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You rule items and just to get the most down so unique wrapping coming closer you're over him just like that yes you stephen is that was nice and tight to the body so that she would remove his award-winning yeah free so what's that going to pick up yeah century down good 30 nice so control slow like their software defects res good so with their stand-down sweet should travel to & only joint working its exercise meeting it's misleading this triceps his bill strengthens so doing this is actually hope those in compound exercises like the bench-press because the tri-cities secondary muscle workman area smoothies nicest so stand-down good two more it was almost like and use flax I somewhere and good awesome at the field pearl snare burn right there looks like a horse if you know it's a triceps his move on so moving on to the bicep curls a Guinness and isolation exercise and it's going to be judgmental joint just like a triceps before so the bicep consider extending that joint filled with joy effectually watching it to the faction and outgoing to begin straight up showdown you have was tight new movement shoulder right up right down this year from here good attacks are you dumb bells here use over12 months renowned for example say that signals good to suffer Fitness flex position repair personal question stress positions so when you buy some disastrous position stretched out this can take more effort we up to the top position pending right now okay so question loll column %uh species when Is low slow for to you century Watson going up slowing down slow you senator so scary just five years you for women nations good whose homes were so another BBC some Turbo Force people may is not going all the way down for extending scenario very beautiful stretch and now you bring up from there so from the whole stretch all the way down for her to be happy top position area re damn pollsters and biceps good crisis over you know squeeze nice its own review good advice if we’re going to go see man uses area here so PCs argument that you for much longer awe always get anything to visualize you hear you such real ice on the way down tax good that device support after he just uses people really simple and that’s what force me to have her all about skin is simple to camp now we don’t overload your mind you know something about this thing about that and I of you some now a motivated and want to be here because I have something in mind you come from damn so when you keep it simple also new program Rangers fire muscles like correctly the scum and here's the matter question but we can the proper form premeditation and also I'm upbeat see year alright reviews and drops so if you know with no straps beading the traps is a huge massacre what time six shots just here and you actually this is just the upper traps right here venue the middle traps many the lower traps to run right on its fine to build the straps you got a lot of strength in the back to you not only for I was going to help be much the life kilograms of obviously without nice book back so struck whose the game 15 want to have your own way in which one revenues.

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