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Melissa Hardcastle OUGD503 : Responsive Studio Brief 1 : Individual Practice


Brief Title : An eye catching logo for a new Craft Brew Tour business. The Brief : To design a new logo for Craft Brew Tour business based In Orange County, California.

The image above is the logo created in response to this brief that was posted on the 99 designs website. It was a competition which was interesting as it is not an area of design that I have previously explored and found it to be a good opportunity. Initially the logo started simply as a typographic based solution. The building illustration was added as a secondary thought but contributes in communicating the business and what they do. The colour orange was selected for use to draw further attention to the location of the tours.

Above is a business card mock-up with the logo located in the centre of the front side of the card. This was a useful process to see how the logo could be applied to collateral and test the aesthetic. The target audience for this business is predominantly male, however they do want to appeal to ‘young’ people in the state of California who would perhaps enjoy the Craft Brew Tour as part of an organised trip for a celebration. Because of this the secondary dark blue colour was chosen to communicate a sense of sophistication that can be associated with the brand and to maintain an aesthetic not gender specific.

Craft brew tour design board  
Craft brew tour design board