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Benton High School | March 2011

OUR STATS FOR CIRCULATION . . . held steady for the month of February despite the many snow days. Our new books from the fall carried our print circulation. Our circulation stats are on course to reach 15,000 again this school year! We’ve seen a great turnover in the Top 10 Books category every single month this year! This month, we saw a number of old favorites enter the list from the previous Gateway Reader’s Award Nominees. We’ve had some very steady circulation statistics for both new books and the existing collection! Keep showing us your book love, Benton High School!!! --Mrs. Corey and Mrs. Halter

CIRC STATS! MARCH 2011 Total Collection Circulation: 4227 9th grade: 500

Top 10 Books by circulation

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

10th grade: 560

Twisted by La u ri e H a l s e Anderson

11th grade: 509

Shaman King by Hi

12th grade: 208

First Shot by Walter So

Unspecified: 2450 Total Book Circulation: 1553

Muchacho by Louann


e Johnson

Total New Book Checkouts

If I Grow Up by Todd


Gone by Lisa McMan


If I Stay by Gayle Fo rm

Total Hold Requests: 131

Shaman King by Hi

Total Laptop Circulation: 1193

Shaman King by Hi

Total Classes in Library: 77

Total Book Checkouts


royuki Takei

Total New Book Circ: 674

Total Overnight Laptop Circulation: 89



royuki Takei

royuki Takei

674 YTD Book Checkout



Research Statistics for March 2011 DEPT/ TEACHER





Acids and Bases: 31 ACT Test Prep: 4

Special Ed/ Holmes

Special Ed/ Snapp

Comm Arts/ Miller & Lafasciano



Setting up Evernote research notebooks

ICT Literacy CLE: 1B, 5A

Evernote online:

Avoiding Plagiarism: 10

NETS-S: 3A, 3B

Budgeting for College: 1

Food webs/ environment lesson connected to Japan earthquake

ICT Literacy CLE: 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B


Business Promotion: 8

http:// foodchain

Career Research: 5

Review primary & secondary sources, take online assessment

ICT Literacy CLE: 3A, 3B

Creating Netvibes pages on Japan earthquake & radiation

ICT Literacy CLE: 5B, 5C

Japan earthquake, nuclear energy, and radiation investigation and report

ICT Literacy CLE: 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B

NETS-S: 3A, 3B, 3C

LibGuide: http:// primarysource s

Citing Sources: 22 Finding/Citing Images: 18 Food Chains, Food Webs, and the Environment: 71 Gateway Reader’s Award 2011-12: 53 Genetic Disorders: 3


NETS-S: 2A, 3B

Gulf Oil Spill: 27 History Book Review Assignment: 14


Investment Project: 41

http:// nuclearenergy

Nuclear Energy Crisis: 196

OUR STATS FOR RESEARCH . . . included great projects centering on the earthquake and nuclear incident in Japan as well as the difference between primary and secondary sources! Mrs. Corey was also able to assess Comm Arts students on their lesson (for both a formative and summative assessment of their learning)! We also worked with Netvibes and Evernote to integrate technology into library instruction!

Primary vs. Secondary Sources in Comm Arts: 1253


Our LibGuides cont inue to reach our students and teachers even after assignments are finished! Ou r Pr im a ry vs . Se co nd a ry Sources in Comm Arts guide received a record 1253 views! WOW!

Benton Library Monthly Report - March 2011  

Monthly stats for Benton Library

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