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CONCEPT Natural Femininity Inspired by the belief that a woman’s most noticeable beauty comes from within. The Sephora makeup line inspired this retail by embracing ecological and organic cosmology that focuses on the Natural Femininity. This pop up retail will express Sephora’s iconic beauty brand, innovative design, and immersive and interactive technology with the everyday woman Principles of design that will be utilized are rhythm, emphasis, and balance with the elements of organic form, emphasis with light and color balance of black and white and vibrant reds.

Pop Up Retail PAVE Competition This project was submitted for the 2011 PAVE Retail Competition under Store Design. The main challenges involved in this project: • creating a cohesive new store design that was still apparent of Sephora’s signiture brand • designing a store that had the ability to manufacture itself into any setting for the sake of a temporary store setup • utilizing previous observational research studies and designing for both client and user


Initial inspiration for this structure derived from the temporal and seasonal quality of a pop up store and a flower. This tying into the concept of Natural Femininity, I incorporated organic lines and shapes that define a blossom and the curves of a woman.

F LO O R P L A N / C E I L I N G P L A N

Following the concept and design of a flower, the floor plan is radial and the center and focal point being the Make Up Studio and Fragrance Finder. New products are placed in the front to draw people in and lead towards the back where there are two cash wraps on both sides as well as small storage for merchandise underneath.

5’-4” “


Reflected Ceiling Plan

Dual cash wraps on opposite sides makes for less traffic on one end and gives the employees total view of the shop at all times.

Not to Scale

Checkout Fragrance Make Up Studio

38’-0” “

Rendered/Dimension Floor Plan Not to Scale


Lights are placed according to the frame of structure with a combination of LED spotlights, tracklights and Italian Bocci feature chandeliers over the areas of focus.

The skincare and fragrance presentation design is meant to create a free flowing merchandise presentation that minimizes the amount of product with storage underneath. All shleving is dismantable from frmae and can be easily set aside and stored.


M AT E R I A L S / F I N I S H E S

Sustainable Salvaged Wood Veneer - Beauty Studio Vanity

Along with Sephora’s initiative to use natural cosmotology, I also incorporated sustainable materials for the interior surfaces and finishes.

Paper- Composite Countertop (Richlite Company) -Cash Wrap Counter

3Form Ecoresin 40% recycled content - Merchandise Shelving


The Beauty Studio is the heart of the pop up store. In the center, it’s designed to resemble a radial shape with two stations and two Fragrance Finders as you enter. Designed to disassmeble, the vanity pull out from the shell, the stool pulls in and the panels can be folded as doors to be sent away.

Pave Pop Up Retail Competition  

my submission for the Pave Pop Up Retail Competition: concept: Natural Femininity

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