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The metal industry is here

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and extra events dedicated to market, technologies, internationalization, innovation and sustainable development. It is the link between the big players in the metal industry and the small and medium enterprises. It is in the heart of one of the most important and most advanced manufacturing districts in Europe, with over 600,000 companies within a 150-km radius. It is promoted by Alfin-Edimet, well-known multimedia network in the metal industry. It is organised in partnership with Veronafiere, the first direct organiser of business-to-business exhibitions in Italy. It is at the crossroads of transport links between Northern and Southern Europe. It is supported by the sector’s main associations. It is a chance to see the beautiful landscapes of the Garda Lake and visit cities of art such as Verona, Venice, Milan, Bergamo and Brescia. The metal industry is here.

Over 500 exhibitors 31% coming from foreign countries Over 15,000 specialized visitors 30% from 69 foreign countries 4 exhibition halls 29 authorized delegations 29 extra events


• It is the international exhibition, at its tenth edition, for the aluminium and technological metal extrusion, die-casting, foundry, rolling, mechanical processing and recycling. • It represents the production chain of the metal industry, from unwrought and recycled materials to transformation, processing, technologies, machinery and plants, products and applications. • It gathers exhibitors from 29 countries and 15,000 visitors, 30% of whom from 69 foreign countries. • It is visited by specialised operators from the most important sub-contracting operators in the automotive, mechanical, furnishing and building industries. • The exhibition is sided by a rich programme of initiatives

Metef+Foundeq: an international event


With 29 official delegations and over 400 authorized foreign managers in 2012, Metef-Foundeq 2014 edition aims to increase the number and quality of its contacts thanks to the collaboration with the trade associations, Verona fiere’s support and the development of direct contacts with the sector’s main players. In June 2014 delegations, specialized operators and VIP visitors are expected from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Korea, Egypt, Germany, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Malaysia, Morocco, Mexico, Czech Republic, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Vietnam, Ukraine and the USA.

• Entrepreneurs, executives and managers (purchase, technical, design, production and quality dept) • Process and production technologies • Foundries of ferrous and non ferrous metals • Surface treatment • Machining • Automotive, motorbikes, rail vehicles, ships and aerospace • Mechanics, design and engineering, electromechanics • Applications for the building sector • Chemical and petrochemical sectors • Packaging • Recycling • Services

A big single event: from commodities to automotive solutions First held in 1997 as event dedicated to commodities, machinery, systems, products and applications for the aluminium sector, Metef, in the course of its 10 editions, has progressively included all metals thus completing their production chain. After adding Foundeq - international exhibition on systems, equipment and products for the ferrous and non-ferrous metal foundry – and Metalriciclo – exhibition of the technologies for industrial recycling and recovery of metals – the new event of 2014 is Alumotive, exhibition on innovative solutions, components and technological materials for original equipment for the transport industry. A unique chance for the metal production chain operators.

B2B meetings and technology transfer Not only is Metef-Foundeq a comprehensive exhibition showcasing plants, equipment and products to international operators but its trade matching services also turn it into a real chance for B2B meetings with those operators interested in starting business and deals. A rich programme of conferences and seminars on technical-commercial issues and market topics as well as the latest news presented by the sector experts will enable exhibitors and visitors to share skills and know-how. Moreover, social events and entertainment for the exhibitors and visitors’ pleasure are available during and after the exhibition hours. A chance not to be missed to promote business.

The whole production chain in one exhibition EXTRUSION Metef has always hosted producers of raw materials, extrusion press makers, die makers, the main manufacturers of machines for processing and packaging of extruded profiles, manufacturers of automatic warehouse systems, varied tools and equipment and all products servicing the international extrusion industry.

DIECASTING Die-casting at Metef represents the main European manufacturers of machines forcasting die-cast pieces, dies and deburring dies, furnaces, steels for tools, lubricants and releasing agents, design and simulation software.

FOUNDRY Plants, equipment and products for green sand technologies and no bake, core shooters, furnaces, plants for gravity, low-pressure, centrifugal and continuous foundry of all metals (steels and cast irons, aluminium, zamak, magnesium). The best technologies proposed by domestic and international manufacturers.

ROLLING A space for rolling technologies, from hot and cold processes to machining and finishing, focusing on applications for packaging on electro-technical products as well as applications in building, transport, mechanics and furnishing.

FINISHING, MACHINING AND FABRICATING Showcase of the Made in Italy Metef+Foundeq is open to the foreign markets and it showcases the Made-in-Italy industrial excellence concentrated in Lombardy, Veneto Emilia Romagna and Piedmont.

Veronafiere: natural habitat for Metef+Foundeq Veronafiere is the first direct organizer of B2B exhibitions in Italy. Located at the crossroads of the main transport links between Northern and Southern Europe, it sits at the core of one of the most important and advanced manufacturing districts in Europe.

Surface treatment, joining techniques, machining and fabricating: for these sectors the most innovative techniques, the latest processes, the most eco-friendly solutions by leading international operators will be exhibited.

RECYCLING The best of plants, machinery, equipment and technologies for the treatment of recycled metals, recovery of scrap from machining, energy efficiency, trading as well as services for environmental protection and safety.


World metallurgical hub

For a relaxing break...

Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia Romagna are among the world’s top markets in the world as regards metal technologies, processing and applications. Metef+Foundeq showcases the Made-in-Italy technological excellence, that represents a unique industrial legacy of unquestionable international relevance.

The Garda Lake as well as Lombardy’s and Veneto’s natural beauties and the artistic heritage of Milan, Bergamo, Brescia, Verona, Venice, etc. represent an ideal opportunity to combine a business trip with a short holiday or relaxing break.

INTERNATIONAL international ALUMINIUM aluminium EXHIBITION exHibition


equipment EXHIBITION

Organizational secretariat: Metef Srl Legal office: Viale del Lavoro 8, 37175 Verona - Italy Executive office: Via Castegnato 8, 25050 Rodengo Saiano (BS) – Italy Tel: +39 030 9981045 Fax: +39 030 9981055 -

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