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JUNCTION CITY HIGH SCHOOL – ATHLETIC/ACTIVITY DEPARTMENT The Athletic/Activity department oversees all activity/athletic operations at JCHS. We also oversee facility requests and field trip/transportation requests for both campuses. We welcome you back this school year and ask that if you ever have any questions, please give us a call. CONTACT INFORMATION Matt Westerhaus – Athletic Director Deb Lumb – Athletic Dept. Secretary Head Coaches (Athletics): Baseball Basketball (Boys) Basketball (Girls) Bowling (B&G) Cheerleading Cross Country (B&G) Dance Team Football Golf (Boys) Soccer (Boys) Soccer (Girls) Softball Strength & Conditioning Swimming (Boys) Swimming (Girls) Tennis (Boys) Tennis (Girls) Track (B&G) Volleyball Wrestling

717-4214 717-4226

Heath Gerstner 620-727-3717 Pat Battle 913-240-1413 Justin Hoover 785-761-5624 Brad Adams 785-210-7224 Yvonne Warren 785-375-0276 Becky Steiger 785-366-6673 Ellie Dillon 785-210-6454 Randall Zimmerman 785-209-0934 Tim Hickert 785-238-2197 Andrew Proctor 785-608-6962 TBA Nancy Dettmer 785-410-5387 Randall Zimmerman 785-209-0934 Beth Schlesener 785-366-3577 Beth Schlesener 785-366-3577 Matt Micheel 941-685-7695 Tim Hickert 785-238-2197 Becky Steiger 785-366-6673 Megan Parks 785-223-2701 Robert Laster 785-226-1826

***Coaches highlighted are not in the building

SPORTS SCHEDULES – DAILY CALENDAR Schedules for all sports offered at Junction City High School can be viewed by accessing the calendar/schedule tab on the athletic dept. home page or directly going to the following link:

Activity Scheduler User Guide We now use the rSchoolToday™ Activity Scheduler as our School Calendar as it provides significant advantages to our school community. Because it is Web-based, we can provide you instant access to the most up-to-date information at all times. All changes are instantly reflected to you as soon as they are made. Here are some of the key features: The Calendar will provide an instant view of all activities on today’s date. Other features: 1. Click on any date within the month and see the activities for that day. 2. Jump to any month in one click. 3. Here, you only need one click to view the whole week. 4. Locations can be links that open to printable maps and directions to that specific location. 5. Notify Me! You can set yourself up for automatic email reminders or text messages to your cell phone before any activity or with any changes to any schedules. 6. The latest rosters and scores can be available right from these calendar tabs. 7. You can subscribe to schedules using RSS. This lets you push every day’s events to your smart phone or personal calendar. 8. You can get detailed reports by location, by gender, by level, etc. from the Advanced View. 9. You can get the latest complete schedules for any activity. Click on the schedule you want and then click View. 10. You can print schedules. 11. Email schedules to a relative. This sends a link with the latest version of the schedule. You can also attach a file of the schedule, but it is best not to include attachments since the link in these emails is ALWAYS the MOST up-to-date information and the recipient can choose to print, download, export, etc. the report. 12. Subscribe to schedules. This will let you get real time updates of any schedule changes pushed to your iPhone, iPod Touch, Droid, iPad, Outlook, etc. 13. Download a file of schedules to various file formats. 14. You can use this dropdown to choose multiple ways to view the schedules, including the classic Month view. We hope you find the Calendar beneficial and look forward to your feedback!

Facility Requests: Throughout the school year, you may need to request an area of the building (other than your classroom which you use during normal school hours). If so, you will need to fill out a “2012-13 JCHS Facility Request” and turn into the Athletic Dept. at the CAC or Brian Sturges at the FSA. We request that you turn that information in 10 days prior to the date you are requesting. The facility request form can be found on SharePoint.

Field Trip/Transportation Requests: For those of you planning a field trip there are some guidelines you need to be aware of: 

Field trips may be approved by the principal when reasonable educational outcomes can be established. Out of state field trips must have prior approval of the board.

Advance requests for field trips including transportation and other resource needs shall be submitted by the teacher to their academy principal. Upon approval, Principals will then provide a form to the teacher to notify students’ parents of a forthcoming field trip. The form shall include the nature of the trip, departure time, expected return time, name of the sponsor(s) and mode of travel. These forms need to be submitted 2 weeks prior to departure.

Out of State Field Trips – Field trips that require out of state travel must have board approval at least thirty (30) days in advance.

The athletic/activities department will have a new Field Trip/Transportation request form for the 2012-13 school year. This form is scheduled to be complete August 10th.

Student Eligibility: For the 2012-13 school year, JCHS will follow KSHSAA guidelines in determining eligibility for activities. 

In regards to academics, that means that tudents shall have passed at least five new subjects (those not previously passed) of unit weight, or its equivalency, the previous semester or last semester of attendance.

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