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TAXI 07 / Redesigning the Taxi and transportation systems Proposed Media Projects :

Solutions derived from insights:

Design Trust archive of interviews on tape Animation Radio program 100 Cabs 100 Cameras Montage video The Life of a Taxi

creating a resource for future researchers Re-brand the driver Talk radio for drivers and officials collect one hundred interviews in one month Assist the process of understanding the entire system , the short comings and advantages


Design Trust Archive. Observation: The Design Trust spend thousands and accesses unique resources for each redevelopment project and only keeps a textual and photo record in brochure format which is not able to clearly illustrate the process, only projected outcome and results. Need: Each project for redesign including the Brooklyn Public Library System, The Highline Park, Greening the streets of NY, Taxi O7, and so on, involve particular strategies and methods worthy of documenting in video form. The process is valuable to document and learn from. I see the need for video documenting to be a necessary addition to the projects adding more. Additionally, Design Trust supporters want to see the back end of their donations and how goals have been achieved, they want to know the process. Applications: Videos could be screened at fund raisers, emailed as quick-time updates, or included in proposal packages requesting additional support. In addition video archives could be reflected upon for upcoming projects to review past methods.


Animation Observation: During most interviews it is clear the driver has it tough. During this process of the redesign of the taxi I always come back to the question – will the space change the culture or can culture change the space? A consistent problem is the intangible space around the driver, most individuals and entities are at odds with the drivers – the passenger, the other drivers, the TLC, the fleet owners, the cops, the other citizen drivers. This negative exchange causes added stress on an already stressful job. The designers have been acquainted with the questionable working conditions of the drivers (uncomfortable seats, long hours, no way to park ) and tangible physical changes that could be made. Additional observation compares other city workers such as fireman and subway drivers identity, and questions how their respect is won , Is their respect from those benefiting from their service aiding their experience on the job changing the environment? Need: I see a great need to re-brand the driver -changing the energy around their relationship to the public, colleagues and the city. No researcher or designer in this team is addressing how the intangible essence of the driver is playing a role. What ever outcome addresses this must be easy to understand because of the diversity of education levels, language skills and ages of the public. Application: A series of animated shorts featuring drivers and work environments I see this to be filled with humor, humility and the character of New York. The Animation form will be based on actual interviews with drivers. As animation does, icons will be created in a format easy for all to access.

Motoring Moments Radio Program Observation: The labyrinth of involved parties including bureaucrats, drivers owners and passengers do not understand the challenges of one another. Need: Addressing communications deficit between drivers, city rules, changes to operations, tips and services. ( drivers spend 16 hours in the car listening to radio and talking on the phone) Application: A low band non syndicated call in radio program headlining topics for discussion and call in response.

Phil - ( driver ) “I’m a pastor and a counselor I accentuate the positive right now in America I think that one of the great problems is that grief, fear, anxiety and hatred are hovering over us like a horrible cloud and the only way to get rid of it is with a wind of affection and with the wind of a wholesome attitude and good motivational principles. I believe we should have a radio program called “Motoring Moments” where drivers can talk and we can figure things out like Car Talk.”

Observation : The number of drivers and passengers is vast. With a realistic deadline of April 07 many many more interviews need to be collected. More than is humanly possible for a group of 4 people doing this part time. 100 CABS 100 CAMERAs Need: Because of the variety and vastness of passenger and driver types, more footage and more interviews should be collected. The research team and the Design Trust and the Designers are conservatively going from the top down with their interviews, choosing consultants and experts to glean information from. No one is really interviewing drivers in mass. I want to interview as many drivers as possible to give them a voice in the project. I would like the interviews to be in the drivers own language so he or she may be clear and expressive using their first language. Application: Send a call to arms. Send a posting for individuals to collect materials via video interview. Encourage drivers and students to collect interviews in any language which will then be subtitled in a montage sequence.

The Design Trust for Public Space is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit dedicated to improving New York City's parks, plazas, streets, and public buildings. They build and fund public/private partnerships between city agencies, community groups, and architects, planners, and designers. They generate practical solutions that also enrich the urban experience for all New Yorkers.

Design Trust Taxi 07 Project Goal: The Design Trust recognizes the New York City Taxi and its operations as public space, their hope is to utilize the minds of expert designers, economic feasibility researchers, urban planners and user specialists to come up with some solid options for redesign.

TAXI 07 Media development and Uses: Short Doc / beginning the process May 2006 The Taxi 07 media project is ripe with cultural and human interest - reflecting on a chaotic, occasionally magical, often frustrating, economic spider web in one of the largest cities in the world. Audio, Video and Photography will add to the richness of data collection. In the process of documenting such a vast project with millions of participants – the creative use of media will aid the process. The ways media will be most effective will become apparent as the project unravels and needs are revealed. Media Goals / Notes: -

To understand the way the cab system works now from a visual and behavioral p.o.v.


To organize the project in a creative fashion that focuses on support and collaboration with the team of designers and researchers through visual representation, interviews and ethnographic analysis.


To combine findings and plan creative ways to utilize materials for exhibits, festivals, future planning, and as a funding tools.


Use the compilation of a large body of footage to arrange and inspire several smaller that are easy to work with and access.


Media options: promotional documentary, psa, radio, audio installations, projections, web and kiosk display, animation and still photography. Book with DVD.


Utilize sponsors – brain storm inclusively if needed for funding.

TAXI 07  

Applications: Videos could be screened at fund raisers, emailed as quick-time updates, or included in proposal packages requesting additiona...

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