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Drunk stories of the week Interview with a female brewer


Brown Bottles The craft beer industry in the U.S has been growing at an extreme pace. Craft breweries have doubled in size the past six years and has allowed women to discover a new love for the beer! Think of a Seventeen Magazine mixed with a hint of Cosmo! This magazine will be a great go-to when you’re looking for some craft beer and brewery recommendations, interviews with female home brewers, micro brewers or simply trying to find out if beer is actually good for your hair? wait, does it cure arthritis? Brown Bottles will open the door to women to gain a more prevalent role in the beer industry. We still got a long way to tear down the walls of the male domniated beer drinking industry, but as local and fresh trends continue to flourish, more women are going to find themselves pairing their meals with a great craft beer!


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3 Breweries for you to check out this weekend Location: San Francisco in Ghirardelli Square This tiny place is located in a venue with other small counter restaurants it’s very easy to miss because of how hidden it is but it’s perfect for a low-key night. If you’re looking to sample a few beers make sure to try their Tangerine IPA, Sutro Chocolate Coffee Stout and if that’s not something you’re into they got a popular Alcatraz Amber you may like!

San Francisco Brewing Co.

Location: San Francisco in Potrero Hill Solid tasty brewery loated in the dogpatch. Harmonic Brewing has an industrial feel to it. Off Main and 3rd street providing a great casual open space with lots of natural light to enjoy some delicious beers! I recommend trying the Sky Dog IPA , The Other Side IPA, Cold Pressed Nitro Stout and the English Ale.

Harmonic Brewing Location: San Francisco in South of Market And last but not least Local brewing has a gorgeous modern space offering a nice selection of in-house brews as well as a good menu of snacks and hearty sandwhiches to help you soak everything up. This place definitely knows beer! They have a great selection of Pale Ales, Lagers, and Stouts. Definitely recommend you trying the Belgian Bump, Duboce IPA, and Double Day IPA.

Local Brewing


We were at a Christmas party at a coworkers house. He had an open bar, food, music you name it! Then one of my friend decided to start a “shot contest” and we all sat around the bar. There was 4 guys and 2 girls. We all got our shot cup and begun taking tequila shots. I tapped out after 3 shots and a few continued but slowly they all begun to tap out after 4, 5, and 6 shots except this one girl who eneded up taking 10 shots!This girl then sat down at the patio because she said she needed fresh air, and immediately turned hot and red, and out of the no where started projectile vomiting. Later she needed to go to the restroom and collapsed in the restroom drunk AF and ended up breaking the toilet. We all helped her out and got her in the car to take her home and as as the car drove off, she rolled the window down and kept throwing up and screaming non-sense. It was funny, but at the same time it got out of control.She ended up in hospital.Got discharged the next day.

This one time my friends and I met an underground rap artist who invited my friend over to his place. She invited me and 9 other girls and I was already pretty drunk. I was wearing a white AllSaints skirt and when I got out of the Uber I tripped and fell into the gutter! Remember, I was drunk! One of my friends tried to help me walk but was struggling a bit.Then the rap artist came and helped her with me and told her how she should try to keep me up but she was just in awe and that didn’t help. So, we tried

FO, 29

Oh, Das Embarassing! 4

Stories of the week! to call other Uber drivers and nobody would give us a ride because we were all pretty drunk. Out of no where, this random guy approaches us in his car and tells us he’s an Uber driver and he will take us where we need to go!

I vommited in the bar bathroom hallway in Ireland and got kicked out with throw up in my hair. GW, 23

Out of desperateness we get in the car and the uber driver is not on the clocl but is convincing us that he will take us to our destination and he begain trying to pair with our phones to take us to our location (never did!) then he whips out this whole bag of coke and asks us if we want to do some! my friend said yes and she does it off his knife! it was a wild night. KM, 24

Hol ‘ up! What?





are dozens of badass female brewers and writers who deserve to be honered. I’d like to praise this particular lady working behind the scenes at Modern Times Beer. But before we begin, here’s a little information about the brewery and tasting room. Modern Times Beer is located in the Point Loma neighborhood in San Diego, Ca. The brewery was founded by Jacob McKean, a former Stone Brewing Co. Employee and long-time homebrewer. They’re one of the only breweries in the world to roast their own coffee inhouse for their beers, which makes the brewery smell really good. It’s a brewery worth checking out! Megan Stone was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland where she mostly waited tables and bartended, then worked at a tattoo shop for 5 years and had dreams of acting and doing FX Makeup. Currently, she resides in San Diego, Ca where she works as an Assistant Brewer for Modern Times Beer.

“I feel like we’ve thrown out that societal standard of “beer is for men, and wine is for women.”


Q: Why do you drink beer? And why do you like beer?

Megan Stone

A: I think like most people I initially started drinking beer as a teenager to get drunk, haha. But it evolved into so much more, once I realized there was more out there than shitty skunked pilsners. I like drinking beer because it brings people together, it’s a social activity. I love that there are so many different styles, with a variety of ingredients. I like that there is so much thought, hard work, and complexity behind something that appears to be so simple. Q: What kind of beers do you enjoy drinking? A: I love most beers, it depends on my mood. I am usually always in the mood for an IPA, sour, or funky saison. I also like brown ales. But I will always go for the weirdest thing I can find on a beer list. Q: What would compel you to try a beer you haven’t tried before? A: Like I mentioned before, weird sounding beers intrigue me. If I’ve never seen it in a beer before, if it sounds like it shouldn’t work in a beer, that’s what I want to drink.

“I want companies to stop marketing beer related things to women only in the color pink.”


“Immerse yourself in all things beer.”


Q:What kind of beer education or social beer opportunities would you like to take advantage of?

Q:How do you want the beer companies to address/acknowledge you as a female beer drinker?

Q:What do you want from your beer?

A: I’d love to achieve some sort of degree or background in science. I know how to operate a brewhouse and brew a beer. I can clean tanks, and execute other cellaring processes. Beer can get so in-depth (and so interesting!) with science. I’d love to learn more about what goes on during fermentation, conversions, bacteria, etc.

A: I want companies to stop marketing beer related things to women only in the color pink. Or with some high heel reference in the name. Or only focusing on certain styles- pilsners, blondes, and other mild beers. Give me an imperial bourbon barrel aged stout.

A: I just want people to want to drink my beer. I want to them to drink a pint and order another because they were so impressed by the first. I want them to get excited about it, and share it with their friends. I would feel extremely proud of myself.

Q:How did you get into the beer industry? A: The short version, is that I worked at a pretty rad craft beer bar in Baltimore, and was obsessed with trying everything on our rotating tap list. When my ex’s military orders caused my dream career in film to disappear, I went for a job at Dogfish Head in Rehoboth, DE. I brewed my first beer ever at the Dogfish Head brewery in a competition (it came in 2nd place by half a point). I started hanging out with a DFH tour guide who taught me about homebrewing, and I read a few books. I landed a (one day a week, unpaid) internship at one of my favorite local breweries- Mispillion River. I begged to come in and help on all my days off, and the rest is history.

“I’d say my current

“challenge” is my size. I have to get creative to reach, or carry things sometimes.”

Q: Can you briefly explain your day to day duties working in a brewery? A: It depends on that days tasks. There could be a lot of cellar work. In that case, I might be harvesting and pitching yeast. Doing CIPs or SIPs (cleaning/ sanitizing processes) on tanks. Dry hopping, dumping hops or dead yeast, adding fruit to beer in tanks. As far as the “hot side” (brewing) of things, I’m milling grain, weighing out hop and salt additions, following a recipe for that days brew(s). Cleaning. Always cleaning.


“I love that I’m always learning. I love that I work really hard to make a product, and that it ends up in someone’s hands, and they’re really stoked on it”

Megan Stone brewing and cleaning brewing and cleaning brewery equipment.


Q: Any advice for young women who might want to follow in your footsteps? A: Immerse yourself in all things beer. Homebrew with experienced homebrewers. Read everything. Listen to podcasts. Beertend. Beg for a job cleaning kegs and canning. Learn about wiring, plumbing, carpentry, how to fix things. Attend festivals. Hang around your favorite breweries. Network as much as possible. Really taste beer- take notes. Bust your ass to prove your dedication. Expect to spend a lot of time cleaning, and to not make much money. Understand that a lot of this job has to do with your passion for beer and the industry.

“I feel like we’ve thrown out that societal standard of “beer is for men, and wine is for women” What’s been the response and engagement so far from local women? A: I receive countless messages from women asking for advice on how to get more involved in the industry. Whether it’s brewing, homebrewing, or more beer-centric education. I’ve watched some of them (via Instagram) become smart, bad ass brewers, cellarworkers, or packaging techs. It’s been pretty incredible, and I’m proud as hell. Also, just getting messages of encouragement and support from other women feels amazing, and reminds me partly of why I do what I do. Being someone’s inspiration is a very humbling experience.

Do you think it’s now more acceptable not only for women to drink beer, but be interested in it? A: Absolutely. We still have some battles to fight, but every day I see more and more women involved in beer. I feel like we’ve thrown out that societal standard of “beer is for men, and wine is for women”. What I love about my job: I love that it’s a little bit of everything. It’s something creative, but also science. I love that I’m always learning. I love that I work really hard to make a product, and that it ends up in someone’s hands, and they’re really stoked on it. I’ve seen beer that I’ve brewed in photos across the world- and that’s a pretty wild feeling. Something that really bothers me in this industry: Whenever I have mentioned that I work in a brewery, not ONCE has a person assumed that I’m a brewer or in the cellar. They always assume I’m a beertender. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with beertending, but it’s really disappointing (and to be honest- sexist) that no one thinks I might be in the back getting dirty and working hard to make that beer they’re drinking.

Thank you so much to Megan Stone for sharing her experiences and words of wisdom. You’re an inspiration. Cheers!


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