From Scratch Magazine February/March 2015

Page 127


General Canning Tips from Homestead Cooking with Carol: Bountiful Make-ahead Meals By: Carol J. Alexander an exercpt from Homestead Cooking with Carol


s a homesteading homemaker, producing your own food is important to you. After all the energy spent in the production process (e.g. weeding, spreading manure, milking, butchering), you are exhausted, right? When you have gallons of milk in the fridge, with more coming at the next milking, bushels of tomatoes and peppers sitting too long on the kitchen floor, and rows of green beans that must be picked and put up, just getting something simple on the table makes the local drive-through look inviting. But, surely the drive-through would not even be on your radar if you

had meals prepared in advance for those hectic days. In her book Homestead Cooking with Carol: Bountiful Makeahead Meals, Carol J. Alexander shows you, the busy homesteading homemaker, how to prepare your food at harvest time so you spend less time making supper the rest of the year. Since the seed catalogs have come in the mail, and this issue focuses on the garden, we thought it’d be appropriate to share an excerpt from Homestead Cooking with Carol to give you some timely reminders for the upcoming season. FROM SCRATCH MAGAZINE