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Course Description

his course will enable you to deliver T comprehensive treatment programs for all levels of clients—from active adults with

Osteopenia to frail adults with Osteoporosis. It is composed of: »» Online video lectures. »» Online video demonstrations of client applications and individual exercises. »» A comprehensive printed manual. »» An online webinar for Question and Answer discussion. Less than 50% of the contents of this course deals with evaluation and therefore it is open for registration by Physiotherapy Assistants.

Course Objectives By the end of the course, you will be able to: »» Describe the medical management of osteoporosis, including recognition of risk factors, medical testing and interpreting results, use of medications, and other conditions that impact bone health. »» Describe the management of vertebral fractures and how the utilization of proper body mechanics, and stronger back extensor strength decreases the risk of fracture. »» Administer Senior Fitness Test and utilize the results to develop and implement a safe and effective exercise program for the Beginner and Active level patient incorporating a multi-modal approach appropriate to patient’s fracture risk.

Who Should Complete This Course Physiotherapists, Physical Therapy Assistants, Occupational Therapists, Certified Exercise Physiologists and Kinesiologists.

Instructional Level Intermediate.

Course Outline Introduction (30 minutes) Fundamentals (150 minutes)

»» Definition and Consequences »» Bone Physiology Overview »» Testing Bone Density and Quality »» Effect of Exercise on Bone Health »» Nutrition and Bone Health »» Pharmaceutical Overview Assessment (30 minutes)

»» Assessment and Senior Fitness Test »» Senior Fitness Test Application - 65 year old »» Senior Fitness Test Application - 85 year old Exercise Safety Tips (60 minutes) »» Review Exercise Safety Tips Balance Theory (31 minutes)

»» Fall Prevention/Balance Testing »» Fullerton Advanced Balance Scale »» Balance Exercise Application Beginner Balance Exercises (30 minutes)

Course Outline Flexibility Theory (10 minutes)

»» Safe & Effective Flexibility Exercises »» Active versus Static Stretching Flexibility Exercises (30 minutes)

»» Review Flexibility Exercises Weight Bearing & Cardiovascular (8 minutes)

»» Weight Bearing Considerations & Cardio Vascular Training »» Weight Bearing/Cardiovascular Application Alternative Approaches (16 minutes) »» Alternative Approaches to Bone Building/ Therapeutic Considerations Contraindicated Exercises (30 minutes) »» Review Contraindicated Exercises »» Yoga, Pilates & Gym Exercises Vertebral Fracture Management (65 mins)

»» Vertebral fracture management Beginner & Active Strength Theory (15 mins)

»» Review Beginner Level Balance Exercises Active Balance Exercises (30 minutes)

»» Strength Training Theory Beginner & Active Strength (180 minutes)

»» Posture Assessment and Cuing »» Flexicurve Demonstration »» Improving Postural Alignment — Tips »» Posture Exercises Application Posture Building Exercises (30 minutes)

»» Osteoporosis in Special Populations Tai Chi (18 minutes)

»» Review Active Level Balance Exercises Postural Analysis & Retraining (50 minutes)

»» Review Posture Building Exercises Core Theory (24 minutes) »» Application of Core Exercises »» Beginner & Active Core Exercises


»» Beginner & Active Strength Exercises Special Populations (19 minutes)

»» Tai Chi for Osteoporosis MelioGuide Methodology (30 minutes) »» Methodology »» Introduction to Site Quiz & Evaluation (30 minutes) »» Course Quiz and Evaluation


Instructor: Margaret Martin


argaret is a Physiotherapist, licensed in California and Ontario, with over 25 years of experience in helping individuals achieve their health & fitness goals. She graduated from McGill University’s School of Physical Therapy in 1984. Since 2000 she has maintained her certification with the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Margaret is a member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) and is the Ontario Director for the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Margaret owns and manages Function to Fitness Physiotherapy and Personal Training in Ottawa and is founder of MelioGuide. “The online MelioGuide Building Better Bones course is very good. It was nice to be able to pause the online tutorials. Everything was quite clear.” »» Annie Moreau, Physiotherapist Quebec City, QC

“The MelioGuide Building Better Bones Level 1 course is my first online Physical Therapy course. I have enjoyed it and really liked the patient demonstrations. I also liked being able to go over the information again as I needed it.” »» Sue-Ann Rudaitis, Physiotherapist In Focus Physiotherapy, Georgetown, ON

“MelioGuide is an evidence-based approach to teaching your clients postural, strength, cardio, flexibility, and balance exercises that are tailored to their level of fitness and risk of fracture.” »» Holly Bonasera Physical Therapist & Feldenkrais Practitioner San Francisco, CA

Course Fee Includes »» 15 hours of instruction »» Printed manual with all course content »» Online interactive Webinar

Continuing Education Units

»» OKA 7 primary category CESP points »» 13 OPPQ HFC: Physiotherapeutes et TRP

To Learn More and Register Online »» »» All online transactions are safe and secure

Registration Contact Information »» Richard Martin at 613-697-8276 »»

Benefits of MelioGuide Pro Network Join 800 Health Care Professionals who have completed Level I and receive the following free MelioGuide Pro benefits: »» Online Clinicians Directory listing (You decide if you wish to be listed or not). »» eNews updates on developments related to the prevention and management of osteoporosis.



Building Better Bones Level 1 Online Course Osteoporosis Prevention, Treatment and Management

Registration Fee: $275 Fee Includes: »» Online access to course material »» 270+ page printed manual »» Shipping & handling of manual »» Online interactive Webinar Taxes Apply in the Following Jurisdictions: »» HST applied in ON, BC, NB, NL and NS »» GST in other Canadian provinces »» No taxes applied outside Canada “This course should be a mandatory part of all Physiotherapy training programs!” »» Karen Ginsburg, Physiotherapist Community Rehab Therapy, Hamilton, ON

Register Online “MelioGuide ... an online resource for all things osteoporosis”

Building Better Bones Course Brochure  

Building Better Bones Course Brochure. Building Better Bones is an online continuing education course for Physical Therapists and Physiother...

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