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melissa santos romo

melissa santos romo email phone (210) 643-1267

education University of Texas at San Antonio | Bachelor of Science of Architecture, 2016 - 2020 Claudia Taylor “Lady Bird� Johnson High School 2012 - 2016

job experience UTSA Department of Construction Science and Management | January - May 2019 UTSA College of Architecture Wood Shop | September - December 2018

awards and nominations 2019 Dallas IES Lighting Design Competition | 1st place award AIA San Antonio Endowed Scholarship| 2019 - 2020 Bill & Diane Hays Endowed Scholarship in Architecture & Interior Design | 2019 - 2020 Nomination for Architecture Student of the Year | 2017 Undergraduate Research Showcase & Creatrive InquiryYear | 2017

skills Revit Sketchup AutoCAD Illustrator Photoshop


monarch pavilion 4 - 11 hidden spa 12 - 17 study for seattle 18 - 23 istituto raffaello 24 - 29 nimbus light 30 - 35


monarch pavilion Bulverde Oaks Nature Preserve Studio X in collaboration with Green Spaces Alliance of South Texas

Studio X is a design-build studio in the architecture program at UTSA. Myself along with Yanely Mireles and Gabriel Garcia started the initial design of the pavilion, and then it was continued to be designed as a class after it was selected out of the 5 proposals made by he students of the class. Each team focused on different details of the design, and Fernanda Saldana, Gabriel Garcia, and I specialized on the gutter. The angled roofs are designed to lead the water into the gutter,which is made up of 2� by 12� pieces of wood and bent metal roofs. The water is then dropped into a container through a chain that is connected to the end of the gutter. The structure was built from April to May of 2019, and it is open to the public one saturday of every month.


roof plan


east elevation

ceiling plan


north elevation








01 mixing concrete on field and dropping it into the prevously digged 3” x 3” x 1.5” holes

02 removing the cardboard from the sonotubes around the concrete and preparing to insert steel columns

03 steel columns standing and shored after putting concrete around it on the holes

04 attaching the x girders, one by one, joining them to the steel columns with bolts

05 finishing assembly of g u t t e r, s c r e w i n g t h e metal sheet onto the 2” x 12” pieces of wood

06 closet, conduit panels for shading, roof panels, and gutter finished

07 detail of gutter

08 studio x (most of)

09 detail of conduit panel














01 01 03 04 05 06 07

steel columns conduit panels x girders gutter beams roof panels metal sheet roof



Reception area shows the different kinds of light fixtures used throughout the spa; including decorative emphasize retail areas and front desk, cove to enhance the architectural features and recessed downli warm environment.

e pendant lighting to ght to create a uniform,

hidden spa IES Dallas Lighting Competition in collaboration with Yanely Mireles and Clarissa Perez

As part of a lighting design class, we are participating in the IES Dallas Student design competition, where we were tasked to design the lighting and interior space of an existing plan into a spa. Our urban spa presents itself as a warm and inviting space, that brings natural elements to the interior. The application of these materials is emphasized by light, and this helps create different focal points in each room based on their function. The use of wood to create dropped ceilings throughout the spaces allows for the user to focus their attention in the function of the room, while at the same time making it feel more comfortable and intimate. Since each individual space has a different purpose, they provide a unique atmosphere and user experience based on lighting, while still preserving the continuity of the design throughout the space with the repeated use of materials and interior elements.


massage room

laundry area

massage room

massage room 14

waiting area women’s bathroom

men’s bathroom



staff breakroom

Lighting Legend wall mounted LED in-ground LED recessed LED decorative pendant 1 decorative pendant 2 manicure / pedicure

chandelier suspended linear LED undershelf LED cove linear LED


Massage Room The massage rooms are dimly lit to promote a calm environment, creating a relaxing experience. The cove lighting illuminates enough to locate the important elements in the room.

Waiting Room The waiting room functions as a transition space for the spa visitors. This space shows lower light levels that promote an intimate environment, with decorative pendant light fixtures and an accent wall that invites you to sit and relax while waiting for your massage.

detail of cove lighting behind wood panel

detail of cove lighting under wood shelves

concrete wall

concrete wall concealed bracket

light fixture blocking

wood shelf light fixture

wood panel behind desk

L1 P3

P1 17


L1 cove linear lighting

P3 Elliptical Pendant

P1 Pendant Pipe

ECOSENSE Slim Cove Dim Medium Output CRI 80+ 4 W, 10% dimmable

LUCEPLAN Agave D49/17s LED 20W Transparent methacrylate finish m

Intra Lighting Pipe Tube S LED CRI 85/95 3000K Dimmable control 27W

beige marble


stone tile



polished concrete


study in seattle Foster Point, Seattle in collaboration with John Franklin, Xazel Cerda, Jaime Perez, and Esmirna Moya

Our group conducted a semester-long study of seattle to discover the best conditions and design responses based on its climate properties. As a team, we designed a small residential home that adapted to its environment by addressing climatic issues with the most appropriate design stategies.


floor plan north elevation 20

floor plan




east section

design response designing a well insulated low mass building with central heat and place windows facing south unobstructed by trees and plants maximize sun exposure by facing windows south with overhangs to limit radiation in the summer but allow heat to enter in the colder months light colored materials and cool flat roofs to help lower the internal temperature and absorb less heat

DRY BULB TEMP .6% overheated 5.2% comfort heat 94% underheated

building section floor, wall, roof

Exterior Air Film Hardwood Siding 1/2"

Glass Fiber Insulation on Batt Insulation on 2x4 Wood Studs


ENERGY USE INTENSITY 12 kBTU/ft^2/yr architecture 2020 challenge

9% overlit 65% well lit 27% underlit

Asphalt Roofing

Roofing Backing

Polyurethane Foam Insulation

2"x10" Wood Stud

1/2" Plywood

1/2" Gypsum Board

The average annual temperature in Seattle is about 52 degrees °F, which is below the average comfort zone, influencing the

5/8" Gypsum Board

design strategies to be geared towards

Interior Air-Film

shading devices were placed to the south

heating in the buildings. Windows and to maximize solar heat gain during winter

Interior Air-Film

months and minimize solar heat gain during summer months. Air infililtrations

Hardwood Finish

systems should be used to reduce air leakage.

R -10 (SI: R -1.76) Vertical Insulation 2" 32 -36 Light Weight Aggregate



istituto raffaello Via Muzio Oddi, 21, 61029 Urbino, Italy in collaboration with Mark Louis Campo and Kali Miller

During our semester abroad in Urbino, we were tasked to design a high school to provide ideas for the city as it rebuilt its old high school. Our designed joined both the science and liberal arts high school, creating communal areas, and connected the top and lower street levels to provide an easier path for the residents that travel through both streets. We were inspired by the irregularity of the streets in the center to create different paths and diffeent ways to reach a place, so that every area of the school is easily accesible and we could provide public and private areas for the students. 25

03 top street offices common room restrooms library

02 level classrooms restrooms music room


00 ground gym restrooms meeting room administration large auditorium small auditorium






nimbus light pendant a luminous cloud or a halo surrounding a supernatural being or a saint. a large grey rain cloud.

This light pendant was designed during a Lighting Design class in the spring of 2019. The nimbus pendant was inspired from the idea of a glowing cloud that diffuses light and shines. It is made of thin spray painted acrylic strips bent with a heat gun individually into each other to create the final shape. The diffusing layers create an interesting silhouette as each layer is unique and molded to fit into each other. The distinctive curves of the acrylic create shadows on each of the vayers that hide the light bulb and diffuse the light. Each of the bent strips are held together with screws, but can be easily unassembled. The color changing LED compliments the shape because of the transulency of the acrylic, highlighting the shadows and the curves of each of the strips.



concept drawings

detail drawings

top view




exploded axonometric



thank you.

Profile for Melissa Santos

melissa santos architectural portfolio II  

architectural portfolio with works from 2019. currently a fourth year architecture student at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

melissa santos architectural portfolio II  

architectural portfolio with works from 2019. currently a fourth year architecture student at the University of Texas at San Antonio.