performed in the little theater – 7:00pm September 15th, 17th, 22nd, 23rd, & 24th

For more info & upcoming events, “Like” us on facebook! “NMHS student government”

Upcoming Events Flyer  
Upcoming Events Flyer  

Upcoming events at North Medford High School.