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Evaluation of Instructional Project School: Somerset Elementary School – Regional Summer School Teacher(s): Erin Holt, Computer Technology Teacher Rui-Hung Tsai, Supervising Media Specialist

Grade: 4-5

Subject area: Computer Technology Beginning and ending dates: July 2012 Objectives (As a result of the lesson(s), what will the students know/be able to do?): By the end of the lesson, students will to be able to identify steps of the AGOPPE research method, access online databases, and take proper notes for research project. Summary of project: Lesson: Engagement: SLMS Using thumbs up/down, ask students who knows what AGOPPE research method is Activity: SLMS  Walk the student through the AGOPPE research method PowerPoint  Show the note-taking video Activity: SLMS Transition to demonstration of accessing online database (Britannica –student addition) Demo all links and tabs in database Activity: SLMS/Teacher Ask students if they know what ‘citing your source’ means, why it is important to cite sources, and MLA/APA format. Show the students that the subscription databases have a ‘citation’ button Activity: Teacher Provide list of potential research topics and explain that they will be investigating the databases, and start research next week Follow up Activity: SLMS/Teacher  Demo PPT slide creation  Tips for adding text and notes Assessment: SLMS/Teacher Rubric created by teacher

Resources: AGOPPE PowerPoint Read,Write, Think note taking video Britannica Online

What worked well? Teacher was excited about collaborating with me because she had no curriculum guide for summer school. The students were attentive during the AGOPPE and online research presentations. They also enjoyed the tips for creating a PowerPoint presentation. If you were to teach this unit again, what would you do differently? I would plan to be more involved during the research process. The computer classes did not have regular visits to the library; however, after they had exhausted the online resources, they came to the library in search of print materials. What evidence do you have that students met the stated objectives? They had very elaborate PowerPoint presentations on their self-chosen topics. What is the most important thing that you learned through this experience? I learned that is it difficult (or maybe the word is liberating?) to create a quality lesson plan when there is no curriculum guide. This class had no specific guidelines or goals to meet, so we were able to create our own.

Evaluation of Instructional Project -Computer Lit - Somerset  
Evaluation of Instructional Project -Computer Lit - Somerset