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links from your library | November 28, 2011

PiktoChart - PiktoChart is one of the first tools (currently in beta) that allows users to create their own infographics. An infographic is basically a visual representation of data, sometimes displayed as a poster or online graphic. PiktoChart allows account holders to select a theme and then customize it with their own content while also having a set of text boxes and graphics to choose from. The service works a lot like Glogster, with a drag-anddrop interface. For anyone wanting students to create posters or infographics, this is a great tool! PiktoChart Demo

Tag My Doc - Tag My Doc is a quick, easy to use document sharing service. In an instant, users can upload a document and receive a shortened link to share, a QR code to post and share for smartphone users, and the ability to instantly email the document - no account or log-in required! However, signing up for an account gives users even more options, including the ability to save documents to folders and password protect individual documents. This is a great service for quickly sharing documents on the fly. Tag My Doc Tour

Present.Me is an online presentation tool that allows users to combine their presentation slides with recordings from a webcam. This is a great tool to use when you’ll be away from school but still want to explain an assignment or lecture to a class. It’s also a great tool for presenting from a distance. also works as an alternative to PowerPoints for student assessment, allowing students to present and explain their understanding of a topic. Sample Present.Me Presentation

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