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Putting the “Pal” in Principal

Our school principal and Cowboys team enthusiast, Mr. Fernandez, truly enjoys his job. “I love it, as early as 5th grade I wanted to be a teacher, I was on those clubs that helped the teachers in special Ed classes.” “I first wanted to be a teacher, but as I ran into my second year teaching, one of

the assistant principals in the building was so resourceful, he was so help full and I said oh! I want to be like him.” He added , “I went back in school get my masters and I said ‘ yea! this is what I want to do.’”   Our principal has a history of lending a helping hand, Fernandez said, “I have always helped kids, I used 

“Moving in the Right Direction” For the first time in Country Club Middle School history, student council is open to all grades. Mrs. Albert, the student council advisor, voices her plans for the student council and reasoning behind including all grade levels.

to work as an umpire in the park.” Mr. Fernandez always wanted to be someone who helps people. The Cowboy’s fan shares worthy advice for students and teachers alike, “If you wanted to do something you find the way to do it.”

Mr. Fernandez

- Christian Diaz

One School, Two Principals ? A quick Question and Answer session with Mr. Salcedo (Q) How do you feel being in administration? (A)”I like the school environment, I like to plan for the school, to be part of the school ,I like to be working with teachers.”

They advisor said, “I decided to open the student council to all grades because it is a full representation of the student council, and having 8th graders is not a full representation of the student body.” When prompted on why she saw the need to increase in numbers, she responded, “the bigger the student council is the more work we can get done”. Student council has already started to plan on giving back to the community this holiday season, the advisor said, “what we would like to do is continue giving back to the community by doing a can food drive, for Thanksgiving, a toy drive for Christmas and a book drive for elementary schools.” Mrs. Stephen, an 8th grade language arts teacher, commented on the changes being made in the student council “I feel that the changes in the student council are a move in the right direction” she expressed that the students are reacting positively. She said, “I feel that the kids will be happy and excited that their voices will be heard.” - Sandy Nunez

(Q) What brings you to CCMS? (A) “I am doing an internship. I have been an assistant principal for 7 years now I’m getting ready to become a principle, and Mr. Fernandez is coaching me to become a principal.” - Christian Diaz

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The New School : Even the Air is Toxic  

Jake was sitting on the couch eating a big bowl of McFrosties when someone knocked on his door. He asks who it was but there was no reply, so he opened the door and found himself face to face with a conspicuously dressed man. He wanted to call for his mother but in this man's presence he couldn't speak. This strange man handed Jake the box and before

      Jake steps out into the warm august air, searching the street frantically for the mysterious man. “Well there’s something you don’t see everyday,” he mutters to himself. Then his mind wanders back to the package, staring petrified at where it was sitting on the floor only disregarded moments before. As he slowly reached towards the

package he notices an unusual insignia. Suddenly, a familiar face rose, just as he laid a finger on it. It was his father Joseph Storm, as a hologram. He told Jake upon opening the package there would be a smart-fiber suit, air inhalers (for air that is poisoned or harmful), a double-sided scythe, and directions to find a school.

* This is an original short story by Country Club Middle’s Nasir Gladden, every issue will have a new chapter.  

News Brewton’s Music to Our Ears Mr.Brewton, who is in charge of the Country Club Middle School’s band, is getting ready for his upcoming show on December 5, 2013. When asked about an upcoming show he responded Mr. Brewton with, “The Holiday Concert will be in December, we will have other performers besides the school band, and we will have a little diversity this year with the music selection.”

There’s a New Sheriff in Town Language arts teacher, Mrs. Grant, is the sponsor for the 2013-2014 TV production team. The TV Production sponsor shares how her team was put together. “Mrs. Jeffery picked some of the students that are in the TV production last year and this year I was able to pick some students,” said Ms. Grant. She explained that most of the TV Production staff is composed of volunteers and handpicked students.

Brewton spoke optimistically about this year’s musical events. He also explained that there will be new twists added to the show. He acknowledged that instead of all the songs being the traditional holiday songs, they will be adding some more present-day songs, more popular songs to add some variation. The school’s band teacher, expressed his impression of concert attendees, “It’s a positive reaction that I’ve seen from the audience, from the parents I saw that they know their children are in good hands and that I’m actually doing my job and doing it well.” The music guru emphasized his excitement for it this year. He says, “I am hopeful that things will pan out well, and I am excited for what the future holds.” - Ashley Paulino

Pencils and Paper Become Things of The Past In This Math Class Three teachers, 60 students and not a pencil or paper in sight, welcome to iPrep! Country Club Middle School is introducing a new program called iPrep Math. It may sound like a boring regular math but it’s way different. How? One of three iPrep Math

Ms. Grant and her TV Production Staff Ms. Grant is a dedicated sponsor, she adds, “I believe that I am putting a lot of effort into organizing the words for the broadcaster and making the entire announcements for fellow students in school.” Geasmyn Carrera, a seventh grade member of the TV production crew, expresses how it feels to have the school watching you. She said, “I feel [that] it is a good thing.” Elizabeth Mata, another member with thick skin, added, “I don’t care what anybody says, I’m here to do my job.” Arian Vazquez, camera person, states how it felt when he first got the job. “I felt happy that I was in the TV production. I was thinking of joining last year in the 6th grade, thinking I will be in the TV production [when I go to seventh grade].” The atmosphere is friendly and amazingly chaotic. The scene is purposeful and focused. Their main goal is clearly set and that is to provide Country Club Middle with an abundance of important news. - Francisco Castillo

- Francisco Castillo

teachers, Ms.Estrada said, “Different because it’s student directed. The teacher is not front and center. The students are the main focus.” iPrep student Cristina Soriano said “iPrep Math is fun and cool, yet challenging.” She expressed how innovative and different iPrep is. She said “This class is more general, other classes are more specific. The teacher is not going to tell you what to do.” Ms.Alfred-Duverny highlights the programs distinction and said, “It’s almost 100% digital.” Many are wondering if the digital aspect would cause a challenge, Ms.Estrada clarified “More challenging, but also more realistic when compared to college and life after high school graduation.” College readiness seems to be the trend. Colleges in the surrounding areas should be storm ready for these techy hurricanes! - Chelsey Bravo

“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” ‐ Mahatma Gandhi  

Highlights   The Running Man


Jose Castillo, the only male in Country Club Middle’s cross-country ran against Miami Lakes, Lawton Chiles, Lake Stevens. On October 1,2013 he Jose Castillo placed 3rd against opposing schools. Castillo was thrilled about making the 3rd spot in the competition. Although he is the only boy on the team, he finds a way to look at things a bit more optimistically. He said, “ I felt like my own team”. This seventh grader is always on the go, always training. He said, “ I run 24 hours a day”. He had trained quite a bit through 6th and 7th grade. His response to being in the cross-country team was “ it feels amazing”. For Castillo, it takes about 8 minutes to run a whole mile. He is aiming to win 3rd place as the only boy. “ It feels okay, next I’m coming even harder.” He adds that his goal is to win at least 2 medals. -Marco Rivas

Bullies BEGONE !

Homecoming Calling all of the CCMS student body! Thursday, October 24, 2013, CCMS will be having its first ever Red and Black Homecoming dance from 6:00pm-10:00pm, in Country Club Middles School’s cafetorium. Tickets will be sold on Thursday, October 17, 2013 in the cafetorium. The price is 15 dollars per ticket. For further information on ticket purchase please see Ms.Brunson in room 111. On this very special night be sure to dress to impress! The dress code for this event is casual but elegant; you do not have to wear red and black! This year, homecoming is going to have its own royal court! It will consist of a Dutch and Duchess, Prince and Princess, and King and queen! - Gabby Diaz


Spirit Week

During spirit week, October 14 to October 18. Students were allowed participate in all spirit week activities for just 5 dollars. Students showed their creativity and everyone tried to look unique. Spirit week take out students from uniforms to have fun!Ms. Albert, language arts teacher and student council adviser, speaks about the

Ms. Albert, language arts teacher and student council adviser, speaks about the reasoning behind spirit week. “I think this is our third year, to promote school spirit and school pride, “said Albert. The advisor highlights the day she is most enthused about “Wow! My favorite [day], is crazy hat day, because, everyone shows their craziness and personality.” - Juan Calderon

Fourth Time is a Charm The new and improved Playstation4 comes out November 15th. Powerful graphics and intelligent personalization integrated social capabilities and second screen features with unparalleled content. The system will be sold at a pre-order price of $517.96 for the bundle. One feature that will surprise many is that the start and select buttons are merged together into the options button. In addition, users can broadcast with friends on the PlayStation camera the primary controllers will be The new and improved Playstation4 comes out November 15th. Powerful graphics and intelligent personalization integrated social capabilities and second screen features with unparalleled content. 

It’s an extraordinarily creative and ultimate digital gaming app. There are new games coming out such as Kill zone , shadow fall the order:1886, Density and many more. The Playstation4 has a very high quality gaming display and well developed graphics. The controller for the PlayStation four has a high sensitive six-axis sensor and a touch pad on top of the controller with a share button for Facebook , YouTube streaming and Bluetooth. Users can also share gameplay on the Playstation4 and send personal challenges with your PlayStation four community and friends . Gamers can share wins with your friends or simply brag about it.

Sixth Grade Perspective Allow me to enlighten you all on my transition from elementary to middle school. By the way, if you haven’t guessed by the title, yes! I am a sixth grader. My perspective of elementary school was… well, I really didn’t have a perspective. It was pretty much just play time. Now that I am a sixth grader, I understand what perspective is and how quick it changes. Coming into middle school, most sixth graders ask, “Will people pick on me? Drum roll please, here is the secret to it all; it depends on how you react to a situation! For example, if someone calls you ugly you should just look at the person and smile. Eventually, they will give up and leave you alone. In middle school you should learn to “go and brush your shoulders off” as the great Jay-Z once said. Coming from elementary school to middle school was a big change. With almost a whole semester into the sixth grade, I can honestly say that I do have a perspective on middle school. That perspective is, second drum roll please, awkward, dramatic, and frightening. Hang in there sixth graders because like I said before, perspectives change. - Alexandra Martinez

- Tyra Robinson

Bad to

The Common Core


   Wait a … 

He fell!

 IT TALKS ?  Ew! A Bad apple

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the CORE!

The Eye CCMS October 2013  

Student produced CCMS newspaper

The Eye CCMS October 2013  

Student produced CCMS newspaper