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8/1/12 JCHS LIBRARY MEDIA CENTER POLICIES AND PROCEDURES 1. We would love to collaborate with teachers on any lessons/projects where library resources could be used. Some lessons we are prepared to teach include:  how to use library databases  searching the internet  evaluating websites  copyright  citing sources using  PowerPoint/MovieMaker/PhotoStory  avoiding plagiarism  RFM book talks/book check out/read aloud Let us know if you have needs for other topics you would like us to present to your classes. 2. Please post your “What I Am Currently Reading” RFM signs outside your door and keep them updated. This promotes interesting discussion about reading. 3. Let us know what print and AV materials we can order to support your curriculum. 4. Be sure to use our catalog to search for materials in our collection to support your curriculum. It is a web based system called Destiny. You will find it at There are also links to it and other online resources on our sharepoint site 5. Copy Guidelines: Please give our Library AV Clerk 48 hours notice when submitting copy jobs. Do not send students up with requests for copies “NOW”. Use machines in academy offices for small jobs and classroom sets (30 copies or less). Students may not use the copy machine unless directly supervised by a teacher. 6. Staff does not have access to laminating equipment. Submit laminating jobs to our Library AV Clerk and they will be delivered to you within a week.

7. Talk to us about displaying your students’ work or anything else you have to share in the Blue Jay Gallery or in the hall outside of the Learning Center at the FSA. 8. Sign up to bring your classes for research. Talk to us about your plans and needs. Call 717-4277 or 717-4278 at the CAC or 717-4107 at the FSA. E-mail or 9. Sign up for AV equipment in the AV department with our Library AV Clerk (717-4279 at CAC) or (717-4109 at FSA) no later than 1:00 the day before you need it. We have TVs, VCRs, DVD players, tape recorders, overhead projectors, boom boxes, LCD projectors, school pads, document cameras, and digital still and digital video cameras. These items may be checked out on a temporary basis. 10. You are encouraged to check out materials from the library. You may keep them as long as you need them unless another patron needs them. 11. Please DO NOT send your class to the library with a substitute teacher. Thank you.

PASSES TO THE LIBRARY Students must have a pass to use the library when school is in session. Teachers may write a pass in a student’s agenda when he/she has a reason to be in the library during class time. A teacher may send up to 5 students per class period with agenda passes without signing up the class in advance for library time. Students must have a laminated library lunch pass to use the library during lunch. Lunch passes must be checked out from the library before lunch or upon arrival to the library during lunch. Students who want to use the library during seminar must check out a blue or white laminated seminar pass before seminar starts. They will bring the laminated pass and their seminar hall pass to the library.

“R” RATED VIDEO POLICY As per a memo dated Dec. 8, 2000 from Carol Arjona, Secondary Education/Title I Coordinator, “High school teachers may show clips from videos without parental permission. However, parents must be informed in writing before a video commercially rated “R” is shown in entirety. Teachers are reminded to preview all videos before they are shown to students for content and its relationship to the curriculum objectives.”

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