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A Book of Folktales

A Compilation of Traditional Folktales Re-created by the 2nd Grade Students in Mrs. Spitzberg’s Class 2014

Goldizelle and the Three Deer By Anthony Pierce

Once upon a time there was a little gazelle named Goldizelle and she was at the three deer’s house but she was not supposed to. Her mom had said that she was supposed to give her Grandma a bag of goodies. As soon as she got to the three deer’s house she looked around and she saw all of this cool stuff. “Wow, look at all of this cool stuff!” she said. She carried on. “I’m hungry,” she said. She found some chicken nuggets. “These chicken nuggets are too hot,” she said. “These chicken nuggets are too cold,” she said. “These chicken nuggets are just right,” she said. Then she found some chairs she could sit on. “This chair is too uncomfortable,” said Goldizelle. “This chair is too furry,” said Goldizelle. “This chair is just right,” Goldizelle said. Then Goldizelle found some beds she could sleep on. “This bed is too big,” she said. “This bed is too small,” she said. “This bed is just right,” she said. The three deer came back home and they found Goldizelle in Little Deer’s bed. Goldizelle ran away, and she never disobeyed her mom again. THE END

Little Red Ladybug By Aniya Reddick

Once upon a time there was a Ladybug who wanted to visit her Grandma. Her mother had said not to talk to a Wasp, but she did. When Little Red Ladybug got to her Grandma’s house the Wasp ate her and her family. Then, a Praying Mantis came and scared the Wasp. The Wasp was so scared he threw up Little Red Ladybug and her family. Little Red Ladybug never talked to a Wasp ever again.


Little White Eskimo By Nancy Dias Martinez

Once upon a time a little girl named White Eskimo lived in an igloo in the North Pole. One afternoon she went to Shoppers to buy flowers for her Grandma Eskimo because she was sick. When she was walking to her Grandma’s the Bad Polar Bear came to Little White Eskimo and they chatted. Then the Bad Polar Bear ate Grandma Eskimo and pretended to be her. When Little White Eskimo got to her Grandma’s she said, “What bit feet you have Grandma.” Little White Eskimo said, “Why do you look so white Grandma?” “Because I’m cold,” said Grandma Eskimo. “Why do you have big teeth?” Little White Eskimo asked. “Better to eat you my dear!” Then the Bad Polar Bear ate Little White Eskimo. Next, the Bad Polar Bear was eating fish on the chair. He was so full that he couldn’t walk. Next, he crawled into the bed and fell asleep. Then, he was snoring so loudly that a Hunter Eskimo heard him. Then he went in and opened the Polar Bear’s tummy and Grandma Eskimo and Little White Eskimo were free. Grandma Eskimo and Little White Eskimo felt happy. THE END

Ariel, the Little Mermaid By Gracia Mulangu

Once upon a time there was a mermaid named Ariel, who was helpful and kind. She lived with her mother in the Underwater Kingdom. The Kingdom was painted blue, yellow, green, and pink. It was glowing. Ariel’s mom said, “Go to Grandma Mermaid’s house and give her some treats.” So Ariel went. Then she saw an octopus standing in her way. So the octopus said, “Do you need help?” “Yes, please.” So the octopus helped Ariel pick some coral. While Ariel was picking coral, the octopus swam to Grandma Mermaid’s house, ate Grandma Mermaid, and put on her clothes. Ariel said, “I’m worried about the Kingdom.” Then she got to Grandma’s house. She knocked on Grandma Mermaid’s door and Grandma said, “It’s open.” Ariel entered and said, “What big eyes you have. What long arms you have. What sticky hands you have!” “The better to eat you,” the octopus said and ate Ariel. A man mermaid saw that the octopus was so full and he knew something was wrong. He cut the octopus and Ariel and Grandma Mermaid were free. Ariel never spoke to strangers again. She lived happily ever after.


The Crab and the Three Spiders By Xavier Maya

Once upon a time there was a Crab who lived in the ocean. Once afternoon the Crab went into the Spiders’ house. The Spiders’ house had sticks, trees, and webs. Then the Crab ate the Spiders’ bugs. One was too gooey, one was too dry, and one was just right. Then he fell asleep on the Spiders’ bed because there was only one big squishy web where all of the Spiders slept. Finally, the Spiders came back and the Big Spider said, “Someone was eating my bugs,” the Medium Spider said, “Someone was eating my bugs,” the Little Bug said, “Someone ate all of my bugs.” Then they went to the big Spiders’ bed and saw the Crab. The crab got scared that the Spiders were about to cook him, so he ran away. And never came back.


Ian and the Three Foxes By Yasmine Morgan

Once upon a time there was a boy named Ian. One day Ian and his parents went on vacation to the desert. One day, Ian asked his mom if he could go to his friend’s house. But he lied and went to the amusement park instead. On his way back home, Ian saw the Foxes’ house and said, “Ooh, that’s interesting!” Then he went inside. When he got in there were cakes on the table and Ian tried them. The first cake Ian said, “Ugh.” So Ian went to the next one and the cake was pink. Ian hates pink. He went to the last but not least and Ian tried it and said, “Mmm, I love this cake.” I think I’m going to live here. Then he went upstairs and saw three beds. The first one was too hard. Ian hates hard beds. The next one was pink and Ian hates pink. The last, but not least, was blue. Ian’s favorite color is blue. Ian fell asleep. The Foxes came home and said, “Somebody ate my cake.” The Fox’s wife said, “Someone ate my cake too.” The Fox’s wife’s son said, “Somebody has been eating my cake and ate it all up!” Then they went upstairs and the Papa Fox said, “Somebody has been on my bed.” Mama Fox said, “Somebody has been on my bed.” Baby Fox said, “Somebody has been on my bed and is sleeping on it now.” But when Ian woke up he was in his bed because it was all a dream. THE END

Brandon the Monkey and the Banana Tree by Celine Arnez

Once upon a time there was a monkey named Brandon. He lived with his mom named Daniela. They lived in the rainforest in a banana house. One day Brandon and Momma went to buy bananas. When they got home they wanted to eat the bananas with milk. But their toucan did not give milk anymore. So Brandon sold the toucan to an alligator for three banana beans. Brandon got home with the beans and showed them to his mom. She got mad at him and threw the banana beans out the window. In the morning a banana tree grew. Brandon climbed up the tree and saw a gorilla. The gorilla said, “Fe, fi, fo I smell the blood of a monkey.” Next, the gorilla counted the money he had stolen from Brandon’s dad. The gorilla fell asleep, so Brandon took his money. Then the gorilla woke up and said, “Fe, fi, fo I smell the blood of a monkey.” Finally, the gorilla couldn’t get Brandon so he stayed there. Brandon went back to his house with the money. Brandon and his mom had a lot of bananas and were happily bananas after. THE END

Jack the Alien Kid and the Alien Stalk By Ricardo Laine

Once upon a time there was a kid alien named Jack. He lived in a green oval shape UFO in Jupiter. He lived with his mom and an alien zebra. His mom wanted to sell the zebra because she wanted to get some money. Then kid alien sold the zebra to an astronaut for three magic beans. But the mom alien threw the magic beans out the window because she was mad. Next, a giant alien stalk appeared. Kid alien climbed up the giant alien stalk and he saw a giant moon rock castle. After that, Kid Alien went inside and heard a giant say, “Peep, peep, peep I smell a green stinky Kid Alien.” Then he walked in the kitchen to see what that smell was. Then the giant fell asleep. Jack sneaked around the castle and saw the Alien Duck that belonged to his dad. The giant woke up and said, “Peep, peep, peep I smell a green stinky Kid Alien.” When Jack heard the giant again, he grabbed the Alien Duck and went down the stalk. Finally, Jack went inside the house and told his mom that they were rich. They lived happily ever after. THE END

Goldzebra and the Three Lions By Osvaldo Canesa

Once upon a time there was a little zebra named Goldzebra. She lived in a savannah with small and big trees, little green grass, and animals running wild. One day, she went for a walk and saw a lion’s den. Mama Lion, Papa Lion, and Baby Lion had gone for a walk too. So Goldzebra went inside and she was very hungry. Then, she saw three grass smoothies and tried them. But one was too cold. One was too green. One was just right. She looked around and she said, “Wow, purple grass walls, blue wooden floors, straw roof, and star chairs! This den is awesome!” She was so, so tired of all that walking that she tried Papa Lion’s star chair, but it was too big to sit on. So she tried Mama Lion’s star chair, but it was too low to sit on. So she tried Baby Lion’s star chair and it was just right. But Goldzebra broke it. Then she was so sleepy she went upstairs and saw three beds to sleep on. But one was too rough, one was too small, and one was just right. So she fell asleep on Baby Lion’s

bed. Then the three lions came home and Papa Lion said, “Who ate some of my smoothie?” Mama Lion said, “Who ate some of my smoothie?” Then Baby Lion cried because somebody drank all his smoothie. Papa Lion said, “Who sat on my chair?” Mama Lion said, “Who sat on my chair?” Baby Lion said, “Somebody broke my chair!” Then they went upstairs. Papa Lion said, “Who slept on my bed?” Mama Lion said “Who slept on my bed?” Baby Lion said, “Somebody slept on my bed and they are still there!” Goldzebra woke up and saw the three lions and ran outside. The lions never saw her again and lived happily ever after.


Jack, the Crab, and the Shell Stalk By Demetrius Lewis

Once upon a time Jack, the crab, live on the beach with Mother Crab. They lived in a cabin on a tropical beach. One day, Mother Crab called Jack down to go out and said to sell their monkey because there wasn’t any room for the monkey in the house. Jack met a butcher who said, “Can I have your monkey?” “Sure, can I have something for it?” said Jack. “Sure, three magic seashells” said the butcher. Jack went and told his mom about the three magic shells. Mother Crab threw out the three magic seashells. A shell stalk grew, grew, and grew. The next morning Jack woke up, visited the shell stalk, and saw a Pelican that said, “I smell a tropical crab, I’m going to eat it!” Jack ran home, jumped in the window, and went to bed. But he forgot to chop down the shell stalk. So the Pelican came down the shell stalk and bust into Jack’s room. Jack ran back up the shell stalk. He escaped

from Pelican, got the turtle that the Pelican had stolen from his dad and went down the shell stalk. Jack told his mom that Pelican was after him. Jack went to the attic with his family and Pelican bust in the house. Jack and his family ran to a shelter and they got a room and Pelican didn’t know where to look. Jack and his family felt happy because they had lost Pelican.


Ariana and Her Friends Fall in a Dark Hole An Anansi Tale by Jaiden Aze

Once upon a time there was a cheetah named Ariana and she lived in an animal city. It was a boring city and Ariana didn’t have anything to do. So she went for a walk on a Rainbow. Then Ariana saw Cedric, the gorilla, and Cedric said, “Let’s take a walk.” Then Cedric pushed Ariana in a dark hole. She did not have her phone because Cedric had taken it, so she could not call her friends. Later that day, Ariana’s friends got worried about her. So they looked in the only place she could be, the Rainbow. When they were on the Rainbow they saw Cedric but they didn’t know that he had pushed Ariana in the dark hole. So he said, “Let’s take a walk.” So they went walking on the Rainbow. Then Cedric pushed them in the dark hole. But Camel was at home and, good thing that Tiger still had his phone, so he called Camel and he said, “I am coming to save you all!” So he got there and called the police. The police came and rescued Ariana and her friends and they lived happily ever after. Guess who didn’t. THE END

Golidcat and the Three Dogs By Christine Massaquoi

Once upon a time there was a cat named Goldicat. She lived in a blue, deep ocean. Goldicat’s fur was black and soft. She was rude and didn’t like dogs at all. There were also three dogs that lived in the ocean. The dogs’ fur was black and they hated cats. One day the dogs went to go to the Dogs Mall. Then, Goldicat went to the dogs’ home. Goldicat looked around for food because she was hungry. She found some crab. One was too smelly, the second one was too hot, and the third one was just right. So she ate the crab. After that, she went to lay down and she wanted to sit down. The first chair was too hard, the next one was too soft, the third one was just right. Then she wanted to brush her teeth. One toothbrush was too sharp, the next one was too wobbly, the last one was just right.

The dogs wanted to go home because the little dog was tired. So the dogs came home. When they got home they smelled a cat. “It does not smell good because we don’t like cats at all,” the dogs said. “We want to eat the crab, where is the crab?” Little Dog said. “Someone was eating my crab!” she said. “Someone has been using the toothbrushes!” said Little Dog. Then the dogs looked for the cat they had smelled before and found her in the basement. The cat got scared when she saw the dogs and never came back to the ocean. The dogs were happy because the cat was gone.


The Little Black Ninja By Bernard Laws

Once upon a time Little Black Ninja lived in a house made from paper, iron, and wood. He lived in Japan. One night, Little Black Ninja was going to Yoda’s house to give him some salmon because Yoda was hungry and his feet were tired. When he was walking in the dark forest, he saw a Samurai staring at him and run and said, “Can we be friends?” “Uh, sure,” said Little Black Ninja. Then they were walking in the forest and the Samurai tricked Little Black Ninja and ran to Yoda’s house and gobbled him up. Little Black Ninja was frightened of Yoda because he looked different. He said, “What big eyes you have, what big feet you have, what big hands you have, what a big body you have!” Out came the Samurai and put Little Black Ninja in his mouth and swallowed him. Then the Samurai became full and slept on the chair.

Then, Big Ninja came and he was not friendly to the snoring Samurai. Big Ninja said, “You don’t sound like Yoda.” Then, Big Ninja got angry and was frightened when he saw the Samurai. Then he said, “You definitely don’t look like Yoda! You are a Samurai!” Next he said, “A fat one, too!” The Samurai said, “Who called me fat? That was so rude!” Then Big Ninja said, “Don’t blame me, you made yourself fat!” Then he tricked the Samurai to turn around and cut him open. Yoda and Little Black Ninja flew out. And the Little Black Ninja swore not to talk to strangers.


Little Pink Riding Hood By Laila Abraham

Once upon a time there was a girl named Little Pink Riding Hood. She lived in a cabin with gumdrops and chocolate trees. One day, Little Pink Riding Hood’s Grandma got a sunburn so Little Pink Riding Hood had to give her Grandma sunscreen. One the way she met an alligator. He said, “Where are you going?” She told him to her Grandma’s house. The alligator ran to Little Pink Riding Hood’s Grandma’s house and gobbled her up without even chewing. The alligator heard Little Pink Riding Hood singing in the sand. She came to the window and said, “What big eyes you have.” “The better to see you my dear,” said the alligator. “What big ears you have!” “The better to hear you” said the alligator. “What big teeth you have!” “THE BETTER TO EAT YOU!” said the alligator and gobbled her up without even chewing either. Finally, a fisherman came and killed the alligator, got them out and had something for dinner. THE END

The Fisherman and the Three Fish By Ariana De Leon

Once upon a time three fish lived in a seaweed house in a deep ocean. The ocean looked like a blue, shinny ocean. One day the three fish went for a walk and a fisherman went to the fish’s house. When he got there he wanted to taste the three seaweed cakes he saw. When the fisherman tried the first seaweed cake, it was too gross. The next seaweed cake was too hot and the last seaweed cake was just right. So he ate it! The fish collected beautiful seashells. The fisherman looked at the seashells and took some of them. The first seashell was too salty, the next one was too cold because it was deep in the water. The last one was just right. So he took it!

After taking the seashells, the fisherman was too sleepy, and he went to try the rock beds. The first bed was too ouchy, the next one was too itchy, the last rock bed was just right. So, he slept on it! The three fish came back from the walk and he first fish said, “Who tried my seaweed cake?” The next fish said, “Who tried my seaweed cake?” The last fish said, “Who ate all my seaweed cake?” The three fish went to their bedroom and they saw the fisherman in the Little Fish’s bed. So the Papa Fish called the Big Whale to help him and the whale called the fisherman’s mom. Finally, the fisherman’s mom grabbed him by the ear and took him crying. The three fish got their house back and lived happily ever after.


Folktales by Mrs Spitzberg's Students  
Folktales by Mrs Spitzberg's Students  

A compilation of traditional folktales recreated by 2nd grade students.