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Geeks4Film: Review: "The Green Hornet" (2011)


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Review: "The Green Hornet" (2011)

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Cinegasm Cinegasm Episode 023 2/6/2011

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Host: Brian J Blottie Co-Host: Graham Malin, Kevin Brotman, Melissa Hanson Special guests and founders of Alex DiGiovanna &…

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By Melissa Hanson It's nice to go into a movie thinking it will be terrible and have it turn out to be pretty damn good. That was my thought as I left the screening for first of two "green" superhero movies. (The first is this one, The Green Hornet, the next is Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds.) Seth Rogen/Evan Goldberg (Superbad, Pineapple Express) wrote as Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) directs, and between the writing and directing, give a fresh approach to the superhero movie genre. After seeing the trailers for it, I have to say, I was not expecting much. The dialogue looked terrible and the action scenes generic. Just viewing the clips, the movie looks hokey and cookie-cutter, but after seeing the entire movie, you realize that it really works. Seth Rogen is Britt Reid, a typical rich playboy type. His unapproving newpaper mogul father, James Reid (Tom Wilkinson), dies suddenly and leaves it all up to him. He really doesn't care much about anything and fires the house staff, but suddenly realizes that he is now without his sacred cappuccino and seeks out who makes it. He discovers Kato (Jay Chou) and the two form a friendship out of mutual hatred of the elder Reid. The supporting characters are also not your typical superhero movie types. Christophe Waltz is quite funny as the villain and Cameron Diaz is thrown in and actually contributes to the story. There are other great cameos and you'll find yourself chuckling many times at the dialogue and antics of all the characters. Even though you knew good would conquer evil (duh) there were many twists and turns along the way to surprise you. The action scenes were ridiculously[2/8/2011 12:28:18 PM]

Host: Brian J Blottie Co-Host: Stephen LaRose, Graham Malin, Melissa Hanson Box Office Rundown Upcoming Weekend: The Mechanic, The Rite… Download Podcast Cinegasm Episode 021 2/6/2011 Host: Brian J Blottie Co-Host: Stephen LaRose, Kevin Brotman, Melissa Hanson Box Office Rundown Upcoming Weekend: No Strings Attached Last… Download Podcast Cinegasm Episode 020 2/6/2011 Host: Brian J Blottie Co-Host: Melissa Hanson

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