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Melissa Peterson

Media Arts and Animation


Photoshop Premiere After Effects Flash Toon boom Mudbox 3D Max Maya Paint Tool Sai Motion Builder Microsoft Office


The Art Institute of York, Pennsylvania Bachelor of Science, Media Arts and Animation March 2013 (GPA: 3.31) Work displayed at the school’s gallery- DDX 2013


Dean’s List: Fall 2012 and Winter 2013 Perfect Attendance Award: 2010,2011,2012

Skills Conceptual

Detailed character and environment concepts Design storyboards for animations Develop concept sketches for 2D and 3D


Digital animation through hand drawing, symbols, and bones Proficient in creating backgrounds and environment Full comprehension of the 12 principles of animation


Model objects, characters, and environments Use lights to add depth and shadows Proficient in 3D animation skills utilizing 3D Max, Maya, and Motion Builder Rig characters for animations Unwrap 3D models for texturing Paint maps for texturing in Photoshop


Create visual effects using After Effects Shoot video and edit the footage in After Effects and Premier

Field Related Experience

Farm and Natural Lands Trust of York County July to December 2012 York, PA Worked with a team to create an animated video for a non-profit organization Developed backgrounds that matched with character designs Lip syncing for the child and the narrator characters Character animation of the child and the narrator


United Cerebral Palsy January 2013 to present Hanover, PA Content Curator - Find videos, articles, and photos related to the company. Send the articles to the director to be posted on social media sites Provide information to members of UCP.

17 School House Road

Newville, Pennsylvania 17241