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MILEY Miley grew up living a simple life in a small farm town located in Sardis City, Alabama. She had one sibling a younger brother named David, and was raised by two loving and humbling parents. Through hard farming work and giving thanks to the good Lord, they were a family who understood and appreciated that life often offers some of the greatest joys and rewards through the simplest of things. One day after Sunday school meeting had ended, her and her family gathered around the kitchen table for their Sunday traditional Pot-roast, and freshly picked corn on the cob lunch. Miley’s father begins saying the blessing. “Dear Lord, our Father in Heaven, today we give thanks for the bounty of food that you have so blessed us with this season. Thank you for the beautiful wife and mother that you have so graciously blessed us with. Bless the hands of hers for preparing this wonderful meal for her family. Thank you for the blessing of our family being able to join together on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, and for the countless blessings we receive from the hearts of our family, neighbors and friends. Please watch over us, that we may retain good health, and safety. Lord our Father; we humbly say these things to you in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.” He than looks over at Miley, and asked her to please pass him the bread. Miley passes the bread and hands it to her father. “Thank you Miley! So what are you and your brother wanting to do with the rest of this beautiful sunny day?” “I know it’s been a long winter and you kids are anxious to get out side and run off some of that stored up energy.” David speaks up and says “We’re going to the fields to feed the horses and see the baby colt, right Miley?” Miley looks over to her father giving him the look of excited eyes and a sweet warm daughters smile. The kind of smile a daughter always gives her father when she wishes him to say yes. “Can we Dad, please!?” With a pleasant smile and a peaceful heart his father replies “Sure why not!” Miley, than looks back at her brother David, “Ok yeah sure I’ll take you, but only if you hurry up, and stop eating so much like a slow poky.” David quickly begins shoveling food into his mouth, practically swelling both checks until they become the size of a chipmunk’s. With the last bite taken into his already exploding checks, he grumbles “I’m ready!” Miley and David jump up out of there seats with a heavy load of adrenaline, and make a mad dash for the door. Miley’s mother raised her voice shouting “Miley, don’t get busy playing and forget to keep an eye out for your little bother!” “Ok mom, don’t worry I won’t!” Miley and David rushing out the door “Come on David, you’re such a slow poky!” “Oh yeah’ David says, “Well I bet I can win racing you to the fields!” Both kids running as fast as legs can fly, Miley takes the lead, and then slows down to let her little brother win. David expressing laughingly “Hah, hah, I told you I wasn’t such a slow poky!” As they reached the fields, David says to Miley “Hey lets go play in the creek.” “I want to try to catch some crawdads.” Miley with great hesitation in her voice says “are kidding David.” “If mom and dad found out we’d be in for it.” David begs, “Please Miley, I promise I won’t tell.” “No, David!” “You know we’re not supposed to go near there.” “Fine” David boringly exclaims, while shrugging his shoulders down! Miley, begins heading into the barn to go see the baby colt thinking David is following behind her. As she gathers some fresh straws of hay from the stack and begins trying to feed the baby colt. Miley turns around to say something to David and realizes is not there. Miley begins to shout out his name “David” “David where are you?” David doesn’t answer. Miley walks out of the barn to check and see if he went to feed the other horses out in the field. She doesn’t see him anywhere and begins shouting out his name again. “David where are you.” Still no answer! Not being able to see him in sight, her heart begins to race. Miley than starts


heading for the little creek thinking David must have gone their anyway, but once she arrives he is not there. She begins to think to herself for from some wired reason maybe he went back home. Feeling very puzzled because David has never wondered off like this before. Miley becomes even more worried, and continues yelling out his name over and over again, but, hears nothing! Miley, begins asking God to please help her find her little brother. Miley starts walking towards the tress, and suddenly, she remembers him begging her last summer to take him down by the tracks to watch the trains go by. Miley in a panic begins running as fast as she can. Arriving at the tracks she looks up and then she looks down and spots David a distance away throwing rocks at a coke just on the other side of the tracks. She begins yelling as she starts running towards him “David” “Come on we can’t play here?” David looks at Miley running towards him, laughingly shouting back, “I bet you can’t catch me?” hah hah hah hah!” David begins running back and forth across the railroad tracks. “Stop” “Stop it” Miley yells! “David, come on!” “We got to go home!” “Mom and dad are going to be so mad at us!” David acts as if he doesn’t hear a word she is saying. “If you don’t stop right now, I’m going to tell mom and dad on you!” David refusing to listen continues running faster down the track laughing, “Hurry up poky hah, hah!” Miley, begins running faster, and harder chasing after him, trying to catch up, suddenly she hears a train coming from a distance. Miley screams at the top of her lungs, “Stop! Stop! Stop David there is a train coming!” As the train is approaching closer and closer she see’s David run across the track to the other side. Miley Screams “No!” unable to make it across the other side herself in time. “No please God no!” she yells out.” The conductor see’s David and in terrier he immediately grabs the horn and tries to stop the train by screeching the wheels to a stop. Feeling terrified and in shock as he knows it will take upwards to a mile to stop the train. No longer can she hear David’s laugh but, only the sounds of the train’s screeching wheels as they are passing each rail road tie! Miley rendering a terrified feeling of hopelessness is left with no choice but to wait for the train to pass. As the last cargo trailer passes Miley runs across the track, and see’s David lying there not moving. Miley in shock, grabs her brother’s feet and drags him away from the train tracks, and begins crying and screaming “Help! Help! Please help me somebody! Oh please oh dear God help me!!!” Miley looks down at David shaking him and pleading “Wake up David! Please wake up!” Still no movement or sound from David. Miley, feeling helpless while holding her limp brother in her arms continues screaming for help as load as her voice will go. A farmer working his field across the way hears a child’s screaming voice, and begins to seek out where the screams may be coming from. As he is feverously scouting he notices a young girl holding a boy in her arms and runs toward her. As he arrives, Miley yells out, “Please help my brother.” “Please I don’t know what to do” “He won’t wake up!” The man bends down to check on David to see if he’s breathing and dials 911. While the man is nervously talking with the emergency technician, Miley continues cradling David in her arms as he remains unconscious. Miley hears the sirens coming from a distance, and begs her little brother to hold on. “Hold on David! Please hold on!” Moments later the Ambulance, Paramedics and Fire Trucks arrive. They begin working frantically on David, as Miley watches her little brother fighting for his life. Traumatized and shaking while crying out “Help him! God please help my little brother!” “I’m sorry David, I’m sorry!” One of the paramedics gets a blanket out and raps it around Miley’s shivering body, and tries to calming her down. While he is checking her out and asking her if she is hurt anywhere, the police officer begins asking Miley questions. “Can you tell me where you live and how to contact your parents?” Miley barley being able to speak gives them her phone number. Miley watches as the paramedics are putting David’s limp body onto the Gurney and walked him over to load him into the ambulance. Miley, jumps up and hysterically starts screaming “Wait!” Wait!” “I’m coming!” as she


tries to get into the ambulance with her brother, the paramedic holds her back and close’s the doors, than informs the officer that they are taking him to Valley hospital! Miley, banging her fist on the door “Open up!” Please open up!” screaming his name “David!” As the ambulance drives away with her little brother, Miley collapses to the ground. The police officer tries to calm Miley down. “Its ok Miley, it’s going to be ok!” “I’ve contacted your parents and they are headed to the hospital right now, where I’ll be taking you to meet with them!” Miley gets into the police officers car, and as soon as they arrive at the hospital, she sees her father standing at the doors. Miley than jumps out of the car, and makes a mad dash for her father’s arms. With Miley’s father holding her tight, she says “Daddy, I am so sorry!” “I’m so scared daddy.” Her father takes his hands and holds her face, looking into her eyes. “Miley, it’s going to be alright, our Lord is with us, and it’s going to be alright!” Miley’s father begins to walk with her into the emergency waiting room, where he sits with Miley, holding her close and praying. The wait for Miley’s mother and the doctor to come out and give them some news on David’s condition feels utterly tormenting on them both. One grueling hour passes, then two go by. Finally the head Doctor comes out with Miley’s mother, her mother looking fragile and weak, almost as if every ounce of blood had been stripped out of her body. Miley and her father stand up putting their arms around her. Miley’s mom being distraught and barely able to speak beneath her crying voice says “David’s gone!” our “our little boy David’s is gone!” The family feeling disoriented and in complete disbelief clings on to one another as the doctor begins explaining to them how David passed away. “I am deeply sorry for the loss of your son.” “David’s father feeling emotionally confused begins questioning the doctor. “Why?! Why?! “Couldn’t you have done anything to save our little boy? “I just don’t understand!” The Doctor begins telling them first by expressing his deepest sympathy for the loss of their son. “I am deeply sorry for the loss of your son.” “David had a weak area in one of the blood vessels in his brain, the vessel had become enlarged, and due to the direct trauma to the brain, it caused the vessel to burst, and causing him to pass away from a Cerebral Aneurysm.” “Again, I am deeply sorry; I wish there could have been something we could have done.” Two weeks have gone by since David’s funeral, and the family is going through the deep grieving process, but for Miley things take on a far more severe affect than her parents had anticipated. Miley is not only dealing with the morning of loosing her little brother. Miley is also experiencing guilt. She believes in herself that somehow she was reasonable for her brother’s death. Though her parents and other family members have all tried very hard to convince and reassure Miley that she is not to blame, she continues to not eat, isolating herself, and refusing to speak with anyone. Miley, is completely shutting down, as if her spirit died along with David’s. Miley parents becoming extremely discerned about her behavior, seek for answers on how they may help her with the grieving of her brother. They consult with a Child Psychologist. Where they learn that due to Miley experiencing such a catastrophic event, she is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Miley’s parents feeling as though they have lost both their children, begin the process of extensive therapy for her. They know in their hearts that through their faith in the Lord, counseling support, their love and prayers along with others, Miley and her family will get through their unfortunate loss and such an incredibly traumatic experience. Many years have passed and Miley has spent half her life in and out of extensive therapy dealing with grief and guilt. Now at the age of 23 she has made a remarkable recovery. One day while cooking in the kitchen with her mom, Miley says “Mom I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and praying about my future lately, and I feel that a change


would do me good.” In fact “I am considering moving to Pleasanton, California and finishing up my teaching degree at Cal State East Bay University.” “Wow, Miley, you really have been doing some heavy thinking and praying.” “Have you thought about how you are going to manage your expenses while attending College?” “Yes mom I have, “There is actually a live in nanny position for this writer’s seven year old daughter.” I believe it will be the ideal situation for me to attend school at night and have the earnings I need to support myself.” “And beside you know how much I love children, and after having prayed about it, I have a very nice strong feeling that Father in Heaven wants me to do this for some reason.” Miley’s mom does her best to hold back the tears as she realizes that her once little girl is not such a little girl any longer! The very thought of knowing Miley will be leaving home for the first time and possibly forever, deeply saddens her heart, but understands that Miley needs to travel her own journey in life someday! Miley’s mother addresses this concern “You know Miley, this would be a huge change for you living in the City?” and it may even pose some challenging times for you.” “However, if you feel that the spirit is guiding you, there than it must be an important need for it to come to pass.” “That is true mom, but I have faith this will be a wonderful experience for me and besides you do have to admit it sure does seem exciting!” “It really does Miley seem like a great opportunity!” “Your father and I are very grateful that you have been praying about it and received a strong conformation!” “Yes, and right now I need to go give him a call and let him know that I am very interested in the position.” “By the way Mom, thanks for the talk, I appreciate how you and dad have always been there for me!” “Miley just always remember that I and your father are here for you still anytime you need us, now hurry run and give this writer a call before the opportunity gets filled! “Thanks mom, you’re wonderful!” Miley runs upstairs and proceeds to call Mr. Shaw. “Hi my name is Miley Johnson I was inquiring about the nanny position.” “Is that position still available?” Mr. Shaw replies, “Yes, I am actually looking for a live in nanny position for my seven year old daughter Faith.” “Do you have a resume with references that you could fax over to me?” Miley, replies “Yes, I have some really good reference, and also I have taken some child development classes in college as I am still pursuing my teachers degree.” “Sounds Great, mind if I ask you a question” “Sure Miley responded. “What prompted you to want to become a nanny?” “Well, Mr. Shaw, children have a special place in my heart, and I believe they are Gods greatest blessing to us.” “And one day I hope to have plenty of my own.” “I would also love to finish my teaching degree at Cal State East Bay University and I really fell this would be fantastic opportunity for me to fulfill both my passions, teaching and children.” “Well, Miley it sounds Wonderful!” “Let me take a look at your resume and I will get back with you.” Miley, immediately faxes over her resume and reference’s than anxiously waits for Mr. Shaw to call her back. A few hours later Mr. Shaw returns the call. “Hello Miley, I have checked over your resume and called on your references and I have to say I am impressed with others have had to say about your interaction with children.” “I would like to meet with you in person at my home, and give you a chance to meet with me and my daughter Faith and will see how things go from there.” “That sounds fantastic, and thanks very much!” “I really appreciate your consideration of me Mr. Shaw.” “Would it be possible for you to come next Tuesday, at say 3:00 pm?” “Yes that would be wonderful! And thank you again Mr. Shaw!” “You’re welcome Miley! Here is my address 1236 Lincoln Shire Dr. in Pleasanton.” “Give me a call if you can’t find my address and I’ll give you the directions.” “Ok, sounds great, I’m looking forward to meeting both you and Faith on Tuesday at 3:00 pm.” Miley, runs downstairs full of excitement in her voice! “Mom, Mom! I’m so excited! Mr. Shaw has asked me to come for an interview at 3:00 pm next Tuesday.” “Oh my, that’s only a few days away! I better hurray and make my flight and accommodation arrangements.” “That’s terrific Miley!” “I’m extremely delighted for you!


But, Dad, and I are really going to miss seeing your precious face with us everyday!” “I know mom, and I will miss you and Dad very, very much too, but I promise I will come see you as often as possible” “Hey, maybe you and Dad can come to sunny California to see me.” Miley with a smile on her face, “It would really be a really fun vacation for you both!” Miley giggles and says “It’s hard to imagine that you and dad have never left this small town!” “Oh right Miley I can see your father and I now in the big city!” laughing “We would probably get lost just using the airport bathroom!” hah, hah both of them laughing! Miley, so excited begins running upstairs to get back on the computer. “Hey Miley, before you run off I am dying to ask you this one curious question. “Is he perchance that gorgeous romance novel writer Steven Shaw?” Miley replies “Yes mom, oh gosh, can you believe it!? I can hardly wait to meet him and his little girl in person!” It’s Tuesday morning and Miley arrives in California. After getting herself settled into the hotel she anxiously waits for 3:00 pm. to roll around. When she drives up to the address given, she sees a big beautiful house with a lighted arched driveway, and it has the loveliest flower bed her eyes have ever seen. With the brightest flowers, water fall rock foundation and a palm tree that sits right in the center of it! Out on the lawn area there is this beautiful, long blond hair, blued eyed little girl playing fetch with her dog. Miley steps out of her car and walks over to the little girl, than squats down and reaches out her to shake her delicate little hand. “Hi my name is Miley, and you must be Faith the pretty little girl your daddy was telling me about.” “You sure look like your having a lot of fun playing with your dog?” Faith smiles sweetly and giggles “Yeah I like him,” “Did you know his name is ruckus, because daddy say’s he creates a lot of ruckus around the house!” “Are you my new nanny?” Miley with a gentle smile and a soft voice “Well, I am hoping to be!” As Miley stands up Faith reaches out her hand to hold Miley’s. Steven, all the while has been watching Miley and Faith interact with one another. Faith leads Miley up to the front door calling for he dog Ruckus to come on. Steven opens the door and greets Miley pleasantly. “Hello you must be Miley?” Faith speaks up before Miley can spit out any words “Yep it’s her daddy, isn’t she so pretty daddy!” smiling with a little gleam in her eyes! Steven and Miley chuckle! “Well, I see you already have a fan base going for yourself Miley and in that case welcome to our home!” “Please take a seat.” Miley, sits herself down on the twin sofa, and Faith takes a seat right next to Miley, than reaches over to hold Miley’s hand, while looking up at her with the softest sweetest smile! Once again before anyone can get a word out inch wise, Faith immediately tells her father “I like her Daddy!” and he replies “That’s great, looks like we are all off to a very pleasant start!” “Faith would you mind going upstairs now and playing in your room for just a little bit so I may have a talk with Miley?” “Ok daddy” As Faith heads up the stairs, she turns around and says, “Daddy, don’t forget, I really, really like her ok!” “You got it I’ll even tie a bow around my finger not to forget.” Steven than sets down and turns his attention back onto Miley and says “Well, Miley, Faith sure has taken to you!” “I have to tell you that it’s really nice to see how comfortable she feels with you Miley.” “This has been one of my biggest concerns in finding the right care taker for her, as this has not worked out so well with in the past with any of the previous baby sitters.” “I am sure you can understand now that this is mainly why I have decided it would be best if Faith was to have someone she trust and feels comfortable with around on more steady bases.” Miley feels Steven’s insurmountable love for Miley and understands how important this is not only for him, but for the sake of Faiths security.” Miley humbly smiles and responds to Steven “I do know that she will thrive best with having the added stability in her life, and I am more than privileged to have such and honor of being the one to provide you both with this comfort and peace.“ “Faith not only radiates with sweetness, I have to say she also has one darling personality to boot” Steven agrees nodding his head, but


looking as if he just drifted off into a less than happy place. After a few seconds of silence Steven snaps out of it telling Miley “She certainly does indeed and she got her beauty and radiating sweetness from her mother!” “I’m sorry Mr. Shaw but, do you mind me asking what happened to her mom? “No not at all, In fact I actually wanted to talk with you about that very thing!” “When Faiths mom Hope got pregnant with her we just couldn’t wait until she was born and bring her home she was our little miracle.” Throughout the years we sure shared some beautiful and timeless moments me and her with her mom.” “Well, at least up until the Lord called her home!’ “Hope had been out running some errands while Faith was at School.” “She was driving on the freeway, when a car side swiped her going 70 miles an hour and caused the car to go out of control, filliping it over and over down the side bank.” “I was told she died instantly.” Miley replies ““I am so deeply sorry Mr. Shaw, how sad and misfortunate that you and Faith are enduring such a horrific loss and tragedy in your lives! “I can hardly imagine! Miley paused for a moment before completing her sentence, feeling empathy for them, as she resonates with their pain from losing her precious little brother. Miley, than continues on with what she was saying to Mr. Shaw “Well, actually I can imagine how extremely difficult and painful it’s has been and still must be for you both!” but, Miley reluctantly hesitates to share her own horrific story of having her little brother dying in her arms. So, she simply offers him her deep condolences again. “Thank you Miley for you kind condolences, it really has been quit the adjustment for her and me!” “Faith has done pretty well considering she lost her mommy only but two years ago! Except, for lately I have noticed her missing having a mommy around!” “That is a very natural feeling, desire and longing for any child to experience when having lost one of their parents!” Miley replies. “Yes, I imagine it would be!” and I have tried out highly recommended after school day care programs, some of the funniest babysitters I could find and including one nanny over the past few years, hoping she will be able to connect and at least partly fulfill her need, but Faith just didn’t seem to take to any of them.” “She is always begging me to never leave her side!” Steven than takes a deep sigh, as if he feels this restful relief and expresses to Miley “That is why I told you how truly wonderful of a feeling it is for me to observe just how Faith took to you instantly!” Steven, notices Faith coming halfway down the stairs and motions with his hands for Miley to stop talking about Faiths mother. Faith now at the bottom of the stairs says “Why are you and Miley being so quite daddy?” Faith glances and looks over at Miley with a big grin and cute little giggle “My daddy likes you!” Miley, looking back at Faiths smiling face, says “And I like you.” Steven than speaks up “Well this is really nice we seem to all like one another!” “It sure is.” Miley replied. Steven stands up and walks over to shake Miley’s hand. “I would like you to have the job of caring for Faith” Faith takes a hold of Miley’s hand and starts jumping up and down up and down with her saying “I told you my daddy like you!“ Thank you, thank you Mr. Shaw this is so wonderful.” “I will email you the contract and if you have any questions please let me know!” Miley stands up and Faith tells her father, “I’m going back upstairs to play daddy.” “Ok Faith” “Bye, Miley!” “Bye Faith, I will see you again soon!” As Miley and Steven walk to the front door, Miley says “Thank you very much, you have a very sweet little girl, and again I am so sorry about your wife” Steven replies “No, thank you Miley, it has been a pleasure finding someone that Faith feels really comfortable with.” Miley heads out to her car and upon getting in, she sees Faith from the bedroom window waving and smiling goodbye. Miley gives her thumbs up, with a smile and waves back. Upon returning back to the hotel, Miley gets lost and stops at a gas station to get a soda and get directions. Miley heads out again following the directions that the gentleman had


given her at the service station. A few miles down the road she approaches a train stop that has the cross guards down. Miley’s heart begins to beat rapidly as she hears her brother’s voice saying “Help me Miley” “Help me!” she begins to sweat so profusely that it’s literally dripping down her face, and soaking through her dress. As the guard gates go up Miley hesitates with a panic, as she fears to cross the tracks, but gathers the courage to go through them, knowing is for her best as part of her ongoing therapy. The next day Miley arrives back home in Alabama. Miley walks into her house. “Hi mom, I’m back with some fantastic news!” “I just found the perfect house with the perfect man, how has a perfect daughter to marry!” Laughingly “I’m just kidding!” “Oh Mom, he has the most wonderful little daughter named Faith and she really likes me!” “He wants me to take the position, and is emailing the contract for me to look over and sign.” “Oh gosh Mom, I’m so excited about this!” That’s really wonderful Miley!” “How old did you say his little girl is again?” Miley drifting off into never land while dreaming of being at a picnic with Faith and Steven” replies “Oh sorry, what did you say mom!? ”Miley’s mom smiles and says, “I said that I am really happy for you!” “Thanks mom!” Miley heads upstairs with her suite cases and begins unpacking them. Once she gets it all put away, she sits down and turns on the computer to check on the email being sent from Steven. Miley reads over the contact and happily selects print, and notices that Steven is online and begins to instant message him. “Hi Steven, I looked over the contract and I fully accept the job, and thank you so much!” “I am so excited to be caring for Faith.” “I just know this is going to be a wonderful experience for us all.” “You’re very welcome Miley and thank you again also.” I know Faith will be very delighted to hear this wonderful news!” “Would you please bring the signed contract with you when you come next Monday?” “Sure” Miley replies. “Great looks like we are all set, Faith and I are looking forward to seeing you than.” “You too Mr. Shaw thanks so much again, goodbye.” Steven glances over at a photo he has sitting on his desk next to his computer of his two favorite girls, his wife Hope and Faith. He begins reminiscing over the moments and events they all shared before her death. His heart begins swelling up inside him, feelings of deep longing for her to still be with them. The absence he feels begins to break him down emotionally bursting into tears, while asking God over and over again “Why, Why!” Why did you have to take her?” “We needed her more than you?” “Do you hear me Lord?” “Just bring her back, please, please bring her back!!!” Steven hears nothing but the silence of his office room as the tears continue to in gulf him. He reaches over and pulls open the drawer and pulls out a bottle of liquor. He takes a look at it, than tightly clinches it to his chest holding it against his heart, thinking to himself, “Oh Faith! My sweet beautiful little Faith! If I didn’t have to live for you, I’d!!!” Steven then returns the liquor to the drawer gets up and goes into Faiths room. “Hey cutie girl, what are you up too?” “I’m just playing!” “I have some really great news for you!” What daddy?” “Is Miley going to come live with us?” “Yep, she sure is,” “Yeah daddy I knew you liked her, and from the looks of things you seem too really like her a whole lot too.” “Yep, I love you daddy” “I love you too very much Faith, now let’s go eat something fun for dinner and get you ready for bed.” Later on that evening, Steven goes into Faith’s room to tuck her into bed. “Hi daddy” “I was just playing with my Barbie’s” “Daddy do you think this one is pretty?” “Yes Faith she is very pretty” “Do you know why she is my favorite?” No Faith, why is she your favorite?” with a lighted smile on her face Miley replies “Because she looks just like mommy daddy!” Tears well up in his eyes, as he replies “Yes she is indeed as beautiful as your mother.” “Now let’s get you tucked into be and say our prayers to our Heavenly Father and your Mommy.” “Ok daddy, but can I say the bedtime prayer tonight?” “Sure Faith! I know our Lord would love hearing your pretty little voice.” “Dear Heavenly Father


I know my mommy’s with you, will you give her a kiss and a big hug for me? “I love you mommy” “I wish you could come home mommy” “daddy, is missing you too! Can you please bless my new Nanny? Her name is Miley. She is nice mommy! Ok, thank you to keep us safe and I say it in the name of baby Jesus, Amen.” “That was beautiful and a perfect bedtime prayer Faith!” He than snuggles Faith in tight and gently kisses her soft, sweet checks and says “Good night my beautiful ray of Faith! I love you as high as your mommy in the heavens!” “Good night daddy I love you that much too, and daddy!” “Yes Faith” ‘Thank you for Miley.” “You’re welcome sweetie, night, night!” Steven leaves Faith’s room and heads into his office. Sits down in his chair and glances over at the photograph of his wife. Not able to contain his emotions anymore, he breaks down letting it all go! He then opens the drawer, and grabs the bottle of liquor and takes a few sips. Knowing he can’t keep numbing himself through the pain he puts it back in the drawer. Emotionally drained he winds up passing out in his office chair. The next morning, Faith comes in and sees her father slumped in his chair, and says, “Daddy, are you alright?” “I thought I heard you crying and praying to God again?” “I’m sorry Faith.” “Don’t worry Daddy’s ok!” “You’re so sweet Faith, just like your mommy” “Thanks daddy” with a sweet delightful smile on her face. She says, “Is Miley coming today?” “Not today but, she will be here in six short days!!!” Steven noticed the long look on Faiths face about having to wait. Thinking to himself, he really didn’t want to have Faith being with another babysitter that she did not feel comfortable with. So, he proposed an idea to put a smile back on Faith’s pretty little face. So, with a huge smile and his eyes opened wide with excitement says, “How would you like to take a little vacation to Disney Land while we wait out those short six days!” Faiths eyes light up like it was the 4th of July! “Really daddy,” “I’m going to be a beautiful princess when I go up!” “Did you know that daddy?” “Faith you are already the most beautiful princes there ever will be!” “Thanks daddy! She exclaimed while squeezing around his neck almost chocking him. “Ok Faith, we better start getting things packed and ready to roll.” The Fifth day comes and it’s evening time when Steven and Faith return back home from having the time of their lives in Disneyland.” Faith half asleep, plum worn out and tuckered from spending all five of the six day wait for Miley to arrive. Steven carries Faith upstairs and tucks her into to bed. The next morning Faith wakes up and comes running into Steven’s room, and jumps up on the bed yelling “Daddy, Daddy! Wake up it is Miley’s day! Steven laughs “Ok, Ok, I am awake!” “Oh my goodness Faith we better get some food in our belly’s and get you all prettied up before she gets here!” “We don’t want your hair looking all wild and crazy like mine, now do we?” Faith giggling! “Daddy your hair looks too funny!” “Thanks Miley for the boost of confidence,” giving her a wink. Miley and Steven head downstairs into the kitchen for breakfast. “So what does your hungry little tummy want to eat today” “I want pancakes with a smiley and squiggly silly eyebrows this time.” “You mean like this” Steven scrunches his eye brows trying to make them squiggly. “Oh daddy you look sooooo silly!” giggling. After breakfast, Miley, and Steven head up the stair to get ready for Miley’s arrival, and on the way up Miley excitingly says “Daddy, Daddy can I wear my church dress? “Which church dress are you thinking of Miley?” “You know daddy my favorite dress! The pink one with the big, beautiful white flower on it?” tugging on her daddy’s arm “Pleeeease!” “Pretty, please with a bunch of fluffy marshmallow’s on top please!” “I promise I won’t get it dirty.” Steven with a sure smile on his face, “Yes, Yes, Miley, you may wear your pretty pink dress! With the Pretty Big, white flower on it! Faith responds giving her daddy a tight hug and says “Thanks daddy, you’re the best ever!”


It’s 8:00 am now and Miley arrives. The door bell rings, and Faith runs down the stairs shouting “Miley’s here, Miley’s here daddy!” as soon as Steven opens the door, Faith wraps her arms around Miley’s waist. “Do you like my beautiful pink dress Miley?” “Daddy let me wear it today, but I won’t get it dirty!” as she shakes her head in a no, no direction. Miley smiles and chuckles a bit “I do, I love your beautiful pink dress, especially this pretty White Flower you have on it!” “Thanks Miley,” as she runs off upstairs to play! Steven standing there with a nice greeting smile on his face, chuckles a bit and says, “Good morning Miley! Do come in and make yourself feel comfortable; all though, I have a feeling Faith will have you all over the house in no time before the day is through!” both Miley and Steven laughing. “I will need to leave here shortly; I have a meeting with my Publisher.” Steven walking into the kitchen as Miley follows “Here is a list of all emergency contact numbers; which includes my Publishers office, Faiths doctor’s office, and Rick my half brother that lives in Oregon.” “Other than that, please don’t hesitate to call me on my cell anytime if you need anything alright?” “Ok, thanks Mr. Shaw everything sounds great!” “Please don’t worry about us, I am sure Faith and I will do just fine!” Steven with a pleasant smile “Miley, its ok you may call me Steven now!” Miley smiles back at him. Steven than calls for Faith to come give him hugs and kisses goodbye. Faith comes running down the stairs and throws her arms around him. “I love you so much daddy!” Steven kisses Faith in three different places on her face. The first kiss is given on her forehead. “This kiss is for I!” then he kisses her left cheek “This kiss is for love!” and the last kiss on her right cheek. “This kiss is for you!” Than he gives Faith a tight hug lifting her feet off the ground, while looking at Miley and says, “I know you will take good care of her” and winks. Steven puts Faith down saying goodbye to them both “All right than I’ll see you two girls a little later today!” Miley closes and locks the door behind him. Moments later Miley hears the garage door close as Steven drives off. About a mile into his drive, Steven’s vision starts to blur up a bit, so he begins blinking his eyes several times as to try and clear it. All of the sudden he starts feeling a bit dizzy, and unrolls his window to allow some fresh air in. Just than Steven blacks out going unconscious, as the car swerves off the road and crashes into a huge tree hitting it head on. The sound at impact people come out of their businesses to see what is going on. A few of them call 911 and ambulance, the police and a fire engine show up at the scene. Just moments before Miley had seemed a bit shaken because she heard a bunch of sirens. Within minutes the front doorbell rings. Miley opens the door and sees a man gasping for breath and looking upset! “Hello” “Hi I’m Steven’s neighbor.” “He’s” before the man can finish speaking. Miley feeling her gut sink asks, “Is there something wrong?” “Steven has been in a car accident he crashed his car into a tree.” “They have taken him Valley Memorial Hospital.” Faith immediately burst into tears, grabs and clings onto Miley’s waist, as she screams out in a terrified voice, “Is my Daddy dead?” “Miley is daddy dead?” the neighbor standing there tells Miley “I can take Faith to our house” Miley not really knowing anyone yet, and learning of Faiths discomfort with others doesn’t fell it is wise to do such a thing. Faith suddenly in a frantic shouts “No! No! Don’t leave me Miley! I want to go with you!” Miley looks up at the neighbor and says “Its ok I’ll take her, but thank you very much.” “Ok, but please let us know if there is anything we can do to help!” Than in frenzy panic Miley says, “Grab your shoes Faith! Hurry, grab your shoes! I’ll get your jacket!” Faith runs back down the stairs carrying her shoes. “Here let me help you!” Miley nervously struggles to get Faith’s shoes and jacket on. “Ok!” Miley exclaims as they head out the front door. Miley, opens the backseat passenger door and buckles Faith in. Thoughts racing through Miley’s mind, she begins to pray “Lord please let him be alright!” “Oh please save him for Faith sake!” As Miley’s driving to the hospital, Faith is in the backseat profusely crying and


shouting out, “daddy, daddy, no daddy, I want my mommy!” Miley trying to calm Faith down says “It’s ok Faith! It’s going to be alright!” “I’m right here! I am right here with you Faith!” “Don’t leave me Miley,” Faith cries out. “I won’t leave you Faith!” “I promise I won’t leave you!” A few minutes later, they arrive at the hospital. Miley parks the car and gets out and then opens Faiths door. As she is unbuckling Faith’s seatbelt she sees that Faith’s entire body is trembling! She picks Faith up in her arms and struggles carrying her through the emergency doors. She sees a lady behind the desk. “Help me please!” “Steven Shaw was just rushed here by ambulance.” The lady tells a nurse standing near by, “She is here for Steven Shaw” “Ok, I’ll take her back” and instructs Miley to follow her. As they are walking the nurse ask Miley, are you his wife?’ “No, I am the nanny, and this is his daughter.” Miley still trying to carry Faith puts her down saying. “I’m sorry Faith, I need you to walk! But, I promise I am not letting go of your hand ok?” Faith with a crying voice and body still shaking, clinches Miley’s hand tightly as they continue following the nurse through a set of secured doors. As they follow the nurse over to where Steven is located, Miley sees the ambulance drivers standing in front of the drawn curtain talking with a doctor. “I’m here for Steven Shaw” the doctor ask her if she’s is his wife. Miley replies “No, my name is Miley Johnson, I am the nanny and this is his daughter Faith.” “Please tell me is he alright!?” “Can we see him!?” The doctor responds saying “They have taken him upstairs for a cat scan.” “I will need to speak with you regarding his condition, but it will be best if we discuss these matters alone.” “I will have one of our family crises workers come and talk with you and help you with the little one so that we may speak in private.” Miley now breaking down into tears “Ok, but please is he going to be alright?” “Will discuss that a little more detail once we get your little girl situated.” “You may set in his room or if you like you can go out into the waiting room and I will have the worker come out and get you both.” Miley, chose to go out into the waiting room with Faith. “Where is daddy Miley? Is he going to be alright?” “He’s in good hands now Faith” let’s just keep saying our prayers for him ok sweetie?” Scared with a trembling little voice Faith says “I love you Miley” Miley looks down at Faith and see’s the most endearing tears falling down the sweetest blue eyes she had ever seen, and says “I love you too Faith, and I promise you I will not leave you !” It’s been about 30 minutes waiting and it feels like it’s been hours when the worker comes out. Hello “I’m Mrs. Reynolds, I am the family crises worker here at the hospital. “Hello you’re a darling little girl” “I sure like those pretty blue eyes you have!” “You must be Faith?” “How did you know my name? Faith asked “Well a beautiful Angel told me.” “Really, that must be my mommy huh Miley?” “I am almost positive it was!” Miley responded. Mrs. Reynolds leans down and looks at Faith. “How would you like if you and Miley came with me to my office?” “I have a really big doll house with some very cute Barbie’s dolls you might like to play with?” Faith looks up at Miley “I don’t want to leave daddy!” “It’s ok Faith we won’t be far from him at all ok?” Faith clasp onto Miley’s hand and follows Mrs. Reynolds to here office. Mrs. Reynolds opens the office door and Faiths eyes light up! “Wow that’s the biggest Barbie house I ever seen!” “I thought you might have fun playing with it Mrs. Reynolds replies. ”Miley, I understand how worried you must feel.” “No one is ever prepared for such tragedies to happen!” I am so sorry!” “I know how hard this must be on both you and Faith, and I just want you to know that I and my staff are here to offer you any support or services that you may need.” “Thank you, I am mostly concerned about Faith! She is suffering a great deal with separation anxiety issues. She lost her mom only two years ago in a tragic automobile accident.” “Oh dear, that is so terribly sad to hear, and quit a lot for a little girl to have to experience!” “Does Mr. Shaw have any relatives that we may contact that may be able to assist in caring for Faith should Steven end up needing to stay in the hospital?” “The only family that I am aware of is he has a half brother, but he lives in Oregon, I do have his phone number back at the house, and I


will contact him letting him know what has happened Steven.” The phone rings it’s the doctor letting Mrs. Reynolds know that he is ready for Miley to come speak with him. “Miley, that was Doctor Saddler; he is ready to meet with you now. I understand it’s difficult for Faith to feel good about you leaving her side, but if some way we can manage to comfort her, Faith can stay here with me playing.” Miley looks over at Faith “I am going to leave for a few minutes while you wait her with Mrs. Reynolds, so you can keep playing, and when I come back I will come get you and take you to see your daddy ok sweetie?.” “Ok, but promise you are coming right back?” “I promise Faith I will hurry, hurry, right back for you!” Miley leaves and head to where Steven is. The head Surgeon, along with the Nero Surgeon are standing at the nurse’s station waiting to speak with Miley. “Hello you must be Miley? I am Doctor Saddler, head Surgeon of the hospital, and this is Dr. Mackay, our Nero Surgeon.” “I believe when you first arrived you spoke with Dr. Baldwin, and he had informed you that Steven had been taken upstairs for a CT scan, due to Mr. Shaw having severe head trauma.” “Yes” “I have viewed the results and they are not what we had hoped for.” “The MRI confirms that his brain is swelling, meaning he has bleeding of the brain.” “It is necessary that he will need emergency surgery.” “Our goal here is to stop the bleeding and release the tension that is building in his brain.” Miley breaking down into tears and begins to tremble as she has a flash back of losing her little brother.” The Nero Surgeon speaks up saying “I am very sorry! I know how frightening this all sounds, but I can rest assure you that I have performed this surgery numerous of times, and we have had a very high success rate.” “Of course we will know more as we begin the surgery how extensive the bleeding is and we are looking at the recovery time he will need to heal.” “I would not be able to determine at this time rather he has suffered any damage caused to the brain, as it is possible in some cases, that he may suffer some sort of Neurological damage.” “Again, all of that is too soon to tell.” “We are prepping him now to go into surgery.” “Mr. Shaw is fading in and out of consciousness, and I usually do not do this but Mr. Shaw has asked to see his daughter.” “The visit can only be for a few minutes.” “I will have Mrs. Reynolds bring Faith now.” As Miley, see’s Mrs. Reynolds coming with Faith, she tries with all her might to maintain her own tears as to be strong for Faith, runs up to Faith picking her up in her arms and holds her closely.” “Miley, do I see daddy now?” “Yes, Faith we can see daddy now! But, the doctor says we can only visit him for a short time ok? Daddy is very sleepy and needs to rest!” As Miley enters the room with Faith, Steven’s head turns towards them and gives off a slight smile. Faith runs over to her daddy, and lays her head across his chest with her small arms wrapped around his waist. “Daddy, Daddy, I love you! I love you Daddy!’ With the slightest utter, and tears swelling up in his eyes; Steven replies to Faith for the last time before going into surgery, “I love you Faith! I love you as high as your mommy in the heavens!” Miley standing right next to Faith reaches out and puts her hand into his, as she did she felt this different warmth about him that she had never experienced with anyone before. Than Steven asked Miley to draw close to him. Miley leans in towards Steven, and places her check against his face. With a fainted voice as he is sliding into unconsciousness. Say’s “Promise to take care of her!”


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