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Midwestern Dream For this assignment, I wanted to blend principles of modern fashion, innovation, and intricate detailing into Western Fashion. I incorporated many nostalgic and familiar Western symbols onto a black dress with tights. After researching Arizona, I was drawn to the organic land and mountain patterns and the layering created in nature. I decided to create a laser cut design representing free organic movement and layering onto the back of the garment. Furthermore, I included cut out leather pieces with rasterings to create more dimension texture and detail to the piece. A nude color scheme gave this dress a more balanced feel as I wanted this dress to feel playful as well as chic and high end. On the front I laser cut leather, organic flowing armbands to represent a different approach on fringe found in a lot of western fashion. Additionally, I added motifs such as a wolf, stars and cactus shapes to represent traditional western motifs. After the silhouette and tights were constructed I beaded on the small details of the garment to create a higher end, modern feel.

Genoveva Christoff

2017 accessories and fashion collection. Gold leather, laser cut bag.

leather laser cut dress, shoulder straps, and belt. Fashion Collection

Gold leather laser cut bracelet, 2017. Made in USA Genoveva Christoff is a Macedonian born Fashion Designer, who immigrated to the United States to study design at the Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD.) Her designs, made of the finest of fabrics, are fashion forward and chic as well as feminine and sophisticated. She creates unique attire for innovative, chic, young women. I am so influenced and inspired by Christoff as these designs are not only effortlessly eye grabbing and stunning, but her designs are well balanced and modern. She plays around with the negative space in her laser cut works to create compelling, eye catching designs. She incorporates interesting detail, and the laser cut work balanced with her fashion design creates an interesting blend of techniques.

Wilson PK

Spring/Summer 16’ “Paradise Lost”

Spring/Summer 16’ “Paradise Lost”

Look 20 Pre fall 15’ “Purity” Collection Wilson PK is a London based Fashion designer. He has worked under designers such as Iris Van Herpen, and Alexander Wang. His work is heavily influenced by architecture as well as biological references and religion. His work shows modern, futuristic, and innovate looking silhouettes and textiles. For his dress in the Spring / Summer 16’ Paradise Lost collection he laser cut different pieces of marble squares to add a very innovative, sheer finish to the garment. The color arangement of the marble throughout the piece is very compelling and adds to an interesting texture and composition as a whole. I was inspired also by the trims and organic lines at the bottom of the skirt. The cut allows the fabric to move freely.

Rogan Brown

OutbreakHand cut paper, foamboard, transparent domes1 47x79x20cms/58x31x8inches

Magic Circle Variation 5 detail 2015, paper.

Vortex Hand and laser cut paper 2015 Rogan Brown is an Anglo- Irish, sculpturor living in the USA. He creates three dimensional sculptures that are filled with many intricate details and layers. His sculptures represent the vast amount of bacteria that live in our bodies. All of his work is mainly cut from paper and laser cut paper, and I am so amazed and inspired by his way of transforming the material into something completely different. By layering and creating dimension with small details is allows the structure to have movement, depth as well as texture. For my own laser cut garment I am inspired to create layers filled with tiny detail to help give texture and dimension to my finished garment.


layered, back detail of shapes

Placed graphic motifs on front of garment

Repeating Cow skulls


Laser Cut Design

Main Back Pattern

Individual layers are then put in seperate files, and then are coded for the laser cutter.

Cow Skull, rastered, for tights.

Arm Bands, for sleeves of dress.

Arm Band details

Loose cactus inspired back detail

Wild West different size stars used for tights Wild West motif, placed in front of dress

Garment Construction

After sourcing and reporposuing leather scraps, I took a variety of different clothing and played around with the color. When chosing the garment for my leather pieces I looked at the form of the garment, the relationship of the laser cut pieces, and the color harmony when building my Midwest Dream

Midwest Dream

ANXIETY Collection Kenzo is a fashion company known for being particularly bold, odd, and influential. Its peculiarity comes from its interesting blend of French and Japanese designs merged into one. The advertising campaigns are often curated with the use of bright primary colors with simplistic concepts, themes and motifs. Throughout my research, I found the use of bright, primary colors as an upcoming trend. Designers such as Kenzo, Karl Lagerfield, and Christian Dior have created collections using the bright and funky color palette. Furthermore, Stripes are also another element that I noticed fashion brands such as Moschino were influenced by. The overall theme for my project is anxiety. I think it would be fun to show the balance of black and whites with bright pops of color. This is reflective of anxiety as one moment you may feel very calm and then immediately your mood changes to a fast pace, quick, anxious mood which is represented by the bright colors against the black and white. Additionally, the motifs in my designs will be of lips, hands, Japanese fans, blind contours of my face, and different angles of my face in a state of panic. Although anxiety may be stressful and feel never ending, at the end of the day it always is okay and I want to also represent hope, balance and growth in my piece as well. By illustrating eys, writing hands, and playful lines in black and white it will create a harmony against the bright colors. My intended design will be clothing, and for a target audience of women between the ages of 19 and 24 who are interested in higher end, abstract streetwear fashion design.


Inspiration for Alternate Colorway


Pantone colors, WGSN

Christian Dior, Spring | Summer 05

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Stella Jean, Autumn | Winter 16





LIPS, Repeat

LIPS, Detail

STRIPE, Repeat

STRIPE, Detail

ANXIETY, Collection

ANXIETY, Alternate Colorway

ANXIETY, Alternate Colorway

ANXIETY, Alternate Colorway

Wallpaper Placement

Texture Map Placement

Left, Anxiety Main Coordniate

Right, Anxiety Main Coordniate, Alternative Colorway

Placed Graphic, Anxiety Collection

Anxiety Collection, Lips Coordinate

Anxiety Collection, Placed Graphic

Anxiety Collection, Placed Graphic

Anxiety Collection, Placed Graphic. Stripe Coordinate

THE RAINFOREST, Repeat Last summer, I was fortunate enough to be able to take a trip to the flourishing land of Costa Rica. The highlight of my trip and one of my most memorable experiences was being able to walk throughout the rainforest. I was in a state of “awe� as I walked through the forest taking in the fresh air, and seeing the vast amount of green for miles. I discovered so many beautiful plants, and the most exotic animals I have ever seen. I was so fortunate enough to see many different types of birds, including different species of parrots and Tuscans. Everywhere I stepped throughout Costa Rica was mainly inhibited with lots of rich wild life. The colors of the animals were so effortlessly breathtaking, as they traveled so freely through the air. My repeat pattern was inspired by the beautiful rainforest of Costa Rica. I wanted the basis of my pattern to be about the vast amount of green plants I saw for miles, as well as include all the bright colors of the birds and wildlife I was fortunate enough to see with my own eyes. I wanted my pattern to create a refreshing, paradise like feel to it. I wanted my target audience for this pattern to be women of any age who want to feel a breath of fresh air!

Resort 17’

When creating my pattern I was heavily influenced by Valentino’s Resort 17’. Valentino combines rich colors and interesting tropical motifs with a soft background. They created very chic, sophisticated prints that compliment the sillhouettes of the garments beautifully. I drew a lot of inspiration from the different shapes of birds and plants they use and how they intermix beautifully with one another and as a collection as a whole.

Resort 16’

Proenza Schoulers Resort 16’ Collection included a lot of beautifully rendered eyecatching plants and flowers. I drew a lot of inpsiration from the ways in which the prints flowered throughout the garment. It was beautiful how she broke up the vast green “blocks” with large areas of negative space, but still connected the garments by including branches that connected the motifs. The deisgn although it may be simple, was extremly beautiful and delicate feeling with the silhouette of the garment.

Print and Pattern | wallpaper

Christian Lacroix is a French Fashion designer who creates ready-to-wear, luxury prints and homeware. His designs are sold through Designer Gill, where you can purchase his high end, detailed collections and homeware. During my researh I was most inspired by his Belles Rives fabrics in my pattern. He plays around with the relationship of negative, more ambigious motifs, combined with highly detailed, color blocked or textured motifs. His relationship with colors and colorblocking and intermixing simplistic and detailed create eye grabbing, inspiring designs.





Texture Map Placement Professor Barry Roode Digital Surface Design Print and Pattern Development

Process Book  
Process Book