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Major Supporting Detail  Major supporting details gives important details about the main idea. To find The Major Supporting Details you look for the main idea then you find the things in the paragraph that support it.

Main Idea

Supporting Details

Minor Supporting Details  Minor supporting details are examples and they are really not important. To find the minor supporting detail you look for examples of the main idea.

Main Idea Major supporting details

Minor supporting details

Stated Main Idea The stated main idea is the authors point on the topic. To find the stated main idea look for the topic and then find the statement that is not the broadest, but it’s the most specific that covers all the details. The stated main idea can be found anywhere in the paragraph. The sponge is the Stated main Idea.

The legs are like the supporting details that hold up the stated main idea

Implied Main Idea The implied main idea occurs when the author does not state the idea directly. To find the implied main idea: find the topic, find the supporting details, and summarize the meaning of the paragraph that contains all of the details and the topic in one sentence. (this is something that you come up with). You will not find this in the paragraph. The flame is the implied main idea because you have to put it there yourself.

The wax part is the supporting details

Major supporting detail  
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