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Executive Summary After meeting the client representative of The Learning Tree, group members of Hermes realized Woody’s Song School and The Little Tree Preschool were so much more than programs for children with autism. The programs of The Learning Tree are inclusive, energetic, and effective for students who are taught and cared for by an incredibly passionate staff. The Learning Tree provides intensive teaching and 24 hour care for their 5-21 year old students with developmental disabilities at Woody’s Song School and offers one-on-one teaching for younger children at The Little Tree Preschool. An exciting difference at The Little Tree Preschool is the programs’ integrated mix of students with autism and typical students who serve as peer models. The Little Tree Preschool struggles to reach typical families who can become potential clients.


The goal of Hermes’ Learning to Grow campaign is to reinforce The Learning Tree’s Little Tree Preschool as an excellent choice in early childhood education in the Mobile area. The team’s goal is to draw attention to the incredible teaching staff involved in the Little Tree Preschool program in order to promote the registration decision for parents. Hermes planned a concert style benefit in order to attract typical families in hopes of educating them about The Little Tree Preschool. The concert was also held to raise funds for The Learning Tree in general.

The Challenge Our focus

communicate The Learning Tree’s passion for education to help children grow in an environment where

learning grows naturally. Hermes is a strategic communications agency based at the University of South Alabama consisting of students who focus their education on advertising and public relations. Engaged in the Pay it Forward competition created by the Austin based Protect America, students have created an agency to serve the needs of The Learning Tree, Inc.: a non-profit school serving the needs of developmentally disabled children in Mobile, Ala. The goal at Hermes is to reinforce The Learning Tree as an excellent choice in early childhood education in the Mobile area. The team’s goal is to draw attention to the incredible teaching staff involved in the Little Tree Preschool program in order to promote the registration decision for parents. Community awareness is also a factor expected to increase; Hermes hopes to accomplish this by hosting and promoting a concert-style fund raiser at a local music venue. Hermes is representing The Learning Tree to communicate their passion for education so they can help children grow in an environment where learning grows naturally.



situational analysis company background History The Learning Tree is a private, non-profit organization founded in 1983 by two former school

teachers. In response to the desperate pleas of three local parents in Mobile, Ala., co-founders Jerre Brimer and Pat Murphy established a school environment that would nurture, challenge, and provide individualized instruction with year round 24-hour care. Initially, the school was financially supported by the personal funds of the founders. Today, thanks to numerous supporters and donations in the local community, The Learning Tree is able to serve more than 200 children and families in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi with seven campuses total.

Programs Woody’s Song School

This 12 month education program serves children ages 6-21 with developmental disabilities increase their skills in the areas of language, socialization and cognitive skills while decreasing behaviors that interfere with their learning.

Little Tree PreSchool

An inclusive learning environment that focuses on teaching readiness and prerequisite skills to prepare children ages 2-5 for primary school. The pre-school focuses on providing intensive behavioral intervention (76ABA/Applied Behavior Analysis) in a setting with typically developing children serving as peer models.

Consultation & Resource Services

The Learning Tree offers intervention and support for individuals who face behavioral challenges which helps them to be more successful in their home environment, school, and community. Their focus is to remove behavioral barriers, increase skills, and broaden opportunities for individuals with disabilities. The Learning Tree offers consultation and support for children and adults of all ages with varied developmental disabilities and behavioral problems. Consultation and resource services are also available for pre-school program which demonstrates the importance of intensive early intervention for children with autism and the advantages of typical peer participation.



“The Learning Tree, Inc. exists to provide a warm and loving environment with individualized, empirically validated services and supports to persons with significant educational, medical, and behavioral challenges; helping them develop and maintain a quality of life expected by non-disabled members of their family and community.”

Additional Services Residential Services

Campuses in Mobile, Jacksonville and Tallasee offer over thirty homes for children ages 5-21 who attend The Learning Tree.

Training Services

Workshops are available for teachers and administrators on these topics: »» Crisis prevention and management »» Functional life skills »» Strategic planning for realistic transitions into adulthood »» Training and supervising para-professional staff »» Functional behavioral assessments »» Behavior intervention plans »» Precision teaching/fluency instruction »» Data management »» Social skills training procedures »» Parent training

Practicum and Internship Services

The Mobile Campus has multiple practicum and intern experiences for undergraduates and graduate students. They provide supervision and experience for individuals seeking their Associate Behavior Analyst certification, student teaching, business internships, and many other opportunities. 

Tuition Services

Parents with developmentally disabled children can apply for grants through the Alabama State Department of Education and the Alabama Department of Mental Health. Private benefactors also sponsor children’s tuition if the student’s grant does not cover all costs.


Client Profile 1. Parents with typical children ages 2-5.

“Typical” is a word used by The Learning Tree to describe children without developmental or behavioral disorders. These parents can choose to enroll their typical children into The Little Tree Pre-School and have their children serve as peer models while obtaining a quality, one-on-one education. The Learning Tree struggles to recruit families with typical children because the federal grants do not apply to them and they are required to pay tuition. (The tuition collected from typical families goes toward the schools expenses and staff.)


2. Parents with developmentally disabled children ages 2-21.

These families are first educated about The Learning Tree through pediatricians, doctors and psychiatrists who refer them to The Learning Tree. Attracting these types of families is not an issue and the school even has a waiting list for future disabled students. These families are still able to make donations to the school as well as become community advocates for The Learning Tree and are a vital audience.

3. Local Philanthropists

This audience can be described as loyal, benevolent people who perform charitable actions. We are looking to reach community members who want to volunteer at the schools or events held by The Learning Tree. We also want to reach benefactors who can sponsor a student’s tuition or make a small donation that can benefit everyone involved with the organization in a big way.




»» Lacks outside financial support and relies heavily on internal donations. »» Website lacks visual appeal and updated content. »» The school lacks an ideal number of typical children enrolled in the program, which is large portion of their income.



»» Small class sizes promote individualized learning »» Individualized learning allows students to move at their own pace »» More individualized student/teacher relationships »» 24-hour residential care. »» Passionate teachers with ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) certifications. »» Tablets help students gain technological skills and offer linguistic assistance. »» Integrated classrooms of typical and developmentally challenged children encourages tolerance at an early age.


Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats

»» Typical children can obtain leadership roles in the classroom as they serve as peer models. »» By providing internships to local college students, The Learning Tree can foster relationships with students who can become potential employees.

»» The Leaning Tree lacks a staff member responsible for the upkeep of their website and Facebook page which could potentially lead to mixed messages or a lack of important content for prospective families. »» Mobile has numerous privately funded pre-schools that offer similar tuition rates for typical children. »» Intolerant parents who do not see the benefits of the integrated pre-school program may disregard The Learning Tree as a pre-school choice.


Competitor Analysis St. Luke’s

“The mission of St. Luke’s Episcopal School is to challenge students through a rigorous academic curriculum in a supportive Christian environment. In helping students reach their full potential, St. Luke’s strives to instill character traits of personal responsibility, creativity, ethical behavior and respectfulness. The school recognizes the importance of physical development and teamwork and promotes a competitive sports program. In preparation for daily life, St. Luke’s fosters the development of self-confidence and positive self-esteem by relying on mind, body, and spirit as nurtured in a family oriented environment. The purpose of St. Luke’s Episcopal School is to provide a sound preparation for further education and the rest of life by providing quality mental and spiritual training. Regular worship experiences, extracurricular activities, and a desirable atmosphere with emphasis on such traits as honesty, courage, reverence, self-discipline, and service to others combine to provide an environment encouraging the growth of the whole person.”

Covenant Christian School

“The Covenant Christian School vows to train their students to influence the world around them through servantleadership. True leaders earn the right to lead through serving. This was the way of Jesus Himself. At CCS, they endeavor to work with parents in providing some specific opportunities for students to develop character by serving others. In the classroom and in the cafeteria, they share daily duties. Additionally, they plan local opportunities in the community to serve. Past events have been sorting items for refugees from other countries, serving meals in a downtown soup line, and preparing Christmas boxes for foreign nations. The culminating service event for a CCS student is a trip to Mexico to serve in an orphanage for three days.”

La Petite Academy

The philosophy states that the “preschool environment should provide differentiated instruction to meet the needs of each child. Our educational programs are academically


challenging, engage each child by linking the curriculum to previous knowledge and experience, and also promote further exploration of new ideas. Parents, teachers, support staff and management all have an important role to encourage our children to become active learners. It is the school’s sincerest desire to provide expanded opportunities for our children to acquire the skills to become productive citizens in a vastly changing society. Four of our teachers have been with us for more than 10 years and more than half of our teachers have been with us for over three years, with combined experience of over 100 years. Three of our teachers have a child development associate credential and two have bachelor’s degrees in early childhood education. The entire staff participates in ongoing training and is continually working to increase its education in child development.”

St. Paul’s

“Located in Mobile, Alabama, nestled in Spring Hill on Old Shell Road, St. Paul’s Episcopal School is a child-centered school that uses its mission statement as a guiding principle for the development of the four pillars of a St. Paul’s education - Academics, Spirituality, Arts and Athletics. Their very talented and gifted faculty strives to teach twenty first century skills to our students in these areas, and to help our students understand the importance of the role they play in our school our community, and our nation. St. Paul’s is more than a place. It is an experience that has engaged, inspired and prepared generations of students for success in life, with character, integrity and respect.”


Student: Teacher Ratio Tuition Cost

St. Luke’s Episcopal School Covenant La Petite Academy St. Paul’s Episcopal School

16:1 9:1 11:1 15:1

$151 per week $134 per week $143 per week $159 per week

“The preschool program is a hidden jewel in the community because the typical children are benefiting from the fact that the staffing is three times what you would see in a normal preschool.” - Teresa Atkins

Resource Development Coordinator, The Learning Tree


research Primary Research The Learning Tree Website

On February 20th, a short survey was launched regarding, The Learning Tree’s main website. This survey was created to measure how different people in the community view the website in terms of effectiveness, professionalism and ease of navigation. The survey is 10 questions long and includes Likert-style questions, comment sections and age and gender demographics. Our goal was to receive 25 responses from various age groups in order to gain different opinions and suggestions valuable to the process of updating the website.

“Tell us what you do, and more

importantly, why you’re doing it” The surveys were emailed to peers, family members and co-workers and included a short message as a preface for the survey: “Please take 3-5 minutes and log onto www. in a separate window. Try to navigate through the website as if a friend shared it to you. We ask that you please fill out a 10 question survey based on your experience with the website with regards to effectiveness, look and feel, and the ease of navigation after you have spent some time on the website. Thank you for your time.” Twenty surveys were received, offering much needed feedback and suggestions. When asked “How easy is it to navigate”, the majority of the respondents chose “moderately easy” while only one


respondent chose only “slightly easy”. Over half of the respondents replied that the website was slightly effective in creating interest for a community group. Mixed responses were received when asked if they would share the website to a friend, but for the most part, people are likely to share. A large majority of respondents said the website was moderately to extremely professional. Respondents also conveyed that the website was moderately up-to-date. Half of the respondents said the website’s information was unclear. Two comment boxes followed the previous questions allowing respondents to suggest improvements and offer any other comments or concerns. Some of the responses that stuck out the most include: “They need to paint a better picture of the people they serve”, “Tell us what you do, and more importantly tell us why you’re doing it”. It can be correlated that these comments are in response to the website being unclear. The suggestion for more images of children was made numerous times. An updated color scheme was also suggested to liven up the website. After reviewing the responses several times, most of the information provided was positive. The only major concerns are the colors of the page, images on the page, and content on the page. Respondents regarded the content as up-to-date and easy to find, however many expressed the need for some elaboration in particular areas. Namely, an updated home page with a solidified mission statement, pictures of students, warmer colors, and a well thought out description would increase the productivity of this website. See website survey questions under Appendix 1.

The Learning Tree Facebook Analysis

Every twenty minutes, which is the average length of time people spend on Facebook per visit, one million links are shared. Facebook boasts approximately 1.3 billion users, 48% of which log in everyday. The median age of Facebook users is 41 years and the average person is connected with 80 pages (Statistics Brain, 2014). These statistics provide sufficient evidence supporting that Facebook is an ideal platform for many businesses. With a twenty minute time slot to reach users connected to a certain page, it is imperative that content is regularly posted. The Learning Tree Inc. currently has approximately 1,200 likes on Facebook and routinely updates their page. Of the 1,200 likes, 109 people are talking about this group, meaning they are tagging The Learning Tree or checking in at the location. In comparison to a similar group in Mobile, Autism Avenue (with 64 likes), The Learning Tree definitely has more awareness in the community. The Autism Society of Alabama has around 4,000 likes at a statewide level. The Learning Tree Inc. has a reasonable number of supporters despite its local size. The Learning Tree is already using Facebook in productively. Users connected to the page can see students’ birthdays, school activities and a large dose of interaction between students and teachers. The regular updates, especially those including pictures, are great for encouraging sharing of content. By continuing this approach, The Learning Tree will keep progressing on Facebook. Few additions could be made to the Facebook page to increase effectiveness and efficiency. By providing a more appropriate or informative description under the “Company Overview” and “General Information” sections, a stronger message about the company could be expressed. Some elaboration on the school and programs could be made to ensure understanding for potential families. A variation of posts could also benefit the amount of shares The Learning Tree has; different posts can include community news, school events, or research findings in the field of various learning disabilities.


the big idea “The Learning Tree really helps these kids learn and grow, which has been our biggest source of inspiration for this campaign. From the start, we wanted to share our knowledge of brand communications with the Learning Tree so their awareness in the community could grow. Their cause is inspiring, and this essential idea of learning and growing together has been the guiding force of all our efforts.” - haley armstrong, Hermes group member













of The Learning Tree’s Mobile campus among parents with typical children in the Mobile area.

at The Little Tree preschool in Mobile by a minimum of four students for the 2014-2015 school year.

for the Learning Tree, a minimum of $1,000 at the “Rockin’ for a Reason” event on April 11, 2014.

for The Learning Tree who are potential volunteers.

for The Learning Tree who are potential benefactors.


Radio, television & print The main aspect of the promotional mix utilized was public relations. Due to a small budget and need for local publicity, free media was desired. The hopeful media coverage includes radio stations such as 92.1 The Zew, 97.5 WABD, and the univeristy’s radio, The Prowl, as well as print media such as Bay Weekly, The Vanguard and The Press Register. JagTV, the university’s television station, was also a desired medium along with Facebook.

66% 80% 36% 37% 84% 87%

listen to the radio for at least one hour per day

listen to local radio stations

listen to indie music (92Zew)

listen to the top 40 (wabd)

are online more than two hours per day

are on facebook


Logo re-Design We did not feel that the Learning Tree’s current logo accurately portrayed the “warm and caring” aspects of the individualized learning environment and recommended a change. Because there are several other branches in the Southeast, the logo for the entire organization can not be changed; however, we created a new logo for the campus in Mobile, Alabama that better reflects the Learning Tree’s services. The new logo uses warm green and brown tones that better represent the compassion of the staff, and on a more modern, gestural form that is more easily recognized and simplistic. If the Learning Tree decides to adopt this change to their overall strategy, each campus could easily change the information to reflect their individual location.


The Learning Tree Website


Website re-design According to the primary research based on, The Learning Tree was in need of a warmer color scheme with update content and pictures. Since it was not feasible to create a new website for the entire company, a website was made for the Mobile campus. Green and golden tones were chosen to add warmth and brightness to the website. The homepage features a large picture with smiling children in order to represent the students. The new website is extremely easy to navigate and offers applications for donations, volunteering, and internships. The appropriate contact information is given in an organized way and the content is up-to-date.



Public Service Announcements

Touring The Learning Tree Facilities

The staff members from Hermes Group toured the facilities at the Little Tree Preschool as well as getting to interact directly with the students and teachers.

Hermes Group also toured Woody’s Song, the middle school branch of The Learning Tree. The staff was incredible and helped in any way that they could.

The staffs at the schools were incredible and they all loved their jobs. They were so accommodating and did everything they could to help Hermes with the campaign.

A total of three PSA’s were created in order to raise awareness of The Learning Tree. One PSA featured a slideshow of pictures from a tour of Woody’s Song School and of The Little Tree Preschool. A second PSA, not pictured, included two interviews of passionate staff members from Woody’s Song. The third PSA was a photo montage of pictures from the “Rockin’ For a Reason” benefit concert held by Hermes. Each PSA encouraged viewers to visit The Learning Tree’s website.


The Event

The Hermes Group distributed the “ROCKIN’ FOR A REASON” benefit flyers all over Mobile County, including at their own university.

The line to get into the benefit concert at the Brickyard in downtown Mobile, people were so excited to help a local non-profit.

Three of the amazing local musicians who agreed to help Hermes with the benefit concert. All of the musicians were thrilled to not only get to show their talent to a great crowd, but to be doing it for an impactful cause.

The Hermes Group posing with a few of the local musicians, everyone has such a fantastic time. “It was such an amazing experience getting to play music for such a great cause. “

“It was such an amazing experience to play music for such a great cause. Hermes Group really went above and beyond for the learning tree.” - Laurie Ann Armour, local musician


public relations “Rockin’ for a Reason” Goals of the event

»» To sell 100 tickets at $10 a piece, resulting in $1,000 raised. »» To have at least one local magazine/newspaper cover the event. »» To have WABD mention the event on air. »» To have The Prowl mention the event during a talk show. »» To gain at least 10 sponsors (monetary or gift donations) »» To educate prospective parents on The Little Tree Pre-School by encouraging them to seek more information Online. »» To encourage philanthropists to seek additional information about volunteering and donating Online.

Why hold the “Rockin’ for a Reason” event?

An immediate goal at the beginning of the campaign was to host a benefit for The Learning Tree. It was determined that the majority of the marketing objectives could be reached by incorporating a fun, laid-back event. The client representative at The Learning Tree confirmed that a concert-style event would be a fun way to raise funds and awareness among prospective parents and potential volunteers. The manager of the local venue, along with the musicians, agreed to participate in the benefit for no payment. The manager of The Brickyard (venue) proceeded to assist in the operation by providing tickets, wristbands, and even printed additional fliers.


65% 42% 39% 23% 18% 61% Statistics

prefer to go to bars or pubs on Friday or Saturday enjoy beer once a week enjoy wine once a week

enjoy cocktails once a week

enjoy straight liquor once a week eat at restaurants 1-5 times a week

This style of event was chosen due to previous networking resources and was supported through secondary research. The following statistics were found in 2013 by Adology and depicts consumers who are prone to cause-related marketing.


Outcomes & Evaluation Creations for Publicity

»» Press release for local newspapers and magazines »» Facebook event to be shared by group members and The Learning Tree »» Flyer to be placed at local restaurants and bars »» Media kits for local radio stations, including musician bios and event information

Press release

For Immediate Release

Contact person: Sherry Neese Company name: Hermes Telephone number: 251-680-8802 Email address:

The Brickyard is Rockin’ for a Reason! Mobile, Ala. (March 27, 2014) — University of South Alabama communication students and the Brickyard are teaming up to host a benefit concert for The Little Tree Preschool at The Brickyard on April 11 at 6 p.m. “The concert is the perfect way to raise awareness and accumulate funds needed for The Little Tree,” said Nadia Bush, Hermes’ academic adviser. “They are dedicated to providing education and social development for developmentally challenged children and is a cause close to all of our hearts.” The Little Tree Preschool is a program offered by The Learning Tree, a non profit organization established in 1983, financially funded by the founders, participating investors and parents. The Learning Tree is a unique early education choice for parents in Mobile, as it offers an inclusive learning environment with certified ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) instructors. The Learning Tree has seven campuses located in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi, and serves over 200 children. The $10 cover charge directly benefits The Little Tree Preschool and attendees have the opportunity to listen to great music from Mobile’s elite musicians Matthew Neese, Sherry Neese, The Investments, Jonathan Coxwell, Karlton Turner, Justin Wall and Laurie Anne Armor. Other perks of this rockin’ night include door prizes and drink specials. The Hermes agency formed to complete a service learning project for a charity in conjunction with Protect America's “Pay It Forward” challenge and its partnership with the USA Department of Communication. Students are responsible for creating their own communication agencies and designing a strategic communication plan for a charity of their choice. The “Pay It Forward” challenge is an opportunity for students to put their education into real world practice. “Participating in Protect America’s ‘Pay It Forward’ has been invaluable. We have been able to apply advertising, public relations and strategic communication principles we’ve learned in class to support a charitable cause,” said Raymond Kruml, Hermes’ research development and account planning coordinator. About The Learning Tree The Learning Tree mission is to provide a warm and loving environment with individualized, empirically validated services and supports to persons with significant educational, medical, and behavioral challenges; helping them develop and maintain a quality of life enjoyed by non-disabled members of their family and community.



Media Coverage



$751 raised

Key measures of success:

The Event

Actual Media Coverage:

The “Rockin’ for a Reason” benefit concert was held Friday, April 11, 2014 at The Brickyard, a local bar/concert venue in Mobile’s lower downtown area. This date was chosen for several reasons, including the statistic claiming 65% of adults prone to cause related marketing prefer to go to bars on the weekend. Also, the second Friday of every month is dedicated to Art Walk, an evening event where local artists display their creations along Dauphin Street, the cities’ swanky hub of bar activity. This atmosphere was considered to be effective in trying to reach young families and adults. The downtown area was definitely popular on the night of the event. The weather was warm and clear, making for an enjoyable evening out of the house. The Brickyard set up a large chalkboard sign to draw in traffic from Art Walk and team members walked through the square passing out flyers to adults and encouraged them to stop by the benefit. In addition to Art Walk, Harley Davidson was hosting an event at the Marriott Renaissance hotel in the same area. Members of the Harley Davidson Association were encouraged to go to Art Walk and had a scavenger hunt within the area. In the favor of the event, The Brickyard was a stop on the scavenger hunt which accounted for a significant portion of donors.

»» Amount of donations at the door »» Amount of media coverage »» Amount of Online volunteer inquires »» Amount of sponsors

»» The Prowl Radio – April 8 »» JagTV – April 8, 10 »» 92.1 The Zew – April 1, 3, 7, 9, 11 »» The Vanguard – April 7

Actual Sponsors:

»» Chili’s: $30.00 »» Five Guys: $15.00 »» BWW: $50.00 »» Foosacklys: $32.95 »» Fort Conde Inn: $700.00

$1,427.95 in total sponsors

The event began at 6:00 pm and started to really pick up around 7:30 pm. All musicians who volunteered showed up and were eager to play their set. A representative of The Learning Tree also came and brought a professional photographer. JagTV also came to the event around 8pm and filmed multiple interviews and the musical acts. Tickets were sold at the door, encouraging attendants to donate to the cause. At the end of the night, tickets were drawn for the door prizes, which included the numerous gift cards obtained from local sponsors, a guitar, and a two-night stay at The Fort Conde Inn, a luxury and historic hotel in the downtown district.


About Us Hermes is an innovative company skilled in creating results-oriented advertising and public relations for their clients. The diversity of the team allows Hermes to produce creative solutions which focus on strategy and branding. Our mission at Hermes is to create results oriented advertising and public relations to meet our clients marketing objectives by providing strong traditional and digital concepts. Our main goal is to exceed the needs of our clients while maintaining a positive image throughout our relationships. We also seek to improve continuously within our company and constantly encourage our ambitious and diverse team.

the pay it forward challenge allowed us to create a professional website as an outlet to express our agency’s brand. 28


acknowledgements Many goals were met throughout the duration of the campaign and team members of Hermes are extremely proud of their accomplishments. Helping children was definitely a positive aspect of the campaign, but being able to communicate the message of the dedicated staff and teachers at The Learning Tree was incredibly satisfying and something that Hermes will never forget. We would like to give special thanks to The Learning Tree, particularly, Teresa Atkins, in being amazingly cooperative throughout this educational experience. Not only did we learn about the campaign process, we learned so much about autism, patience, and how important it is to recognize the need for this type of education system. We would also like to give special thanks to Protect America for giving us the opportunity to participate in this challenge. The Pay it Forward Challenge has opened our eyes to the enormous amount of support in the community and the many everyday heroes in Mobile. By encouraging us to compete, we were able to gain even more motivation to become an active part of the community and to change lives. It was such a pleasure getting to apply what we have learned at the University of South Alabama with campaigns, to a real life none-profit organization. One of the most amazing parts of building this campaign was getting to put together the benefit concert that was held at Brickyard in downtown Mobile. The owner and staff of the Brickyard went above and beyond to help us raise as much money and awareness as we could for the Learning Tree. Not only did they lend us their building to serve as the venue for the concert, but they also made it a personal goal to be a promotional outlet for us. Their help and dedication to help our cause showed how much the Brickyard is invested in their community and we cannot thank them


enough. Throughout building the campaign we were so fortunate to work with some amazing sponsors. We would like to personally thank the Brickyard, Buffalo Wild Wings, Fort Conde Inn, Five Guys, Foosackly’s, Chile’s, Sherry Court, Josh Ewing, Jonathan Coxwell, Laurie Anne Armour, Justin Wall, Karlton Turner, and Mechelle Wainwright for being a part of our benefit concert as well as our campaign for The Learning Tree. JagTV was kind enough to get involved with our benefit concert and campaign. They went out of their way to support our campaign and to help us reach our media goals. As a media outlet they allowed us such a great opportunity to reach out to many people. Lastly we would like to say a huge thank you to our Instructor Nadia Bush. Nadia has been such an inspiration to us as a team, and was so incredible with guiding us through this journey with Protect America. Her drive and ambition for all of us to succeed as students and as a university is truly amazing. It has been a privilege for us to have been able to work directly with her, and an honor to call her a friend.


References »» »» »» »» »» »»



Learning to Grow  

Pay it Forward Challenge by Hermes

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