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Summative Evaluation   OUGD503     Melissa  Hardcastle     My initial response when we were first briefed on this module back at the beginning of the second year was neither positive nor negative. I felt a little unsure at first of what it was exactly we would be doing and what work would be marked in terms of submission for the module if we were entering competitions and working on live briefs. As the sessions continued throughout the first few months of the year, it became clear what was being asked of us and exactly what we needed to do. An initial concern was the amount of work that was being expected of us regarding the first studio brief titled ‘Individual Practice’ for which we had to deliver a minimum of five briefs that we had completed. Afar working on several shorter briefs my concerns were minimized after realising that it was going to be possible to achieve a sufficient number of briefs. The main brief that I chose to work on was the YCN Cath Kidston brief, for which I had to design a new conversational print appropriate for application to women’s fashion, accessories and home ware. This was a brief I struggled with at first, as I was unsure about how I was going to be able to actually produce the print, as I was not confident in working on Illustrator. After taking the time to learn more about the software I found it increasingly easy to use and I was able to produce the print that I had wanted to when I had generated ideas initially. Coming up with a theme for this print was also something that I found tricky at first, however after sitting down and thinking seriously about an appropriate theme for the cross range of products that the print would be applied to I arrived at what I felt to be a suitable and creative print which met the demands of the brief as well as abiding by the brand values and print traditions. The smaller briefs were the ones which I particularly enjoyed working on as I have come to realise that this is my preferred method of working. I enjoyed sourcing the briefs despite it being hard at times, and starting them and being able to see a clear finishing point. The shorter deadlines were also encouraging to work on my time management and organisational skills as they forced me to work faster and produce the work quicker which is something I benefited from later on in the module and will continue to benefit from when working on future competition briefs and all modules.

I particularly  enjoyed  working  on  the  Black  and  White  Surface  Pattern  brief  as  I   mentioned  earlier  in  this  project  report.  This  brief  was  a  favourite  of  mine  as  it   offered   the   opportunity   to   be   really   creative   as   the   only   real   limitations   to   the   brief   were   the   colour   restrictions,   which   conveniently   happened   to   be   two   of   my   favourite   colours   to   work   with   which   is   the   main   reason   I   chose   to   enter   that   competition.     When we were briefed on the second studio brief for this module for which we would have to collaborate on a larger brief from either the YCN or D&AD websites, I did not like the sound of it. Working in groups is not something I have previously enjoyed, however I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed working on this brief. Amy Hill and I chose to work together, despite us being friends, which we were advised not to do, I believe we worked well together as we share a number of interests, particularly design and fashion related. For this reason, we chose to work on the YCN Oasis message. This is a brief, which I believe we will both look back and remain proud of, as we were able to contribute individually but then bring ideas together with one another also. As well as producing work that we could be proud of, I was also pleasantly surprised by how much I honestly enjoyed working with another creative. I found it more encouraging working more efficiently as I had my partner depending on me and not just myself. Overall  I  am  really  pleased  that  this  module  was  able  to  be  a  part  of  the  course   this  year  and  will  most  definitely  continue  to  keep  up  to  date  with  up  and  coming   competitions  and  seek  out  other  live  briefs  to  be  working  on.  It  is  a  fun  method  of   Graphic   Design   practice   and   also   a   great   way   to   build   up   appearances   for   your   design  work  in  the  industry,  as  well  as  leaving  you  with  a  large  amount  of  work   for   you   to   refer   to   and   use   in   portfolios.   This   module   also   made   it   clear   to   me   how  much  I  was  able  to  do  in  a  period  of  time  that  was  not  so  long.     The demand to work on a range of briefs for the first studio brief also encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and explore different design formats to work with and competitions which I might have previously overlooked or eliminated out of my circle of interests.  

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