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Great Benefits Of Lemon Tea, salad, olives, lemons , the elderly and the use of Desserts , kidney disease, sex has many benefits to the health . The beauty of being used as food with lemon juice , peel the skin of the fruit are among the wonders of creation . The most important feature is that a good crust of lemon skin . To reduce the risk of skin cancer is the lemon peel is recommended daily nutrition program. At the same time, liver, gall bladder , heart , and for the most healthy nutrients. Especially in a stressful life , individuals who use alcohol or cigarettes into the rivers and the food is recommended to add the lemon peel . Increase the level of free radicals in the body that prevents harmful substances from the body away from the lemon. High blood pressure is the enemy : the lemon people to accept high pressure should pay attention to . This is the body of the other benefits of lemons : Strengthens and relaxes the heart . Purifying the blood . is good. Energy grant . Take the poison in the body . pain of kidney stones and helps to shed . runs on a regular basis . Urine stable. Impact of influenza and cough complaints . Eliminate mouth sores . Whiten teeth . Has an impact on sexual health , increases sexual stamina .

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