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The Barrier’s Curse By Melinda Heaney


EXT. MYSTICAL FOREST- DAY A vast forest, with no end in sight, focuses down onto a herd of primitive humanoid creatures. Along the sides of their necks lie three small horns, but on their bodies nothing but rotting loin clothes. A flying, dragon-like creature crash lands dangerously close to the primitive humanoids, nearly crushing several of them with its monstrous body. The emaciated natives gather around it. Some jump on top of the large beast poking and prodding all over its face. The monster nudges but the natives react with sharpened, wooden daggers, putting the beast out of its misery. The natives slit open the beasts hide while others use their bare hands to pry its flesh wide open. They shove the monsters meat into their mouths and feast on it like rabid dogs. TOUR GUIDE (V.O.) Five hundred years ago we were a race of savages, living day to day, facing extinction wherever we turned. But then one day fate decided to smile brightly upon our race. A Grivnon came crashing down right beside of our traveling clan. Being the savages we were, we tore into the belly of this dead beast and began to feast on it. The natives dig further into the monstrous creature, able to walk inside its body, and notice the heart of the beast. TOUR GUIDE (V.O.) CONT. But as our ancestors dug into the chest of this beast they stumbled upon the heart of the creature, and to their amazement it was still beating. Soon the blood of this dead beast began to fill the air of the forest and creatures from all over began to herd to it like the scavengers they were. Other mythical creatures of the forest lift their heads up sniffing the air and sprint towards the dead Grivnon. TOUR GUIDE (V.O.) CONT. As the creatures of the forest approached our clan our ancestors were about to get a taste of the (MORE) (CONTINUED)



TOUR GUIDE (V.O.) CONT. (cont’d) new power fate had offered them. An invisible barrier had formed, preventing the scavengers from getting anywhere near the Grivnon. All sorts of strange creatures bite and tackle the invisible shield in front of them. The barrier grows, pushing the creatures back. TOUR GUIDE (V.O.) CONT. No matter how hard they bit and clawed and jabbed at the barrier they simply could not get through. It was then that our ancestors realized that this barrier was created by the beating heart of the Grivnon. EXT. UNDERGROUND CAVERN- DAY The natives dig and form caverns below the ground. The Grivnon’s beating heart is at the center of the underground cave. TOUR GUIDE (V.O.) CONT. Our ancestors then dug the cavern we are inside right now to protect the heart of the Grivnon. Since then our race has thrived and evolved like no other. We no longer needed to worry about survival. We don’t have to worry about being eaten by animals or running out of food, because the barrier has protected us. Now we have luxury comforts and superior intellect over all the forests creatures. If it wasn’t for that fateful day we would probably still be the savages we were hundreds of years ago, but now we are the superior beings of the planet. FADE TO: Dozens of student hands clap as the pretty FEMALE TOUR GUIDE, 33, bows, smiling like she’s a celebrity star. Behind her rests the giant twenty foot beating heart of the Grivnon.




TOUR GUIDE Are there any questions? CHINSA, 21, a girl with long blonde hair raises her hand. TOUR GUIDE (CONT) Yes? CHINSA Why did the Grivnon’s heart form the barrier? TOUR GUIDE It is speculated that a Grivnon’s barrier is formed as a defense mechanism when it’s either pregnant or has given birth to protect its fanglings. CHINSA Was the Grivnon pregnant when it crashed? TOUR GUIDE As a matter of fact it was. In fact, that’s why we speculate the Grivnon crashed in the first place. It was going into labor, about to lay its eggs. CHINSA It? If it was pregnant then doesn’t that make it a she? Condemning looks from the crowd quickly fall upon Chinsa. TOUR GUIDE Well, we don’t associate animals with gender dear. That is a right reserved for Hyjents. You should know that by now. Perhaps you’ve been neglectful in your studies. A silence sweeps over the crowd, all of them staring at Chinsa, as if disciplining her for her insolence. CHINSA Well umm, in that case, you said before the Grivnon crashed down that the Hyjents were a traveling clan. Why were they traveling? Didn’t they have their own village?




TOUR GUIDE (CONT) What a pointless question. Tell me child, is there a purpose to your inquiry? Chinsa stands silent, uncertain how to respond. TOUR GUIDE (CONT) I thought so. (announces) Well that’s all for today. Thank you for your time. Please exit single file on your way out. The college-aged students casually walk up the winding tunnel back to the surface behind their post-menopausal teacher. Chinsa walks alongside her not too chummy class partner, YARSIE. CHINSA (to Yarsie) You know, sometimes I wonder what we’d be like had the Grivnon not crash landed here. YARSIE Then we’d still be mindless savages. Duh. CHINSA You really think so? YARSIE Chinsa, don’t you get it? Out of all the species in the forest the gods deemed us worthy to rise above them all. CHINSA But why? We didn’t do anything special. YARSIE You really are hopeless you know that? We were chosen by the gods. What more of an answer do you need? CHINSA I guess. I just wish I understood why they chose us out of all the other species in the forest.

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