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Benton High School | May 2011

OUR STATS FOR CIRCULATION . . . were slowing down in May 2011, as we had only 10 days of checkouts in May and a total of 15 days of school! Our final book checkout has come in at approximately 10,500 checkouts for the 2010-11 school year! That’s down from last year, but considering our large number of snow days, we’re looking good! Very impressive is our new book circulation! The library received new books on a regular basis all the way into May! We’re committed to bringing new books that continually keep the library up to date! See you next school year! -- Mrs. Corey and Mrs. Halter

CIRC STATS! MAY 2011 Total Collection Circulation: 1215 9th grade: 91

Top 10 Books by circulation

The New Dead : A Zombie Anthology

11th grade: 102

Always Faithful: A Memoir of the Marine Dogs of WWII Black Cat manga

12th grade: 11

Black Cat manga

Unspecified: 893

Bleach manga

10th grade: 118

Total Book Circulation: 205

Nubs: The True St ory of a Mutt and Marine

Total New Book Circ: 205

Scent of the Miss ing: Love and Partnership

Total Hold Requests: 28


Total Laptop Circulation: 507

Dark Visions

Total Overnight Laptop Circulation: 21

Blodd Ninja

Total Classes in Library: 6

NUMBERS Total Book Checkouts

205 Total New Book Checkouts

205 YTD Book Checkout


Benton Library Monthly Report - May 2011  

Stats for May