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Benton High School | December 2010

OUR STATS FOR CIRCULATION . . . were down slightly for the month of December. It’s likely that this could be attributed to the early outs and days off for the holiday season. However, our influx of brand new books carried our print circulation. Our circulation stats are on course to reach 15,000 again this school year! We’ve seen a great turnover in the Top 10 Books category every single month this year! Titles have ranged from the uber-popular to the brand new emerging trends! We’re proud that our collection responds to a constant shift in interests and needs! Our most impressive statistic for this month was the total number of new books checked out. Out of our 878 book checkouts, over 307 of those were brand new books! This puts our total year-to-date new book circulation at 1073 of our total checkout, which is especially impressive considering our new books arrived in late October! Keep reading, Benton High School!!!

CIRC STATS! DECEMBER 2010 Total Collection Circulation: 2622 9th grade: 218 10th grade: 373 11th grade: 274 12th grade: 157 Unspecified: 1600 Total Book Circulation: 878 Total New Book Circ: 307 Total Hold Requests: 110 Total Laptop Circulation: 993 Total Overnight Laptop Circulation: 19 Total Classes in Library: 12

--Mrs. Corey and Mrs. Halter

Top 10 Books by circulation

Twisted by La u ri e H a l s e Anderson Strength to Love by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Tony Lee Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover by Ally Carter Guinness Book of W orld Records 2010 Extras by Scott Wes terfeld Unwind by Neal Sh usterman Flawless by Sara Sh epard Dopesick by W alter Dean Meyers Ev er y M an fo r Hi m se lf: Te n Short Stories

NUMBERS Total Book Checkouts

878 Total New Book Checkouts

307 YTD New Book Checkout


Benton Library Monthly Report - December 2010  
Benton Library Monthly Report - December 2010  

Monthly report for December 2010.