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links from your library | September 26, 2011

Behold Image Search - When students need images for a project, they usually use Google Images. These images aren’t always labeled for reuse or are under copyright restrictions. Any image placed under a Creative Commons license is available for use with minimal restrictions. Behold Image Search is a great Creative Commons image search with a lot of benefits - all images are CC-licensed; images are of high, photographic quality; results returned are smaller and more focused than Google Images. Other uses include the ability to search for images that look like other objects - for

How-To Video: Using Behold Search - YouTube Video

YouTube Video Editor - Ever upload a video to YouTube only to realize you need to make a change? YouTube now has a built-in video editor which allows you to trim clips, rotate clips, add music, combine videos, and more! All you need is your YouTube account and an uploaded video. Note: video editor will only work on your own uploads, not other videos. If you want to download a copy of a YouTube video to edit/remix, use an

How-To Video: Edit Your Videos with YouTube

WeVideo - An alternative to iMovie, WeVideo allows classes to collaboratively use the same library of images and video clips to build a movie. WeVideo’s editing interface is very similar to iMovie’s, allowing students to avoid some of the saving issue with iMovie projects on shared computers. WeVideo also allows users to shoot and upload video with mobile phones, reducing the need for traditional video cameras. WeVideo also makes posting and sharing videos easy by putting everything in one shared space!

How-To Video: WeVideo Enables Easier Online Video Editing

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