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Benton High School | November 2010

Still Going Strong in November! Circulation numbers were steady despite the short month! With the two days off for our Thanksgiving holiday, our stats are pretty impressive! Keep it up, Benton High School!

TABLE OF CONTENTS CIRCULATION STATS . . . . . . . . . PG. 2-3 RESEARCH STATS . . . . . . . . . . . . . .PG. 2-3 LIBGUIDES SPOTLIGHT.. . . . . . . . . .PG. 4


NEW BOOKS DISPLAY Our almost 500 new books are on display here at Benton Library. However, it’s unlikely you’ll see all 500 at once . . . most are checked out!

You can has cheezburger @ your library? Of course! Benton Library’s collection is driven by student requests. Books are evaluated by our librarians for content, including appropriate

FREE? A sampling of one of our new nonfiction selections, Free? is sponsored by Amnesty International and looks at slavery conditions throughout the world.

language, before purchase. This means that your request will likely end up in the collection! You can submit requests in person or use our Google Form to request books online at

GATEWAY NOMINEES We’re still promoting this year’s Gateway Reader’s Award nominees and many titles on the list broke into the Top 10 for the month!

CIRC STATS! NOVEMBER 2010 Total Collection Circulation: 3966

Circulation Statistics for November 2010

9th grade: 450 10th grade: 541 11th grade: 382 12th grade: 129 Unspecified: 2461 Total Book Circulation: 1274 Total Hold Requests: 198 Total Laptop Circulation: 1553 Total Overnight Laptop Circulation: 100 Total Classes in Library: 71 Total Individuals in Library: 449 OUR STATS FOR CIRCULATION . . .

Top 10 Books by circulation

Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott Gone by Lisa McMan


Paper Towns by John


Shift by Jennifer Br adbury Dopesic k by Walt er Dean Myers Crank by Ellen Hopk ins Sweethearts by Sara Za


Fade by Lisa McMan n Football Hero by Ti

m Green

were down slightly for the month of November. It’s likely that this could be attributed to the early out and two days off for the Thanksgiving holiday. As well, October saw an influx of brand new books and circulation for November was carried through by these new titles. Regardless, our circulation stats are on course to reach 15,000 again this school year! One encouraging trend is the variety seen in the Top 10 books this month! A number of our perennial favorites (like Crank and Dopesick) are on the list, but a number of new books and nominees for the 2010-11 Gateway Reader’s Award have made the Top 10! We’ve also added a new category - total hold requests. This shows that our collection is meeting student needs and remains to be popular! Not every library accepts student holds, so Benton Library is certainly meeting student needs!

NUMBERS Total Book Checkouts

1274 Total Classes in Library

71 Total Individuals in Library


Research Statistics for November 2010 DEPT/ TEACHER Comm Arts/ Lock

Comm Arts/ Michaud

Comm Arts/ Steeby




Creating a Personal Learning Network via iGoogle for 12th grade Comm Arts

ICT Literacy CLE: 1B, 3B, 4B, 4D, 5A, 5C


Finding/ selecting books for Lit Circles project for Honors 10th grade Comm Arts

ICT Literacy CLE: 3A, 3B

Finding/ selecting books for Lit Circles project for Honors 10th grade Comm Arts

ICT Literacy CLE: 3A, 3B


NOVEMBER 2010 Academic OneFile: 115 Agriculture Collection: 115 Business Economics & Theory: 115 Business & Company Resource Center: 91

NETS-S: 1B, 2A, 5A, 5B, 6A, 6B, 6C, 6D http:// litcircles

Communications & Mass Media Collection: 115 Criminal Justice Collection: 115 Culinary Arts Collection: 115 Discovering Collection: 112

http:// litcircles

Educator’s Reference Complete: 115 Fine Arts & Music Collection: 115 Gardening, Landscape, & Horticulture: 115 General OneFile: 123 Global Issues in Context: 4 Health Reference Center Academic: 115

OUR STATS FOR RESEARCH . . . included two great collaborative projects with the Communication Arts department. One project involved a Lit Circles assignment for 10th grade honors Communication Arts classes. This was a great opportunity to spend a period research various books to select appropriate reading materials. Students had the opportunity to select from titles from either the Gateway Reader’s Award nominees for 2010-11 or the Printz Award Winners and Honor Books. As well, 12 grade Communication Arts classes learned about the concept of a PLN by building their own iGoogle homepages. These iGoogle pages allowed students to customize their own pages with content they held an interest in!

Health and Wellness Resource Center: 89 Home Improvement Collection: 115 InfoTrac Newsstand: 112 Popular Magazines: 124 Student Resources in Context: 10

LibGuides Pathfinders Spotlight! Lit Circles LibGuide:


Gulf Oil Spill


Westward Expansion


Lit Circles Assignment


Citing Sources

5. Columbus/Globalization WHAT ARE LIBGUIDES? Benton Library’s research efforts are bolstered by the use of the LibGuides Research Pathfinders system purchased in 2009! LibGuides allows librarians to easily create subject guides on any topic using a variety of resources - from links to videos to embedded widgets and more!


Gulf Oil Spill LibGuide:

Mrs. Corey has created LibGuides for almost every instructional session she’s conducted since buying the LibGuides system in fall 2009. LibGuides topics range from finding resources to citing them correctly. Other libraries have even created LibGuides for topics as important as surviving the zombie apocalypse!!! Benton Library’s LibGuides are available at http:// index.php.


Finding/Citing Images


Investment Project


Teaching Resources


Career Research


Schedule the Library


LibGuides can be used for all of the following uses: Subject Guides Information Portals Research Help Teacher/Student Supp


Informational Litera cy


Course Guides

Here are a few LibGuides along with a image of the content contained in each.





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Benton Library Monthly Report - November 2010  
Benton Library Monthly Report - November 2010  

Monthly report for November 2010