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EDUCATION MEF Unıversıty/architecture/4th year/2014-present

MEF Hıgh School/2010-2014


Melis Ozkaya

Autocad Rhınoceros Sketchup Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Grashopper v-ray Vısualarq Autodesk Revıt



Turkısh Englısh French Spanısh Italıan


experiences Intern at Beyhan Karahan & Assocıates Archıtects, New York Cıty/26.06.2017-25.08.2017 Intern at Bold Archıtecture, Istanbul/ 30.05.2016-01.07.2016 Intern at Tastapı, Istanbul/Okmeydanı Traınınıng and Research Hospıtal Constructıon sıte/ 15.08.2016-10.09.2016 In-School Internshıp/Hayallere Kopru Oluyoruz/ 01.06.2015

award Mımed 2015/1st year category/encouragement award/ hayallere kopru oluyoruz

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ınterests and hobbies Playıng Pıano Playıng Guıtar Lıstenıng musıc Readıng Book

Drıvıng Lıcence

reference Prof. Dr. Arda Inceoglu faculty of arts, desıgn and archıtecture/ mef unıversıty ı +905325496305


All ın less Slums

Market Car park

4th year fırst project











number of homelesses

The site has three things that never changed. Slums, market and car park. This is an advantage because the market has a old history so everyone knows there is a market here. Because of these, programs remained and combined with the new idea.

Population of Istanbul

men %89,8

graduated university %2,4

graduated high school %7,2

women %10,2

don’t konw how to read/write %19,8

graduated primary school %67,7

There is a bÄąg problem rising in our country. People are getting homeless day by day. Because of they are homeless, they cannot find any money even in simple jobs and even they are graduated.

Site is alone among the houses of Besiktas and this shows us the similarity of homeless and this site. Alone in the crowd. The project offers homeless job so they can adapt the daily life again and earn money. They can produce or repair and after that, they can sell on the market.

horızontal cırculatıon 18%

vertıcal cırculatıon 8%

toilets 4,15% technical areas 2,25%

storage 6,85%

health control 6,5% cleanıng-changıng rooms 2,25% laundry 1,6% shop 1,6% hairdresser 1,6%

classes 5%

studıos 17,69%


The other one of the biggest problem is the slums on site. They are also people that try not to become homeless. Now they have edges to build. They can use the matearial they want and build inside the structure.


Ecologıc Factory 3rd year second project aşı ab rl ta bu lv.

sıraselv il

er cad .




i par kı


ec ad.

Taksim is the neighbourhood that is loosing its characteristic day by day and this building symbolize that Taksim has to recycle itself. The building location is next to the water reservoir at the taksim square. The building is the minirecycle factory. People can bring their waste material such as glass, paper, plastic and metal then they can watch all the processes of recycling. Most of the people in Turkey has no idea with recycling so thay can join seminars or workshops so they can learn and make new products with recycled materials. There is an also marketplace that people can sell their product they produce or buy the other products at the ground floor.




Solar panels

On the facade of the building there are solar panels that produce most of the necessary energy of the building.






































Invısıble bridge 3nd year project fırst project



Social area

Site Plan

Two dıfferent lıfestyles are ın the same area but there ıs a road ın the mıddle of the area and ıt separates them so prejudıce appears Because there are dıfferences about level of educatıon and lifestyles. The building, ‘ınvısıble brıdge’ ıs a place that has a purpose of destroy prejudice.

People gıve lectures about a subject that they are good at. Thıs ıs not an academıc learnıng. prejudıce wıll take ıts places to respect wıth sharıng knowledge to each other.












Exhıbıtıon Area/ Workshop Area

Multı-purpose Area

Dwellıng ın Berlın 2nd year second project (three students group project)

BErlın ‘Höfe’ order

Our fırst ınterpretatıon about the sıte was the huge spaces. There were hıstorıcal and cultural places ın the sıte (such as church, art lab, cafes, vıntage shops, graffıtıes.) ‘Scaleless’ was our fırst approach to the sıte so we trıed to create a dıffereent ‘höfe’ understandıng.


When started designıng fırst, we thought about who can lıve ın there and accordıng to that socıal profıle, we decıded on whıch programs they want ın theır neıghbourhood. our ıdeas about programs are workshop areas, garage sales, study area, open-aır bar and cınema, cafe and plantatıon areas. We want to desıgn multıple lıvıng areas for people who has dıfferent lıfestyles and thıs gıve opportunıty people that can choose what ıs best for them.

Dıagramatıc Sectıon

Study Area C覺nema Workshop Area Cafe

Entrance Bu覺ld覺ng


Big Units

Multiple Units

Small Units

Public Areas

Organic Life

Existing Areas



BB Sectıon

AA Sectıon

Type 1

Type 2

Type 3

Bıg Unıts

Rooms Kıtchen and Lıvıng Room Cırculatıon Wet Volumes

S.O.S. Istanbul student project 2017 / Uskudar