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TDTS Student, Elisabeth Steuer from Denmark Photo: Sarang Jew

Spring Discipleship Training School: New Season, New School, New Family This quarter marks the first time YWAM Los Angeles has had a Spring TDTS in several years. God has brought the most amazing staff and students together in this season. They represent 7 different countries coming together with different backgrounds and cultures. This can be quite difficult but there has already been such a deep bond between them. “I cannot help but thank the Lord for my new family and for what He is doing in us,” said TDTS student Elisabeth Steuer from Denmark. “I am overwhelmed with the amazing things and the power God is revealing to us.”

family! Throughout the weeks of this TDTS, God has been blowing the student’s away with revelation about His character, His Father heart toward them

In April, the ninth and final student arrived from Pakistan. Through much prayer, she was able to get a visa. As a school, they rejoiced in this victory and were excited to welcome her into their

I cannot help but thank the Lord for my new family and for what He is doing in us. I am overwhelmed with the amazing things and the power God is revealing to us.

and by speaking to them so clearly. Along with the lectures, they are daily pressing into God through prayer and worship, as a school and individually. The week lecture fees were due, faith was building as the student’s waited for God to come through with the finances. For some, this has been the biggest lesson of the school: how to trust God as their provider. The theme for this TDTS is “Release the Captives,” and God IS doing just that. The students are being released and equipped for t heir outreach and ministries that are still to come. The most exciting news recently has been the announcement of their outreach location - Chile! The team is stoked and ready to take all that God has been teaching them to the mission field.

Youth With A Mission Los Angeles is part of Youth With A Mission International -- a non-profit Christian missions organization with over 1300 operating locations in over 180 countries. We are international and interdenominational and work to know God and make Him known. YWAM LA is one of the first operating locations. 11141 Osborne Street Lake View Terrace, CA 91342 Phone: 818 896 2755 Fax: 818 897 6738 Web:

VISION STATEMENT: A discipling community called and committed to serving in our LOCAL AREA, in our REGION, and in SPECIFIC NATIONS through innovative expressions of Jesus’ Kingdom.

Infusion 2011 students after being baptized at Venice Beach, CA

School of the Circuit Riders YWAM Los Angeles is presenting the School of the Circuit Riders for the purpose of cultivating leaders who have the courage, dedication and initiative to awaken their generation to the freedom and power of the Gospel. The aim is to see leaders who will Save, Revive, and Multiply! Save by bringing the lost into salvation. Revive by igniting Christians. Multiply by carrying out the dream of God to go into all the world, preach His gospel and make disciples.  This school is a two week intensive training program at two locations in our community, followed by various optional outreaches. Students will gain personal freedom and breakthrough, the ability to be bold to preach the gospel and have a firm foundation in the Word. They will also learn the basic tenets of discipleship and learn how to live a lifestyle of worship, prayer, and fasting. 

Infusion: Life, Truth, Reality For 2 weeks, we invite youth to come and get 'infused' with the crazy, fiery love of God that will awaken their desire for more. Infusion aims to release revival of the heart, lifestyle of breakthrough and understanding of purpose.

various forms, community living and fellowship. In this, they will gain deep fr iendships, new knowledge of God, experience God’s rich character, and develop a long-lasting passion to love and serve God.

Infusion is packed with teachings, worship, small groups, discipleship and outreaches. Teachings include Knowing God, Surrender, Hearing God’s Voice, Identity, How to Study the Bible, Evangelism and Relationships. Infusion is open for youth ages 13-18 years old.

“God did something amazing in me on this trip,” said last year Infusion participant Melissa Tang. “I can’t stop smiling! I am so filled up with His love and happiness.”

Upcoming Programs:

During the two weeks, participants will experience dynamic times of worship, deep times of ministry in

Come and join us for an incredible summer in Los Angeles, California. We are excited to see your heart be infused with the amazing love of God and watch you become radically transformed.

Speakers include: Andy Byrd, Brian Brennt, Werner Nachtigal, Lou Engle, and Winkie Pratney. If you are unable to attend the entire event (with UofN accreditation), day passes are available at the door. So come as much as you can but don’t miss this historic opportunity as we train the next generation of leaders who will usher in the revival that the Lord has spoken!  

The Next Wave of Youth On Saturday, May 5th, YWAM Los Angeles hosted an event, “The Next Wave Youth Conference.” Youth gathered together for worship, workshops, small groups, games and fellowship. Students were able to gain insight on topics featuring Identity, Relationships, Hearing God’s Voice, How to Study the Word and Living a Missional Life. Our guest speaker for the night was Benny Prasad. Benny is a traveling Christian “musicianary” who has travelled to 245 nations bringing hope and faith.

Circuit Riders


Calling All Skaters

June 17 -- 30, 2012

Transformation Discipleship Training School

Discipleship Training School Sept. 30, 2012 - March 16, 2013 3 months in Los Angeles, 3 months overseas - Calling All Skaters is a 24/7 discipleship community of skaters who live toget her, eat together, learn together, follow Jesus together and reach out to skaters in L.A. and around the world.

Open to college/career age young adults, this seminar serves to cultivate leaders who have courage, dedication, and initiative to awaken their generation to the freedom and power of the Gospel.

September 30, 2012 - March 16, 2013 A life-changing course to impact the world as God leads. Three months of teaching in LA and three months of international outreach.



July 12 -- 29, 2012 An annual conference for Junior and Senior High Schoolers to go deep wit h God t hrough c hallenging teachings, worship, small groups and powerful outreaches.

Chronological School of Biblical Studies September 2012 -- June 2013 A nine month look at the story of God’s love for His people in chronological order. Study the Bible to learn how to teach and transform nations.

This is a snapshot of our upcoming schools and programs at Youth With A Mission Los Angeles. Please call us at: 818 896 2755 or visit our website ( for more information or to apply.

Team member, Emily Nadolski with children from the home

Lasting Changes Over the past couple months, YWAM L A has been making several changes to become more involved with ministries at the local, regional and international levels. With the new revision of our mission statement, we have created specific ministry teams to intentionally impact our target areas. Our three target areas are defined as our local area, the greater Southern California region and specific nations in which we will support and sustain ongoing projects.


Bringing Hope to Sarah’s Covenant Home In January, a team of 8 students and 2 remain with the orphans and team leaders from Los Angeles, traveled across members for a lifetime. A team member, the Atlantic ocean to the nation of India. Anna Pratt stated, “Seeing the look of The team’s goal was to leave a lasting pure happiness on these kids faces when impact on the people of India, by helping we gave them the clothes, was without a to meet their basic doubt, the most needs, spreading the incredible moment I love of Christ and h a ve ex p e r i e n c e d . Seeing the look of proclaiming the gospel Something as simple to the unreached pure happiness on these as a pair of clothes people. made an impact on me for life and showed me In Ongole, India, the kids faces when we gave how truly blessed we team worked with an are." orphanage called them the clothes, was Sarah’s Covenant The team also worked Home (SCH). SCH is with children homes without a doubt the most that partner with SCH home to over a hundred orphans who for school aged have been abandoned incredible moment I have c hildren. The team and/or have mental or presented both homes physical disabilities. with two water experienced. D u r i n g t h e i r t h re e buffalos. The buffalos weeks there, the team will become a source was able to assist with daily tasks such as of income for the children. It will provide feeding programs, school and making the milk not only for their home, but also to children feel loved. homes in the surrounding community.

The team also raised over $5,000 for special projects. With that money, they were able to provide new mattresses, a new set of clothing for every child, and a month supply of Pediasure (nutritional supplement) for the entire orphanage. The impact made from their visit will

The income will be used to purchase food and water, medical care and any other necessities the children have. Although short term missions trips are limited by time, that does not determine the amount of impact that can be had on a nation and its people.

Our "local" ministr y teams' objectives include all of YWAM Los Angeles staff and students serving alongside local ministries in outreac h, pioneering new schools, birthing new ministries and serving as a mission projects "brokerage.” We will also function as a gathering place for the community by hosting events on our campus.


Our "regional" ministry teams' objectives include a part of our DTS outreaches spending time in Southern California, our outreach teams increasingly partnering with existing ministries, the pioneering of new schools within our region and continuing to of fer our campus as a gathering place throughout the year.


Our "international" ministry teams' objectives include identifying and supporting the nation’s ministry partners. Outreach teams can make a strategic impact in the nations by leaving behind tangible expressions of God’s love.

Vision Statement A discipling community called and committed to serving in our local area, in our region, and in specific nations through innovative expressions of Jesus’ Kingdom.

To our ministry partners, thank you for your support.

Our staf f and students are supported by God’s provision through friends and family. If you would like to give to the work of YWAM LA, please send a check to:

YWAM LA 11141 Osborne Street Lake View Terrace, CA 91342

To designate money, please include a separate note with their name. To make an online donation via credit card to our students, visit

A Word from Our Director

ywam la

Werner Pfau was commissioned as Director of YWAM LA in September 2010. Originally from Germany, he first came to YWAM LA in 1988. His passion for seeing young people reach all nations for Christ is reflected in the international culture he facilitates on the base. He, his wife - Julie, and three daughters live on campus and would love to share more of the vision God has laid on their heart with you.

Honestly, it is difficult for me to focus on just telling you about one thing right now because there is so much going on with our lives and ministry here at YWAM Los Angeles. It feels chaotic and out of control at times, but then I remind myself that any exploits ever done for God, both biblically and historically, must have felt similar to those who were in the middle of it. Guided by the framework of our new Mission Statement, we are gaining momentum and are taking new territory locally, in our region (Southern California) and with our international efforts. The Scripture passage that is giving me perspective through these busy times is out of Isaiah 54:1-3. This passage has been spoken over me personally and over us as a community several times now. Meditate on it and let the Holy Spirit show you how He wants to use it in your life. The


encouragement and wisdom I have drawn from that passage, is that there is a time for "stretching" (verse 2a) and a time for "strengthening" (verse 2b) and that Jesus, as the head of the Church, gives wisdom to us to know when to do what. Both are appropriate at times and when we observe the Apostle Paul in the New Testament, there is a clear pattern of an interchange between establishing new works and solidifying existing ones. Often the two dynamics overlap and we are in such a time right now at YWAM Los Angeles. Therefore, extra grace and extra wisdom is needed and we covet your prayers for both. I also want to thank all of those who continue to faithfully and generously support our staff financially during this crucial season. May God bless you and multiply whatever you give back to you.                     

YWAM Spring 2012 Newsletter  

YWAM LA Spring Newsletter