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Laterthatevening,Iwasasked to

ride along with him. He explained that I could not understand what it did for him and he wanted to show me. The sun was down, late at night. Therewerehardlyanyvehiclesonthe road at the time. We rode up a canyon for about forty-five minutes. We pulled off the highway and went down a dirt road. There were no lights anywhere and the only sound was the occasionalvehicle driving a distance away on the highway.

I t was an honor t o meet Sammy and have t he oppor t uni t y t o get

t o know hi m and be abl e t o s har e hi ss t or y and l i f e dur i ng and af t er s er vi ng i n t he mi l i t ar y.


L aterthatevening,Iwasasked to and have the opportunity to get to know him and be able to share his story and life during and after serving...

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