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Instituto Guatemalteco Americano I.G.A Miss Gaby Sandoval. Writing.

4th Magisterio. Ana Melissa Sanchinelli Escobar. Guatemala Septembe 22, 2012

You can’t imagine how God loves you. One day in a small and a beautiful city a big family lived in harmony and peace. This family had five members; they were two girls, one boy and the parents. The father’s name was Mr. Jonh and the Mother’s name was Mrs. Samantha. All family was happy, because only was missing two days for the Mother’s birthday. The next morning Mr. Jonh went to the carnage and He bought meat for his wife’s birthday that was going to be around three or four hours. When He got out of the carnage, four men caught him; one of them put a gun in his head, they put him into the car and they kidnapped him. They took him to a cabin; they left him there for three days. In the cabin he had a beautiful experience with God, because God showed him something that he didn’t know and God increase him faith, so in the third day he remained free. God always take care of us, because He is our father, He loves us and He always want the best for us.

Your imagination can to get so far. Russell is a wilderness explorer; he wants to have his last badge. Russell is a sweetie boy; He is so intelligent and always is happy. Russell has love feelings; he always wants to help others people. He wants help to Mr. Frederickson to find “Paradise Falls�. Russell loves the nature, like: animals and plants. Russell wears brown shorts and a yellow shirt. He has a book that he uses to read instructions that he has to say before he helps some people. Russell helps to Mr. Frederickson to drive the house that flies with balloons. So if you get your imagination so high you going to be so high too.

You have to visit many places in my country. You can visit Tikal, because Tikal has many amazing pyramids. You should visit XetulĂşl because this place has many amazing games and you can share with your family. You should visit Xela, is a cold place, but is beautiful. You should go to Xocomil, because is an enjoy place and you are going to be relax. You should go to Antigua Guatemala, because you will see the most amazing and beautiful Guatemalan crafts and Antigua has very delicious food. You have the opportunity to visit and know a beautiful place like Guatemala.

¿Is time to lose weight? ….. First and the most important this is that you have to be will to do. Second you have to go to the nutritionist for begin a diet. Third you should begin a diet. Next you should drink much water always. Then you have to drink hot water after each food. A nutritionist’s secret is eating many plums, because they clean into your body. Next, you have to eat many fruits and many vegetables. Next you have to drink water before each food. Finally you have to do exercise, because that helps you to lose weight. So if you follow these steps, you’ll be able to have a healthy and a beautiful body.

The violence that some people suffer.In general bullying is a form of aggressive behavior manifested by the use of force to affect others. The person who does bullying is a person who has problems in their house, with their friends, with their parents etc. When they saw the bad example they want do the same and they think that the bad example is the correct way. They act because they remember what did with them, maybe with their mother, with their sister or with everyone that their love. Everyone think that only the victim suffers, but that isn’t true, because when the offender hurts another person, He hurts himself too. An important aspect of bullying is that, Mexico is a country that has the first place of bullying in the world. Mexico has a first place in violent news of bullying in the entire world. Mexico has the first place in verbal violence, physical violence, psychological violence, and social violence (bullying), between high school students and between the teachers. We can change our world, we have to say ¥NO! to bullying and try to change that.

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