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Hey there!I' m M elissa.I am m om m a to a spirited and helpful little girland a strong willed and silly toddler boy. Servi ng:Wi l mi ngt on,Del aware Phi l adel phi a Area Sout h Jersey Nort hern Maryl and mel i ssa@mel i ssast ot t mannphot ography. com

302-299-2597 I ’ m act i ve onl i ne and l ove i nt eract i ng wi t h mycl i ent s. Pl ease connectvi a soci almedi a and l et ’ skeep i nt ouch!

/ Mel i ssaSt ot t mannPhot ogr aphy

mel i ssast ot t mann

Mel i ssa St ot t mann

I am incredibly inspired by ordinary and everyday events.I love im aginations and watching children explore. M y photography and way oflife are so intricately intertwined. Less is always m ore. M y goalis for m y photography to stand the testof tim e.

whychoos emeasyourp hotograp he r?

Yourf ami l y and chi l dren are uni que and perf ect . My approach t o phot ography ai mst o be si mpl e and t i mel esst o gett ot he essence ofwho yourchi l dren and f ami l y are,t oday.Every sessi on i si ncredi bl y personal i zed.Iwantt o hel p you remember t hese beaut i f ulf l eet i ng moment swi t h yourf ami l y and/orof yoursweetchi l dren.Yoursurroundi ngs,t he t oysi n a pi l ei nt he corner,f avori t el ovi es,and port rai t sofl ovi ng moment sare al l goi ng t o be changed f art oo soon and Iwantt o hel p you remembert he det ai l s. Iam hi ghl yt rai ned i n phot ography and have st udi ed undersome oft he worl d’ sl eadi ng phot ographers. My work hasbeen publ i shed i n vari ousmagazi nes,namel y‘ Cl i ck’and ‘ Prof essi onalPhot ographer’and f eat ured on vari ous pl at f orms. In addi t i on,Ihave recent l y accept ed a posi t i on asa speakeratan i nt ernat i onalphot ography conf erence,Cl i ckaway.


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Ibri ng necessi ti es m ore than ‘ props’ . For outdoor sessi ons,Ibri ng al ong a vi ntage kni tted bl anket,Ihave a wagon (i frequested) and a few other l i ttl e chai rs/stool s. For i ndoor sessi ons,Il ove usi ng whatyou have and i tem s thatare m eani ngful ,so Ibri ng very l i ttl e. Iuse your space,notstock photography backgrounds. M ostofal l ,I wantm y subj ects to be the m osti m portantfocalpoi nti n the i m ages.

www. me li s s as tottmannphotography. com |me li s s a@me li s s as tottmannphotography. com

the portrait experience

before - InitialEm ailor Phone Consultation - Filloutthe contract/form and m ake the session fee paym ent - Second Em ailor Phone Consultation to pin down whatyou have in m ind for the session,chatabout clothing choices,etc. - W aitfor your session date to arrive

after - In about2 weeks you receive a slideshow and ordering gallery. - Prints/Products/Im ages willbe delivered in 3-4 weeks from the order date.

session fee & a la carte

s es s i on fee-$1 50. 00 Ses s i onf eei ncl udest hes es s i ononl y .

I naddi t i ont ot hes es s i onf ee,t her ei sami ni mum al acar t eor col l ect i onpur chas er equi r ementof$500af t ert hes es s i on.

gi ft pri nts Wa l l e t s( s e tof8) -$30 5x7-$30 8x10-$40 wallpri nts 11x14-$85 16x20-$150 20x24-$200 24x30-$300 30x40-$450 modern soft cover book $450

Thei mage sf r om y ours e s s i ondi s pl ay e di nabe aut i f ulc us t om c r e at e dbook.

i ndi vi dualdi gi talfi le s i ngl el e-$150

addi ti onal pri nt si zesand album opti onsareavai lableupon request di gi tal i magesaresui tablefor pri nti ng to any si ze.smaller web shari ng fi lesarealso i ncluded on a custom usb devi ce. a pdfwi th pri nti ng i nformati on about whereto pri nt your i magesi salso provi ded.

a l l f ul l r e s o l ut i o ndi g i t a l f i l e s

exclusi ve $1350

2 1 1 x 1 4pr i nt s&4 8 x 1 0pr i nt s wi t hy o urc ho i c eo fa

mo de r ns o f tc o v e rbo o ke a c hi ma g e


c o mpl e t ec o l l e c t i o no f5 x 7pr i nt s i nac us t o mi ma g ebo x recei ve30% of faddi ti onali temsordered

1 5f ul l r e s o l ut i o ndi g i t a l f i l e s

hei rloom

i nc l ude sa5 x 7pr i nto fe a c hdi g i t a l f i l e


1 1 1 x 1 4pr i nt s 2 8 x 1 0pr i nt s recei ve20% of faddi ti onali temsordered

premi um $500

5f ul l r e s o l ut i o ndi g i t a l f i l e s i nc l ude sa5 x 7pr i nto fe a c hdi g i t a l f i l e 1 1 1 x 1 4pr i nt recei ve1 0% of faddi ti onali temsordered

TheModer nSof tCoverBooks howcas es eachi magef r om yours es s i onwi t hMel i s s a i nas i mpl eandbeaut i f ul1/ 4i ncht hi ck mat t epapers of t boundbook.Thebooki s 8. 5x11i nchesandador nsyours weetl i t t l e baby’ snameont hecover .

TheI mageBoxi swr appedwi t hani magef r om yours es s i onont hecoverandmadeofs ol i d wood.I ns i deoft heboxi sa5x7ofeachi mage f r om yourphot ogr aphys es s i on.

TheWoodMount edSt or yboar dCol l agef eat ur esupt os i x i magesf r om yours es s i onwi t hMel i s s ai naoneofaki nd beaut i f ular tpi ece.Theyar ecus t om des i gnedbyMel i s s a s oeachi suni que.St or yboar dsar er eadyt ohangt he momentt heyar r i veatyourhome.

www. meli ssastottmannphotography. com

Portrait Session Information  
Portrait Session Information