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links from your library | October 10, 2011

Edistorm - Edistorm is an educational brainstorming site which allows users to create public or private “storms� in which ideas can be shared via post-it notes. Edistorm has a number of storm templates available, including a Word Wall, KWL chart, nonfiction reading analysis chart, and compare/contrast charts for 10, 5, and 3 items. Each user can post notes as well as comment and vote on their top ten choices. Edistorm is a stable, easy to use collaborative brainstorming tool. Users will need to sign up for an account to view private storms. Sample Edistorm - European Culture Edistorm

A Google A Day - A Google A Day is a great site for bell-ringer activities when computers are available. Each day, a new question is posed and students must search for the answer using context clues. Multiple hints and search tips are provided. A Google A Day helps build background knowledge and search skills. Attempts are timed and users can attempt questions from previous days. Sample Google A Day Challenge - A Google A Day for 10/10/11

Zakta - Zakta allows users to create guides of content from across the web, including links, articles, videos, and more. Users can create guides on any topic and have control over how guides are organized. Zakta guides can be edited collaboratively by multiple users or created by a single user. Zakta is a great tool for organizing course resources or alternatively assessing student learning on a given topic. Sample Zakta Guide - Leonardo Da Vinci Guide

Cardinal TechSource - 10/10/11  

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