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AIESEC PerĂş September and Quarter 3 2013 Performance and Financial Report

Index 1. September Functional Performance – – – –

Outgoing GCDP Outgoing GIP Incoming GCDP Incoming GIP

2. Local Ranking 3. General Analysis and Next Steps

September Performance – General Overview

Outgoing GCDP Performance

For Outgoing GCDP, September was a month totally focused on Promotion and Market Approach than Raising or Matching due to the Fish Peak Timeline. This is why we don’t have relevant goals for this month, but we do for October.

Promotions campaigns started at national and local level with our current brand «Agentes Globales» expecting 461 subscribers and achieving 373.

Incoming GCDP Performance

During this month the area's activities were focused on improving the national project pack based on inputs from VPs as well as development cooperation strategies with different countries of the IGN network, implementing PODIO and NIMBLE and start the season of RAISING.

Our raising goal was not obtained mainly because the lack of tracking from MC to LCs (MC-LCPs), besides the area is going through several changes and VPs are in the process of adaptation, not strong sales culture and many have sales results in October.

Outgoing GIP Performance

Althought we achieved our goal in Realizations for Outgoing GIP, still we experience a strong gap between our raises and matches goals, mainly because October was a month full of approaches and pressence in some students fairs held in Lima which will show results for the raising in October.

We keep running our brand ÂŤProfesionales GlobalesÂť but still we are strenghtening our product packaging with Marketing.

Incoming GIP Performance

The main focus of September was building talent capacity and pushing members to go out and sell. The theme for the month was September Sales. In order to drive this sales breakthrough, we focused on 4 major areas: improving market knowledge, improving sales intensity, periodic sales campaigns and rewards and recognition. Overall, these strategies put together resulted in 8 new TN raises for the month of September. However, due to legal and contract issues, these forms were not put on available till the 1st week of October, thereby not reflecting the results on

Local Entity Ranking September Local Ranking 0%



5% 9%




UDEP 36%


September General Performance AIESEC in Peru continues to improve its national processes, product portfolio and strategies for our raising peak. Still we face challenges in raising goals for reasons such as lack of MC-LC tracking, timeline mindset and lack of sense of urgency. Thanks to last National Presidents Meeting and our 1000X Campaign we aim to improve this rate by October.

Focus: – – – – –

Improve Marketing campaign and promotion Improve sales rates for both Incoming GCDP and GIP Improve segmentation and product portfolio for Outgoing GIP Enhance Expansions performance for Fish Peak Improve tracking and communication MC-LC

Financial Report September

Income Evaluation

Expenses Evaluation

The main income this month was based on exchanges and fix quota incomes. Still there were expenses that need to be cover and in that sense we had to access to difference sources of loans. CLPA lend us S/ 6,000 soles basically used for salaries and taxes. The cash loan and the dolares low all were invested in sending 3 people to IGN Summit (GCDP VPs and MCP).

Quarter 3 - 2013 Report

Quarter 3 Performance – General Overview

Outgoing GCDP Performance

Quarter 3, in general, was an excellent quarter for Outgoing GCDP, accomplishing almost all goals (96%). We have focused on the improvement and innovation of our processes, promotion campaign , international partnerships (worked during IC Egypt and IGN Summit) and education of the network. The network is committed to deliver an excellent Fish Peak, but we will see the results in Quarter 4 as its planned.

Comparing to 12-13 Term we have seen a relevant grow in pipeline for 13-14 Term, especially in realization, which shows the grow Peru is having and we aim to have for this and next term.

Incoming GCDP Performance

The area had great progress and significant changes during this quarter.: we aligned to international processes (NPS, GCDP Business Model), we have a pack of organized projects (Global Agent Program with four projects), generate international cooperation's, the standardization of processes (PODIO, NIMBLE, new model of agreements), the LCs have adapted well to the changes. Need to improve tracking tools to ensure the results of this peak, develop a sense of urgency in the LCs, generate a stronger sales culture, and develop sustainable financial strategies for the execution of projects.

Comparing to 12-13 Term we have seen a relevant grow in pipeline for 13-14 Term, especially in realization (500%), which shows the grow Peru is having and we aim to have for this and next term.

Outgoing GIP Performance

The area had great progress in terms of talent capacity, national alignment and GIP culture creation. Local Committees are now better prepared to accomplish their goals by Quarter 4. Nevertheless we need to focus more on our product portfolio and market approach, so it can be even smarter and faster. We are giving strong focus to IT profiles but we haven’t approached the right markets.

Comparing to 12-13 Term we are facing a decreasement in raising in Outgoing GIP performance, but an increasement in matches and realizations, especially because the pipeline we received from previous team.

Incoming GIP Performance

Quarter 3 started off slow and picked up speed only at the last month, in September. The majority of July was spent planning operations and corners as well as in attempting to close accounts from the previous term and exploring avenues to up-sell current national partners. We found that there was a lack of focus and motivation in the network, which became the main issue addressed in both August and September. We realized that it was essential to first allow the network to experience successes before launching a national sales development program. We need to build confidence in the product and in the network, build a sales culture and create star sellers before we can start cultivating a larger sales force.

On a more positive note, strategic alliances were formed during IC and we were able to meet with Edge to discuss the possibility of raising GIPs in Peru. The meetings with all the other Global Partners had to be rescheduled given that all GEPs cancelled attendance to IC for security reasons.

Local Entity Ranking Q3 Local Ranking 0% 8%







Customer Experience Management

Top 3 reasons for Promoters:

Top 3 reasons for Detractors:

• •

Personal Development Cross Cultural Understanding and Awareness Opportunity to Create Positive Societal Impact

• •

Information about the acceptance process AIESEC’s support during the experience Support by host entity during the experience

Q3 General Performance AIESEC in Peru has had a really relevant grow in comparison to Quarter 3 from 2012. The MC team focus a lot on the development of tools and processes innovation, national corner meetings and education in network. We have capitalized this Q in terms of preparation for Fish Peak and achieve the goals for Q4. Nevertheless this needs to happen in a faster and smarter way. We need to have a stronger sense of urgency focus on results for Fish Peak. Focus: – – – –

Marketing structure and sinergies Better communication channels and tracking to LCs from MC Improve our processes and strategies in Talent Capacity Reinforce our Customer Centric Culture

Financial Report Q3

Opening Balances As MC BOLD on 12th July we received the national bank accounts with S/.41,133 nuevos soles and US$ 1,556 dollars. From the S/.41,133 nuevos soles, we had to deduct the previous term’s payments that were on hold such as LC debts, lights & water, tax declaration and the AI First Invoice, which left our net balance at S/. 9,784 nuevos soles. It is also important to note that from the S/. 8,125 that were tax related we got S/. 6,293 back from the LCs in August The main feedback does not involve the amount itself (which was - S/. 26,596 than promised) but the information flow during the transition process. Most of the debts were not informed and there for not budgeted for this term, in like manner the tax payment was not follow up, concluding in a big problem during July and the seizure on S/8,000 soles by SUNAT .

Income Evaluation

The income efficiency ratio from the first quarter was 74%. We expected a S/ 27,933 nuevos soles cash flow, from which we accomplished S/. 20,616 nuevos soles (74%). The main difference can be attributed to the GIP exchange areas: with oGIP accounting for S/ 5,976 soles, iGIP for S/ 1,591, and iGCDP generating a plus of S/. 600 nuevos soles.

Expenses Evaluation Q3 expenses come to a total of S/ 69,584.84 nuevos soles. August was a critic month with the tax problems plus Ai’s invoice to cover. Also, one of the main expenses were legal services, rent (both previous debts) and some salaries.

General Analysis The first quarter has an history of being one of the hardest from an MC cash flow perspective. There were expenses as projected but not enough incomes, plus a big debt at the beginning (which was not communicated properly during the first months) Thanks to fish peak there is a big probability of turning around the entire situation. A restructuring of costs is needed as soon as possible.

For additional doubts or comments please contact: Melissa Lesser MCP Tatiana Le贸n MCVP Finance & Legal

AIESEC in Peru MC Bold Q3 Report  
AIESEC in Peru MC Bold Q3 Report