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THE VERY BEGINNING It was at the great Milan international fair in

1933, when the famous MELIOR® coffee maker was discovered by the European-Italian entrepreneur Faliero Bondanini. He was fascinated by the coffee press system and saw great potential in this new technology. TRADITION AND EXPERIENCE In the ‘50s, Bondanini started produc-

tion of the Coffee Maker in a clarinet factory called Martin S.A. in France. Having produced the finest classical clarinets in Europe since 1740, only the best materials were used in the past and still are today. THE COFFEE MAKER AS A CULT OBJECT In the ‘60s, the MELIOR®

Coffee Maker became a kind of cult object for the way of drinking coffee. The Gourmet restaurants of Europe served coffee made in it and throughout the ‘60s it was a must in every modern household. WORLDWIDE SUCCESS By the end of the ‘70s some of the most popu-

lar MELIOR® French Press coffee makers were sold all over the world. The design of all MELIOR® products is well known today as timeless, simple to use and displaying a classy style. The sales strategy of ”demonstrating the product first and then selling it right after the demonstration“ was the recipe for success. EXCELLENCE IN THE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE Since then, the

MELIOR® coffee maker has been produced with the same quality as the original. Even though its shape has been given a makeover and the materials improved, it is still affordable. All the MELIOR® coffee makers are remarkable products containing the secret of excellent coffee making and a long tradition of design.

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TRADITION AND EXPERIENCE In the fifties, Bondanini started production of the Coffee Maker in a clarinet factory called Martin S.A. in France...

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